Justin Bieber asks Fans to Stop Drama Fighting Each Other over Carly Rae Jepsen

Justin Bieber recently had a little problem with some of Beliebers—apparently some fans dislike Carly Rae Jepsen and her song “Call Me Maybe.”

Checkout what beliebers tweeted:


“I don’t hate Carly Rae Jepsen, but if I hear Call me Maybe one more time, I might just hurt someone.”

“I’m so glad Carly Rae Jepson joined the family. She’s amazing with a flawless voice & if you hate her cause of that, THE DOOR’S OVER THERE”

“You know what sucks? I’m not allowed to hate Carly Rae Jepsen, cause she’s part of the Belieber family, and Justin loves her music. DAMNDAMNDAMNDAMN! -__-“

Recently Justin has been hard at work promoting Carly via twitter and Facebook. He and manager Scooter Braun signed Carly to the new record label.

Here’s what Justin recently wrote about Carly: “and to my fans. I signed Carly and I am supporting her. I support all my friends and I support you. stop fighting and support EACHOTHER!!” He also tweeted this: “and if you dont know by now this is me then you dont know me at all. #NOMOREDRAMA – DAMN! ENOUGH ALREADY. We are a FAMILY!! #ILOVEMYFANS.”

  • laura ora

    ahahahah funny first one

    • Shayndel :)

      I know right
      love when he put DAMN!

  • mrs_bieber

    First! I love Carly! What’s with the haters? I also heart Justin for making the peace among the Beliebers!

    • no i am miss bieber

      i am in love with him and no one can take that away from me love emily kate butler! ps i am going to marry justin bieber i am his nuber 1 fan xx emily

      • marry me jb number 2 fan

        ha ha year right xx mia burson

  • Starla Anderson

    I love you Carly she is so pretty I love her new song call me maybe and that’s right Justin I agree with Justin 100%

  • Scarlett # 1 justin bieber fan

    I love carly song and justin i support you through everything xx

  • MaryBieber


    • MaryBieber


  • javi

    is it me or did justin found out too late that some beliebers are just hateful and don’t like any girl who works or date him. dude i think is too late for braking that contract.

  • Katie

    Justin just swore at us guys! If we are his “family” then why is he swearing at us!!

    • kathy

      because hes pissed off about how immature some of his “beliebers” are!! I would feel the same way he does!! Im just glad hes finally realizing just how judgemental some of his fans are, and hes finally able to speak up about it!! And i hope he keeps doing it too!, These fans have to realize that hes going to date or work with who ever he wants, and theres nothing these beliebers can say or do about it! Hes going to be 18 next week, and hes finally starting to act like a true adult is supposed to do! No other human being woulkd put up with the crap that some of his own fans put him through!

      • ninja girl:)

        It isnt me! he’s swearing at us for nothing!
        He chilles out over Selena and Carly.but,not us.we’re the most important people in his life.and he’s acting all mean!
        im scared.cuz when he is mad,everyone is mad!!
        selena and carly aren’t the “most” important ppl in his life.we are too!
        we nned the respect that selena and carly have!!!
        It’s not FAIR!!!

      • trent

        ninja girl no disrespect but now you are talking all crazy we are his fans not his siblings and not close family we are fans who like his music fans shouldn’t be envolve in his personal life.thats why he’s got bodyguards all over.because fan obsession is dangerous.he pays attention to selena because she’s his girlfriend and he pays attention to his new client carly because she’s canadian and a good singer and he wants here to be succcesfull as the future manager he could be cmon people he’s helping new talent and that says a lot about him.

      • britney

        i swear i bet those ” beliebers ” were actually jelena fans over here hating on this damn girl cause hes working with her, yall need to calm thedown, its only a freakin picture make build ur self a wall and get the f*ck over it, we get blamed for the things real bieliebers didnt even do,thats bull.. nough said.

