Justin Bieber left his Jesus Necklace Chain in the Studio

Too busy working on his new album, Justin Bieber forgot his necklace!

“@justinbieber, you left your chain in the booth! Haha :-p “

  1. Justin used Keke’s tv show True Jackson to launch his career, if you were a true fan you would know that and not ask who she is, he should be thanking her because she helped him and gave him a show to sing on in fact that was his first tv appearance and she does not need to sing with him she has a movie where she is singing with the legendary Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah and they have the #3 CD in the country , people should stay on top of things before they make stupid comments makes you sound ignorant

  2. @kekepamer u r sooooo lucky i WANT something that BELONGS to him like his shirt or ANYTHING really

    p.s can u mail it to me

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