Justin Bieber Hair is BAck (Instagram Pic!)

Justin posted new pic on Instagram (February 23).
He says: “Bieber hair kinda back.”

  • IndaahMuzd

    cool… You’re so very-very handsome and cute My Mr. Bieber <3 I always love you

    • Ally

      I’m so happy u grew back yur long hair !

      • amar

        me too ;)

    • Mariana

      Really?, I love you Justin, but I hate the hair, this is very bad, the truth is I love the old hair, I loved your hair short, I loved to see you looking, but now I’ve won several offenses the gay people who tell you, I love Selena is the best!!! JELENA 4EVER

  • Jess

    That is not black! That is brown! Not black at all!

    • siany

      umm sweet heart it sais back not black…

      • Jess

        Sorry somebody posted this on facebook and said “black”

    • shaub

      are u an idiot
      they never said black they said it is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and its beautifull justin i love you

    • shaun

      are u an idiot
      they never said black they said it is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and its beautifull justin i love you
      give selena a kiss for me

    • shaun

      okay im sorry for my words i hope were okay

  • Olivia Bieber


    Love you Justin

  • Ariana

    His eyes are too freaking gorgeous! I wish he would go back to his blonde hair though :(

    • Monique

      kinda agree but he still looks hot with his new hair color lol

    • kediesha

      its brown hair is beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      leave that 2 selena 2 say alone thats her boooooo………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JB fans

    i prefer the previous one cuz is nicer~~~ but did he even know that some company selling his figure toy already cost a few million to change his hairstyle for his present hairsyle n now he change back to his original hairstyle , the company need to spent million of dollars to change his hairsyle again!!!

  • kirsten

    i love this.he should keep it the way it is :D

    • narmadha

      you are right
      i love this
      old bieber is back

  • Abdulyassar

    It look great to me,keep it jb i like it

  • Scarlett # 1 justin bieber fan

    hottie love it xx jb 4 life

  • ?_?_?

    he’s cute no matter how long is his hair :) <3

  • Sone

    I don’t know… I prefer his short hair. Made him look more mature like he should.. Short hait made him look hotter and sexier.. But it’s his choice. Still love him

    • kathy

      Its kind of funny, when he cut his hair shorter, everyone was panicking, he even lost some fans cause of it, and now that he grew it out again, people dont like it.. I liked his hair shorter hair way better, especially when he had it up, so we can actually see his forehead! He looked way more handome.. but its his hair, no matter how he has it, he is still cute as ever!

      • Belieber101❤

        I agree

  • Belieber

    i kinda prefer the old one !

  • What-I-Say-Is-The-Truth-And-YOU-KNOW-IT

    Looking good, babe ;). I love his eyes… He got those sexy hazel/brown eyes…. <3

    • Mrs.Bieber 4eva

      real talk

      • What-I-Say-Is-The-Truth-And-YOU-KNOW-IT

        @Mrs.Bieber4eva Yeaaaah, bitch. :)

  • Kira

    Omg I missed his hair so much!! It’s finally back!! The reall bieber is back <333

    • Mrs.Bieber 4eva

      Sooooooooooooo True

  • Georgia

    he’s SEXY AND HE KNOWS IT…lol

    • Mrs.Bieber 4eva

      Tats funny but Extra TRUE ;-)

  • leannebieber

    omfg i love u so mkuch u are my life justin i love your eyes so much <3<3

  • gia

    He is soooo SEXY I LOVE HIS hair like that <3

  • Lissa

    sexy….. <3

  • boy fan

    Justin should of kept that spiky haircut he had a couple months ago.

    • jolly

      i agree and some wat disagree

  • you don’t need to know

    i think he died his hair blond again. it looks lighter. Although he looked good with dark hair his natural one suits him better.

  • Kiki Castabieber

    Yay love u justin bieber flip,short hair or no hair lol #muchlove

  • Belieber101❤

    I liked his hair when it was short and spiked. But the old Bieber cut is awesome too!!!!!! So really it doesn’t matter he still looks HOT!!!!!!!!

    Ps Did I mention those eyes!!!!!!!! Omgosh!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Believe❤✨

      Totally!!!!!! His genuine fans don’t care what he looks like! I liked all of his hair cuts ❤

  • Ur mama

    MY GOD HES SO SEXY!!!!! I love his eyes theyre sooooo flawless!!

  • BFF/ Biggest-Fan-Forever

    CUTIEEE! <23

  • yussarah


  • Nam


  • Belieber4Life

    Mmm:) I love btoth your hairstyles! But, if you don’t mind me syaing you look sooooooooooooo HOTT in that picture!:D LOVE YOU BIEBER!!!;)

  • golden1999

    I love him all types!! cuz I am a true belieber

  • desireelopez

    love u justin

  • babygirl

    u have nice eyes Justin!!!

  • hot super 1# beileiber fan!! Mrs.Beiber

    The old Beiber hair is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look sooooooooooo cute.Forever a beileiber .LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Always a fan