    • me

      Ninja i don’t think Justin is being mean at all. He does love the fans but there is such thing as crossing the line when haters are trashing the people he cares about. I think this is the sign that he’s telling the immature fans to GROW UP. I think he’s right by saying so.

      • ninja girl:)

        trent,and me.Im not writing crazy comments,im just saying how it’s not fair that justin gives selena and carly all his heart! and it’s like he can’t be with 1 fan at disneyland.when the bodyguards have to be there.I know that Justin signed Carly because she was canadian and she wanted to be famous.i wanna be famous!!! and besides,whenever i write a comment u and me,always have to write something of how much you dissagree with me! i think it’s unfair.now,leave it at that.

    • Katie

      Wait wait wait…just so you know I am MOTHING like ninja girl…I respect people in Justin’s life…I just think it was wrong to swear…he has little kid fans too

      • ninja girl:)

        @katie,what do you mean your “mothing” me?what does mothing mean? i respect what ppl say.it;s just that i was saying how its unfair that selena is all clingy to justin.that shes probly taking him from us.but,she would never do that!!!

      • bieber

        saying Damn…is not swearing….i said damn when i was 7 -__- it’s not even a swear word! PLUS selena is his girlfriend and carly is his now close friend, so he is going to stick up for them..but he sticks up for us too..we are important to him thats why he said it, because he doesnt want to see us arguing over it. i respect him for saying that! it’s about time he told some of these fans who trash everyone that hangs out with justin. it’s so stupid, it’s like he isnt aloud to hang out with girls..wtf…he’s 18 not 12…let him lives his F**king life will you. just let it go

    • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

      No. It’s not that bad. My family says bad words like that. If your family doesn’t say stuff, then you must be PER-FECT!!!

      • ninja girl:)

        I know that justin was saying those words,i was just saying that he could chillax over the carly rae jepsen drama! These fans of justin’s are such the jealous type.im a fan of justin and i get jealous but,not “always” mad at the girls that Justin is talking to girls and hanging around with girls.but,chillax chicks,justin isnt going to break up with selena and date carly!!! she’s 28 years old and they r just friends!! can’t you see that Justin signed her and now,he has to support her?It’s not that hard.

  • Belieber101❤

    Justin’s “fans” always hate that he is either working with or dating a girl!!!!!!!!!! Justin’s TRUE BELIEBERS always know that he does work with women and girls and that its alright for him to do that!!!!!!!!! Plus, you really can’t break that, it’s sorta to late!!!!!!!

  • ninja girl:)

    I don’t care about Carly rae Jepsen.she’s 28 years old.And,i dont know her.and i dont listen to her music.im just saying that we can hate carly if we want! justin is awesome its just that he is feeling angry but,hes telling us that we have to like everyone in his bieber life?so,we have to like selena and carly?that doesnt make any sense.i love u justin.its just that ur sounding kinda angry,chillax.dont get mad at me.i love u,and don’t change.

    • Betty

      You silly goose she is 26. She is saying to just stop.
      So since you hate her, why bother to post?

      • ninja girl:)

        She’s 28 yrs old.and,i didnt say i hated her.i just said that it isnt fair that we have to like or support carly when she’s new in the fame thing..and i thought it was also not fair that we have to like her music or something and it was also unusual for Justin Bieber to tell his fans to support or like someone because he likes them.that is weird.but,hey whatever he likes,i will like…sometimes.

      • Betty

        Again, She is 26.
        And I didn’t hear that you have have have to like her. You can like her but don’t have too.

        26 years old not 28.

  • desireelopez

    i like carly nd her song. she is pretty

    • JORDAN


  • gia

    Carly is AMAZING :D

  • melissa

    carly is pretty :)

  • sarahhh

    ppl ar messed up , serioulsy leave jsutin adn ppl alone, he signed her and thats his choice, shes amazing leaveher alone

  • ElovesJB

    I am totally and completely obsessed with the song call me maybe and Carly Rae jepsen! I love her sooooooooooooooooooo much! Good for you Justin for telling the haters off! They’re not true beliebers!

