Justin Bieber’s Wax Figure Madame Tussauds Las Vegas (Photo)

Justin Bieber wax figure in Las Vegas

A new Justin Bieber wax figure unveiled on Wednesday afternoon at the Madame Tussauds inside the Venetian Resort & Casino in Las Vegas along with a special new t-shirt created by Club Kids from bht Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas.

Madame Tussauds twitter page posted the message, “Thanks to everyone to came out to see the @JustinBieber wax figure and check out the winning @BGCLV t-shirt design! #BieberFeverLV,” after the event, during which free cupcakes were given out to those in attendance.

See also: Justin’s Ugly WAX figure in Spain!

According to the museum, Justin had a role in designing his wax figure over the four months during its creation. Last March, Justin helped unveil his wax figure at the Madame Tussauds in London (pics here).

  • kathryn skopec

    I like it first!

    • samantha

      justin bieber i love u but this looks nothing like u like they suck at making wax ppl

    • Belieber

      Hiya Justin…I’m ya biggest fan Eva….can’t believe people nowadays saying SELENA is changing you I doubt that very much we all know what type of person SelenA is she has a heart for Justin she wouldn’t change him…HELLO fan I remind Ya’ll that SelenA is going out wig him coz she lugs him for who he is…so why would she change him….so people who think SelenA is doing wrong….she’s not ya’ll should be happy fOr him that SelenA and justIn are together coz they luv each other and if y’all can’t deal with it….no comment…Justin SelenA if you’ve read this may I say I’ll be there for you thick and thing…luv ya xxxxxxxxooooooooooooo

      • Belieber

        your not Justin’s number 1 fan… Pattie is.

  • kathryn skopec

    Also I think justin is becoming a jerk towards his fans, he keeps cutting his hair for attention. i mean he dyed it dark brown but hasnt publicly announced it yet… wtf

    • olivia bieber

      wtf thats not true !
      he is not a jerk towards his fans unless you havent seen the 10s of 100 tweets to his fans saying how much he loves them ,
      and he doesnt cut his hair for attention !
      just because he wants to change his look doesnt mean hes doing it for a reason or attention !

    • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber (Snape)

      I don’t think he’s becoming a jerk towards his fans, it’s more Selena is changing him, she’s telling him what to do and telling him that he can’t be with his fans as much as he did, I think she’s saying “Don’t talk to that fan or I’ll break up with you!” I also think Justin is being forced to cut his hair “Justin, cut your hair or I’ll break up with you!” or “Justin I don’t like your haircut cut it!” and I bet she wants him to buy her stuff “Justin, buy me that or I’ll break up with you!” So I think Selena is changing him, I still love him, that will never change but someones gotta tell him that Selena is changing him and she is using him for money and he doesn’t even know it, most celebrity couples don’t last that long.

      • michela

        ur right she askes him for things when she doent get them she gets upset then he fells bad

      • Belieber

        How do you know Selena says that stuff? Thats right you dont! He just wants to chnage his style ”im gonna keep changing my hair like david beckham does” Justins words. Maybe Selena loves Justin, how do u know she just wants his money? she gets enough herself, why cat you just be happy and realsie they are in love? your jealous thats not you.

    • Bieber Luver

      um it is only dark brown for a basketball movie he is doing…. :/

    • ~Sarah~

      @kathryn skopec just wondering but how does that make him a jerk??????????????????????????

    • MaddieBELIEBER

      He did it for a movie hes gonna be in…
      Last time I checked that’s not seeking attention, also if your gonna talk shit about Justin then you can get your ass outta here cos I don’t wanna hear it.

  • Belieber❤

    It doesn’t really look like him!!! But still it’s awesome!!!!

  • arianabieber

    it doesn’t look like Justin !

  • Ellen Wilkins

    i prefer the one in london its more real this one is very wax like

  • olivia bieber

    ew , not liking this one /:
    they dont look like himm . but its probably still cool for justin to have a wax figure .
    love you justinn <3

  • Thebiebfan101

    1. His head is crooked
    2.the wax is ugly
    3. It looks almost nothin like JB
    4. They failed!
    In New York Times Quare, they can make a better wax of JB better than all states around the world!!

  • Thebiebfan101

    New York need to fix this cause this is horrible

  • Thebiebfan101

    This is new York, right

  • alyssa

    wow its it looks nothing like him, but its better then the last one;)

    • alyssa

      i mean the one from spain ya know

  • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber (Snape)

    It looks more like Ron Weasley from Harry Potter!

  • JenniferJBLoVER

    I like him the way he was! I Dont know Why he changes his looks hes perfect the way he is! <3 :) :D;)

  • desireelopez

    it look justin a bit

  • gia

    Justin is way HOTTER thn THAT

    • lanilove15


  • Ms.Bieber

    It does not look anything like Justin!!!!!

    Love ya Justin

  • ~Sarah~

    I think it makes him look mental hahaha I STILL LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

    • ~Sarah~

      I mean the thing looks mental haha

  • bieber fan

    shut the hell up. you guys are never satisfied. they like him enough to put the time in to make that figure. why the hell are you guys insulting them? why not try to make one yourselves and see how it looks like. Ungrateful bitches.

    • ~Sarah~

      Your right but SORRY people :-(

    • MaddieBELIEBER


    • Reallyyyyyyy

      Have you ever heard the saying…”If you’re going to do it, do it RIGHT”? I’ve seen many pics of various celebrities’ wax figures…most of them are spot-on…but JB got the shaft on this one…they unfortunately do not look very much like him at all. The one in London is considerably better. And furthermore, it is NOT wrong Justin’s fans to expect a PROFESSIONAL to do a better job than this, so skip the comparison of an amateur trying it themselves.

  • anna kelly bieber

    tht pic looks quite weird

  • Anka

    Ugh….the 1 in London is the best <3

  • mrs bieber

    doesnt look like him at all!

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    The hair is kinda messed up, and the last wax figure where JB was posing with it look KINDA better, sorry. :P

  • i will always have beiber fever

    lol it looks nothing like him i think they need to get better at making wax works lol xoxox loveyouu justin <333 ps justin is well fitter then the waxwork they need to make it more fitter !!

  • rya bieber

    i’m very like you jb

  • abeera

    love justin he is awesome…..statue is not that much similar but the point is its justin’s statue <3

  • Belieber

    Omg, stop critizing the wax figuer! I bet none of you can make anything like this. Its good, you dont know how hard it is to make one. Its obviously not going to look exactly like him.

  • I heart you Bieber

    The older one is better

  • oxBelieberxo

    It looks nothing like him, which is sad.. because when you look at other places around the world at Madame Tussaunds, they looks exactly like him.