Joustin Beaver Game Creator Suing Justin Bieber

The company behind a Joustin Beaver mobile app is suing back at Justin — the company, called RC3, insisting the Constitution protects its right to lampoon the crap out of anyone it wants, reports

Bieber-lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter to the creators of   “Joustin Beaver”  app last week– claiming the company is using Justin’s trademarks. But now, the company in question is calling Justin’s bluff … filing its own preemptive lawsuit against Bieber, asking a court to declare the company is not violating any laws by poking fun at him.

According to RC3, the ”Joustin’ Beaver” game app is a “PARODY” protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

See copy of the complain!

Hopefully this issue resolved very soon.

  1. well i mean the company has the right not bieber his lawyers probs thought that if they threatened them they would take it off but since they are smart and know their rights they are suing back which is good because they are doing nothing wrong

  2. wow so many letters ok i get the fact that justin bieber is a brand and he has to protect his name but also the constitution protect those idiots so in my view and this is from a fake lawyer justin bieber people should drop the law suit.

    • I agree they shouldn’t bake fun of him he’s done so much for the world and yet they still hate him because he’s famous and hot that’s no reason to hate him and there is no point in making a game like that if u hate him he’s just a regular hot guy STOP HATING HIM u wouldn’t want people to hate u if u were a popstat now would u who agrees

      • i don’t think they are hating they just know people will buy this stuff cause it is realted to the justin bieber that kid is like a gold mine anything that is in relation to him will blow up because he is till very popular i think they are just trying to make money

  3. if i was him i would drop the law suit because they are right they are protected by the us constitution and no one messes with our constitution no one.

  4. Joustin Beaver looks cute,but they use Justins fame to make money,so they should pay to him. Otherwise, Justin should sue that shit company ,soon!

  5. it’s just a parody, why make a big deal out of this? i love justin but c’mon, other people are being made fun of too, he isn’t the only one.

  6. they are NOT sueing justin bieber back justin should sue them for making fun of justin bieber they are not going to sue justin

  7. dont worry justin u have more fans then they will ever have and we are all behind you all the way! you are a rolemodel!xxx never say never love uxxx

  8. This comany behave meangly makes fun of Justin because all profit from sale these pencils Justin Bieber transfered to benevolent institutions.

  9. Olin! TO co zaczyna się dziać wokół Justina Biebera przestaje być śmieszne tylko wygląda na dobrze zorganizowaną kampanię nienawiści mającą na celu zniszczenie tego człowieka .Przyczyną tego może być jego działalność społeczna a szczególnie radość jaką stara się sprawić tym ,których życie doświadczyło wyjątkowo ciężko jak ch
    ćby um


  11. Those stupid 27 year old men should just stop being so jealous of Justin Bieber.why do men hate a teenager!? they’re in their 20′s probably.they shouldnt be jealous of the biebez . of course they’re jealous.cuz he gets the girls.he has the best music,and hes better and a more talented person than those freaks will ever be! Justin is doing so much for this world! he loves his fans,he makes songs.and he has a perdophiles maybe dont have never did or never will!! stop being jealous of justin.and learn to love younger people!

  12. The creator just made that game to get more famous! sue them justin.sue them hard.and take all their money,and their lives. :) :) :)

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