Justin Bieber left his Jesus Necklace Chain in the Studio

Too busy working on his new album, Justin Bieber forgot his necklace!

“@justinbieber, you left your chain in the booth! Haha :-p “

  • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

    FIRST!!! Kiki Palmer, maybe their collaborating!!!!

  • Brenda

    Who is she ?

    • Chloe

      she played true in true jackson vp and shes in the new movie joyful noise

  • Danielle (:


    • tayswiftfan13

      IKR and clip them it wont hurt her!!!!!!!!! i lost my appetite

    • moeshallen

      talk about santa CLAWS

  • Tim Tebow Fan

    ^^^^^^ IKR

  • Ms.Bieber

    Awwww I think Justin is having her on the CD I have no clue throw!!!

    Love ya Justin

  • Adrie

    Hahaha i love her but not her nails but i love JB

  • Thebiebfan101


  • Emkay

    the nails… lol

  • Zariah cuningham


  • ~Sarah~

    those nails look GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Belieber100

    nails are gross first of all and thats a horrible thing to forget your Jesus neckalace but God forgives.

    • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

      Yeah but it was just a mistake. Surley nothing on purpose.

  • BFF/ Biggest-Fan-Forever

    LoL….Where do u think your going without your necklace?? Dang your nails are long girl….

  • Ariana

    I love Keke Palmer (: I hope she and Justin collab on Believe!

  • Kitty Kat Kirby

    Oh keke palmer was in this movie called jump in or something with corbin blue!

    • Bieber Luver

      yeah that is what it’s called. “Jump In!”

  • Chrissy

    who’s nails r those

    • Bieber Luver

      Keke Palmer’s

  • Chrissy

    and alsolove the necklace

  • Chrissy

    made a mistake about the also and love

  • jb mic lovin

    she better return his neckless. or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =! ill beat your fat @$$ F#$%*# B$#%*

  • Jamie

    Justin used Keke’s tv show True Jackson to launch his career, if you were a true fan you would know that and not ask who she is, he should be thanking her because she helped him and gave him a show to sing on in fact that was his first tv appearance and she does not need to sing with him she has a movie where she is singing with the legendary Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah and they have the #3 CD in the country , people should stay on top of things before they make stupid comments makes you sound ignorant

    • Izzy

      I Know right! he was on the show and he sang one time every belieber should know that!

  • MaryBieber

    I Hope Justin had alot of fun in the studio!But it probably was not fun to forget a necklace! :)

  • #1 bieber fan

    @kekepamer u r sooooo lucky i WANT something that BELONGS to him like his shirt or ANYTHING really

    p.s can u mail it to me

  • Natalie

    lol i would keep it

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    First thing I thought -“Eww her nails freak me out.” :/
    Second – “Aww, that necklace is so cool!”

  • #1 bieber fan

    omg her nails r so long
    she might poke someones eye out
    but his necklece is sooooo cool
    wuv u justin

  • Mia Bieber

    OMB Her nails = gross and how could she hold his necklace =O eew =C