  • TheBieb’s_supporter

    I really like Carly’s song and I think its great that he’s supporting others, just like I’d love it if he would support me!!! Everyone has a dream and i thinks its great that he is helping others acheive there dreams!!!! Go Bieber!

  • Mikee Sevilla

    I agree with Justin , she’s part of the family now we have to support her no matter what happens . and I love her song ” call me maybe ” what’s so wrong with that ? we beliebers should welcome her and treat her good as well . because Justin signed her and i don’t see wrong with that . #BeliebersGoHard !

  • Bieber Luver

    …… Justin got mad that his fans were fighting. That shows that he cares about us.

  • Jbiebz0xoxo

    If we are bieber fans we should agree on what justin is doing & join as family kk OH and i wanna let everyone now that carly is an awesome girl like it or not she part of the family!!!! #STOPDRAMA is all that justin wants #LOVETHEBIEBES

  • #1 BELIEBER:-)

    justin you did a good job standing up for carly! and really i dont know why there would be haterz on her?!?! i mean really get a life! justin signed her and that is it!!! so please letz all get along and come together and be TRUE belieberz!!!! carly is part of the family now so just deal with it;-)

  • mrs_bieber

    Ok, ladies, we’re getting into a fight again. Justin would not be pleased. Stop it!

  • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

    Why would people hate her? She is not Justin’s wife or anything!!!

    • Betty

      I totally agree.

  • Betty

    Haha, I love Carly Rae Jepsen since the beginning of 2007.
    I am angry now because everyone says “I LOVE HER SONG CALL ME MAYBE.”
    and the second thing is that I can’t hate her now, I don’t like JB, since he came a long.

    I liked listening to my own kind of music.

    Not popular music.
    But still.
    Worst thing of all, she can be famous on her own without the help of Justin.

    Thanks lord.

    • Relax

      This is a ‘Justin Bieber Zone’ not the ‘Betty and Carly Zone’.
      If you don’t like Justin then you have no business here.
      And the fact you have known about Carly for 5 years and you’re surprised she is only getting noticed now?
      Could it be because JUSTIN is promoting her now !!!???
      I like Carly and I’m glad she’s getting this chance, but I’ve lived near Toronto all my life and I’ve never heard of her before Justin and Selena gave her a shoutout.
      Get over it!

      • Betty

        I got over it last week LOL
        And I never said anything about Carly and Betty zone? Problem? :D

  • TrueBieber Belieber

    Justin says we are family. While sometimes family members get into fights and don’t speak to each other for weeks, but when the sh#t hits the road family pulls together. I like #callmemaybe but this song is not like her other work that I do not like. I didn’t understand how Justin went APE over her music, but then again I didn’t understand how Usher liked Justin after listening to his audition. I didn’t think Justin sounded good at all. His voice was so high and didn’t seem like he was on key. Just goes to prove that I don’t have vision when it comes to predicting musical genius (which Justin has). So, lets just all calm down and wait to see how Ms. Carly plays out. BIEBER POWER

  • Lauren Bieber

    Yes finally, Justin is speaking up on all these hatred. some people just hate and hate.

  • ?_?_?

    It’s so cute that he want us to support each other and he feels us like his family :)
    I’m so proud of Justin :)

  • Laurasia

    i dont even know who she is anyway i dont care.

  • I’m not sure


  • Ronzz

    I`m her BIG Fan ..!

    • Betty

      I’m her BIGGEST fan <3

  • Andrea(Belieber4eva)

    Wow so know hes swearing at us hes being really mean I sometimes feel that he only cares about selena and carly and not us Justin Im dissapointed in u Plz dont be mad and plz dont swear at us it hurts me

  • Beliebers

    It’s not like Justin to swear. I know he doesn’t want the drama, but that hurt me, and other fans. I mean, I like Carly just fine…