Austin Mahone on Why He Loves JUSTIN BIEBER! (Video)

If there’s one thing Austin Mahone isn’t shy about, it’s that he loves Justin Bieber! Austin Mahone shares with Popstar Magazine why he thinks Justin Bieber is such an inspiration. Watch Austin singing “Mistletoe”.

  • Katie

    1st I love you Justin!

  • celina

    austin and justin<3

    • celina


  • Juris Juganovs

    I’m also a guy and I love Justin Bieber’s music, and I am not scared to say it, haters keep hating, no one cares!

    • jen

      omg ur awsome

    • justinbieber444

      awesome great job that a true guy fan

  • MRS.bieber


  • kaitlyn :) love jb

    U r sexiee a’f forreal and soo r u Justin

  • Hilary:D

    I don’t think anyone could compare themselves to Justin
    Just sayin

    • Uknown

      He’s not trying to compare himself to Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone is his on Artist. In his other video’s he has said he’s not trying to copy JB and he’s just saying that Justin is a true inspiration and would love to work with him one day. :)

      • Uknown

        I mean own artist.

      • justinbieber444

        you are sooooo right good 4 you auntin is his own person and he shows it and justin is a amazing rollmodel

    • laura ora

      yes they can

  • Marisol

    OHH yeaH Austin cute a’f.! ;D
    #SWAG I love Justin Bieber.<3

  • Hunger Games Girl:)

    Omg luv him!!! I abosolutely live Austin Mahone!! He is amazing!! (and right about Bieber!)

  • Uknown

    Mahomie and Belieber 4ever <3 :)

  • desireelopez

    i love him nd he is awesome guy

  • Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber (Snape)

    Justin is my biggest inspiration. I love him!

  • gia


  • ~k~

    its nice that there’re guy fans too ~ so its not true that all guy hate JB ~ like some people say because heres proof

  • Rudy

    yes, JB is cool and he’s a to be there kind of a guy. i’m not one of those other guys who doesn’t like JB, who cares, right? i love his songs and acting. can’t wait to hear his newest album when it comes out. Hail to JB.

    • justinbieber444

      good 4 you people make fun of guy to like justin but i think guy should he is a great roll model for people and its great to know some guy aren’t afraed to show it all i can say is good f=4 you

  • MaddieBELIEBER

    No offense to anyone who likes Austin but I like don’t like him. Like I think he’s just a Justin wanna-be. He copies Justin in every possible way. Yes he s talented and yes he’s good looking but he should try to get found his own way and be original and not try to get found like how Justin did. BE ORIGINAL AUSTIN -_-

  • Hilary:D

    Ya kinda agree with maddie
    But yes Austin is talented:D

  • Belieeeber

    wäääääääääääääääääääääääääääääää :D I agree MADDIE SOO MUCH :))

    • TheLittleBelieber

      do you guys dont know ? thats he doesnt want to copy what justin bieber do ,he just adore justin bieber and justin is his inspration . he says at interview ,he really hurt his feeling that you guys say austin mahone is copy justin and want to be a next justin bieber.He say that he doesnt want to be a next justin bieber .he just want to be a austin mahone. you guys doesnt know who is really austin is .. ‘-‘

      • emily

        I agree with TheLittleBelieber. It’s not like he just sings Justin Bieber songs. He’s his own person, and Justin Bieber is just his inspiration. Justin Bieber is my inspiration, too!

  • Andrea(BELIBER4EVA)

    AWW so sweet!!!!!!! austin I totally love you for loving Justin u my friend have excellent taste in who u love LOVE U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH JUSTIN PLEASE PLEASE WITH SELENA DEAD ON TOP MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • emily

      OMG! I love Justin but that’s a terrible thing to say! Selena dead?!

  • Lisa

    Austin Is So Cute<333

  • Kadidaa

    I love Austin.<3
    Justin and Austin are NOTHING alike.
    Austin is another person trying to live out his dreams.
    And i'm glad i've supported Austin AND Justin since the beginninng.<3
    #Belieber #Mahomie <3

  • Kelsea:)

    That dude is the CHIZ! he is coming to my birthday party:) i Knew Austin forever:) Mahomie forever!!

  • What-I-Say-Is-The-Truth-And-YOU-KNOW-IT

    Austin Mahone = Justin Bieber 2.0

    – Just keeping it real. :)

  • miranda

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  • JB4ever

    Yeah like thats real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. nice one :)

  • JM

  • Selena

    He is just a normal kid living his dreams wanting to
    inspiree people. He is not a justin bieber wanna-bee -.-
    Austin doesn’t always sing JB songs, he sings different song as well.
    Of coursee he would likee to sing with JB!
    Thats why he always say!
    Haters Gonna Hate
    Mahomies gonna Love <3

  • Riduan

    like this love u justin end austin <3 !!

  • laura ora

    austin is so hotttt

  • fahad

    heeey Austin Mahone you better then JUSTIN BB

  • eliza

    well Iº<JUSTIN BIEBER STYLE ^0^` well but there different in somo ways i like justin too!!!I think thats allright aslong justin and mohame are cool with it!!!!!Ç;