Justin Bieber & Mom at Gay Pride Parade

Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Mallette at the 2006 gay pride in Toronto.

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  • luvjb

    first omg look at justin his innocent

  • Blah

    I just wanted to be the first comment xD

    • Blah

      Dang second xDxD

      • luvjb

        lol i just opened my computer and it says 0 comments so i just commented :)))

  • RaynaLuvsJB

    Justin and Pattie look so lost lol

    • TaySwiftFan13

      lol right and look at the gay couple in the back they have bikinis on lol justins like this was her idea

      • Caty

        Lol i know when i looked at the pic that was the first thing i saw tayswiftfan13 lol (:

  • honey

    I wish we got to see pattie more but all we see is selena but good they support gay pride:)

    • RaynaLuvsJB

      How would you know if they support it or not..they could just be passing by!

    • mimi*mimic:))

      YESSSS!!! mostly whenever yew see him magazines he”s ALWAYS with selena gomez(btw they look cut e together) they should put more pictures with him and his mom!!! :DD

    • Somebodytolove

      Its what all teenagers do, its not like he would walk around with his mom nowadays…duh he would be hanging out with his girlfriend. Hes akready 17.

  • ~Sarah~

    just wondering but why did they just put that up now!!!!!!!!!!! they do look really lost. I LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tiff

      haha…they do look lost. Pattie is like ‘god, how did we end up here’ and justin is like ‘just look away, just look away!’

  • OldJustin

    Gosh, he looks like his old self, his true self. Love seeing Patti and Justin together even if its only in his past now.

    • tommy

      your cool

  • Thebiebfan101

    Why is my boo at a gay parade?!?!

    • Tiff

      ^ exactly what im thinking…..

    • Laurasia

      you should accept the fact that love is love no matter your sexual orientation. you cannot stop 2 people from being in love even if they are 2 men or 2 women. get a life and stop hatin.

      • olivia

        she isnt hating !
        shes just wondering why !
        i dont think she has anything against gay people !

      • Mimi

        You need to STFU

  • BelieberForever

    Why in the world would you post this up on the Internet?

    • shannon+singing = famous

      why are they there any way ?
      just wondering.

    • Laurasia

      because gay people are awesome. i have a friend (a boy) whos gay hes really funny and nice :)

      • olivia

        hahahah yeahh gay people are funnyy (;
        like guuys whoo aree , yah know (:
        lol .

  • suker !

    now that’s SUCKS ! hahaha !
    but seeing with his mom is so sweet , it’s not the same now , he have much time with Selena . Justin changed a LOT !

    • Somebodytolove

      Hes 17 and famous! Why would he be hanging out with his mom?! He would OBVIOUSLY hang out with his hot girlfriend! That doesnt mean he “changed A LOT”, u cant blame him he’s older now. Man, some of you jb fans are really stupid and/or clueless…

      • Laurasia

        …he wasnt famous in 2006…

  • jen

    look soo lost lol omg
    pattie:justin lets go to steemworkers
    pattie:omg what is this a gay pariad
    justin:ummm idk i feel lost

  • Sofie Bieber

    HAHAHAHA, they really do look lost..
    I really miss seeing Pattie and Justin together, ’cause it’s always Selena, Selena and Selena, like.. You haven’t even seen Pattie and Selena together yet, so Pattie probably doesn’t like Selena.
    I just think, Justin should be more with his old friends; Caitlin, Chris, Ryan, Mitch, Nolan and Chaz, ’cause after Jelena started, he hasn’t really been with them. Like Selena is pushing Justin away from them.
    It’s so damn annoying.

    • olivia

      if you truely loved justin bieber , you would support him .
      and she is not pushing him away !
      do you not realize that he has such a busy schedule ?!
      do you not realize that he doesnt have much free time ?!
      he has even said before that he doesnt get much free time because he wishes he could visit his hometown more often !

  • suker !

    true !

  • a flores martin

    so this mean he’s coming out of the closet soon? ok but a lot go girls would be pisst off. and if he turn out to be gay blame the mother is always the mothers fault that some guys are gay.

    • Laurasia

      because he’s at a gay pride parade it doesn’t mean he’s gay. It just means he supports gay marriage. and its not the mothers fault if someone is homosexual. it is not a genetic thing, its your sexual orientation. get some education.

  • olivia

    look at the men in the backround on the right O.o
    ooohh godd lol .
    people are gonna think that hes gay now ):
    not a good idea to the owner of this website ):

  • JustinIsMyCommonDenominator

    They probably posted it because they saw Justin and u know when u see Justin, u gatta take a picture of Justin!!! ALWAYS TAKE A PICTURE OF JUSTIN IF U SEE HIM, AAALLLLWWWAAAYYYSSS!!! And if haters thinks he’s GAY now. Let them. But we know that Justin is not GAY he is dating Selena and Selena is a girl. Like i always say HATERS WILL HATE, BELEIBERS JUST WON’T LISTEN!!!

    • david b conway

      i think selena made him gay. love david b conway

      • Somebodytolove

        What? Are you stupid? No one can just make you gay, thats how you’re born, smart onwe. Plus who the heck is david b conway? I thought this was a jb fan site like wtf

  • ElovesJB

    Haha! This is funny! Hehe! But creepy at the same time I wonder why they are at a gay parade! It’s just wrong!

  • Chrissy

    they look like they are lost

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    JK :D

  • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber (Snape)

    I’ve actually seen him in that shirt before, in a photo on the internet are you sure it’s the 2006 Gay parade, not 2007 or 2008, if it is the 2006 one then he’d be 12 and he actually looked his age then!
    I love Justin Bieber!

    • #1swagnerds girl

      U guys are dumm duuu thats so fake you can tell and if you think thats real then ur truly not a bieleber uuh therez such a thing called photo shop yea stupid peaple can do stupid things like that so get strait love, #1 swagnerds girl :)

      • i love Justin :)

        it looks real to me… and why would someone Photoshop it, its not like its a bad thing.

    • Justin bieber

      Pretty awsome

  • Justin bieber

    Yes ! :) to happy that

  • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber (Snape)

    Justin Bieber is my boyfriend!

    MARCH 1, 1994 SEPTEMBER 7, 1994


    • Justin bieber

      He is older

      • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber (Snape)


  • Laurasia


    • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber (Snape)

      It might have been a friend taking the photo!

  • Addison

    maybe they were going to get icecream and had to go through a gay parade? I love justin here he was so cute and innocient.. but seeing the most recent post about him…

  • cassini

    aww.. thats long time ago!!

  • Belieber4Life

    okay this is photoshopped. i have seen many pictures of Justin Bieber and I have not seen this on…at all. Its fake, and how would someone know Justin Bieber enough to take a pic of him and be all like OMG its justin bieber!!! Trust me its photoshopped also Fanpop is not a trust worthy site. People are ridicilous!

    • Belieber4Life

      now i KNOW its photo shopped. his hair was SHORT in 2006 not long i know this because of his youtube videos @kidrauhl look it up. this is soo totally photoshopped. people need a life.

  • JBlover

    That can’t be true because him and his mom don’t looks like the type that go 2 something like that.

  • Alex J

    well people have their own choices and it’s their life style people shouldn’t be judging others people because it can happen to you trust this marry man that is a musician and hangs out with Justin Bieber cousin a lot as friends. and we know the really stories about Justin isn’t really gay or bisexual and yes he is getting marry this summer to Selena Gomez and i will when you people know how it goes and yes i am from the same place that Justin is from i move to Miami Florida 8 years ago and i might move back to Canada .