Video:”Call Me Maybe” by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Big Time Rush and More!

OMG.. Justin Bieber does Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” with Selena Gomez, Alfredo flores, Ashley Tisdale, (Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena, Logan Henderson) from the Big Time Rush and more!

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      • i think it was on different houses because they use ashley tisdale dog maybe part of it was on justin house or selena’s place now that she lives alone.

      • it was carlos pena of of big time rush house if you go on youtube you will see it his house he posted the video on his youtube account and he recorded other videos of him on his account in the same house and i love JELENA so cute but hilarious when Alfredo pushed them apart

    • when did selena gomez , left her parent,s may i ask trent , just because you said that selena gomez ,living alone now , i thought she leaves with her parent,s , love david conway

  1. I love it so cool!!!!!! My favorite part was when Justin and Selena almost kissed but Alfredo pushed them away!!!!!!❤ love it!!!!!!

  2. I think it’s kinda cool how celebrities hang out together like regular people!!!!!!!! I would love to actually see them hang out together and what they are really like!!!!! I dont know it’s just something I wonder about.

    • This was staged. Amazing that the best video Selena is in, she’s not even the one singing. Kudos to Carly but what a way to use her voice for their own needs.

      • It wasn’t staged. The celebrities got together, planned some stuff to do, then recorded it. Why do you think it was staged??

  3. now that i have seen the video like 50 times i think they made the video on different houses selena’s justin’s and ashley’s or even fredo’s. could be on justin’s mansion but they playing near a pool table.could be on all of them.

  4. i dont get why people hate on Justin and Selena’s relationship. people should just leave it alone and be happy that justin is happy. like justin said he wouldnt be with somebody if he isnt in love or happy.


      • Where r u from, u never make any sense? All the crap u say is just a bunch of old lies made up by jealous fans. It makes u sound ignorant and so imature.
        Get a life of your own and leave Selena and Justin alone they are in love; if u can’t see that u just choose to be blind.

      • David you’re pathetic and need to get a life. You do not know Selena and Justin personally so to say all it’s a publicity stunt is B.S.!. I suggest you get a life wacko

      • you just need to leave them alone. why are u a jb fan if you cant support all of his decisions. expessically who he loves

      • Thank you! Made my point!!!! ITS ACTUALLY TRUE…I mean if u really take ur precious little time and think about it…u will agree with us like do u remember the time when J lost like almost all his fans im not saying its selly’s fault but at that time selly had more fans than J. I dont know exactlu for sure whats going on but whateva I believe I believe and u guys cant make me change my mind unless I want to change my mind. I mean I dont like selly but I dont hate her but this publicty thing they are doing needs to stop or Justin it will come out -_- everything that happened in the past

      • shut up david you are so annoying and judging selena. selena has accomplished so much in her life u are just jealose. she is rich,beautiful,has clothing lines,perfume,movies,and has charity concerts for Unisef!

    • we have a right to like or DISLIKE their relationship. P.S. we don’t ass-kiss Justin’s girlfriend… especially Selena cuz she doesn’t have an ass anyway… nuff said.

      • But it’s called RESPECTING Justin’s relationship. You do not own Justin, You do not run Justin’s life, you do not dictate Justin’s life. If it’s Selena he wants to be with there is nothing you can do about it but support him because you want him to be happy. You’re right you don’t have to like her, but it’s Justin’s buisness who he wants to be with. He is the one that Chose her, not YOU or anyone else. It’s his life and show some respect to his private life.

      • ya and i bet ur soooo pretty ya right u r pathetic get over it he is dating her and everyone needs to get over it they are together for real and stupid comments arent gonna change it and ya she actully does im betting bigger then urs or that ur like 50 times her size

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