Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne Skate Park Miami (Photo)

“last night in the studio with TImbaland good times. back at it again tonight. Big Bro Lil Wayne stopped thru. #BELIEVE IT. all family.”

  1. attention beliebers!! there’s a hater named “a flores martin”, don’t waste your time to answer any word on that hater, i’m sick of those haters, they can keeping hate on justin but they can’t stophim become bigger and bigger!! it would be well worth your while to watch some justin’s hot pictures, am i right?

  2. if he’s going to work with timbaland and little wayne then I’m interested on the album but tought little wayne was in jail when did he get out.

  3. I wanna hang out with both of them!!!!!!! but that would never happen haha I LOVE U JUSTIN :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i justin, this is lucy keogh…
    i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to meet you thats my dream ! i have alwaysed wanted to meet you, i have never ever ever met you before… :(
    I get really upset because people in my class say… you will never ever meet justin bieber.. and i get really upset:’( please could i just meet you for only 5 mins atleast i just really want to meet you :’( im one of your biggest fans in the world and it would mean the world to me if i met you !!! :D i live in Weymouth in the UK.. but you have been to Birmingham before and my family live down there and i always go there so you could do a concert there(like you always do) and you could atleast do VIP for a few biggest fans.. ( including me ) PLEASE reply on my MASSIVE comment thank you so so so much it would mean the world to me if i did meet and !:D
    i love you SO much and i will always love you until you do your last video! i have loved you sinse you done your first video and now i will love you until you do your last !! Bye:D

  5. Please pardon this interuption but Beliebers,please do not listen to “a flores martin” he is obviously a hater. He must like JB cuz he got some nerve to come up on here and say that smack!!! Now Beliebers,don’t go off on him. He obviously has nothing to do but come on here and talk s***,,,sooo…just ignore and be those GREAT fans we always were. :) Thaanks for your time Loviees. <3 :) Have a wonderfuul day.<3

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