Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez visit The Commons, Calabasas CA Feb23

Justin, Jeremy Bieber, Alfredo and Selena Gomez were spotted paying a visit to the Calabasas Commons in Calabasas California on Thursday (February 23).

Photo credit: Ginsburgspalyinc

    • Did anybody notice Justin Bieber always wears clothes that say ‘reckless’. It is like his trademark. Hey, Justin Bieber is reckless. :) Am I the only one that noticed?

  1. Justin and SeLaLa will NOT last. Mark my words. Love SeLaLa’s outfit by the way. That’s a first. :D

    • Stop being a hater if you don’t like Justin being with Selena then your not a Bieber fan. He is happy with Selena and if you don’t like that then your unhappy with Justin being happy.

      • UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH QUIT SAYING THAT^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ beliebers support and love justin we dont have to like or support his reletionships or girlfriends so I AM A TRUE BELIEBER ok nuff said

      • dear justin bieber zone fansite ,hi my name is david conway and my comments to here , i just wish that i can take back my harsh comment,s back and to start al,over again , i just do,nt mean to be mean at selena gomez , and my frist comment tonight is that , just about selena gomez she doesn,t care about to fix her future career , im only saying that just because off selena gomez , just what,s to spend more time with justin bieber that,s all , love david b conway

      • @Sierra SHUT THE F*CK UP. Just because Justin is with SeLaLa doesn’t mean I have to SUPPORT her. I am a true f*cking Belieber, but I can still support who I want. Everybody has there own opinion, not everyone is going to LIKE “Jelena”. I don’t support “Jelena”, I support JUSTIN, and I should be able to support who the f*ck I want.

      • @What-I-Say … Actually You Can Support Anyone You Want But Selena Makes Justin Happy … So If You Hurt Selena You Also Hurt Justin … And You Dont Have To Support Her Just Dont Be A Hater .. Thats The Worst Thing For Justin , If You Hate On Selena It Hurts Him Even More .. You Have To Accept What It Is ..

    • Yeahhhhh…..he’s gonna say that to his randomest fans. Some of you people have got to be the most gullible morons in the world. Grow the hell up, or stop believing every damn thing you read online.

  2. q bello es justin lo amo pero ni como se imaginan no se es una linda sensacion para las chicas q son sus admiradoras si o q chicas es mas lindop q los hombres o chicos de este pais bueno admito q algunos chicos de aqui son mas omenos.

    • i just wish i can take back my old and hrash comment,s and just start all over again here just on this web site , love david b conway

  3. They go on so many vacations! justin spoils the hek out of that girl :) gota lov him plus he look so goth & mad…………… but still look good

  4. hi i know this is going off topic but i love you so much and i would do anythind for four tickets half off or free and i know no one would do that but i am sortove pore and i think you are hot and a awsome singer and i have a million postersof you in my room and tuns of magizines and your bed spred and a towel of you LOVE YOU BY CUTIE!

  5. Awww i jst love bieber n selena……they ar made for each other bt u ppl are wright this wont last longer sorry to say tht…… :)

  6. I hate selena! Tht bitch always has 2 cover her ugly ass face! Hòe we know it u! Nd she got a tattoo! Lmao honestly i dont gave a flying fu*k! Its normal tht this bitch would do anything for publicity! I mean if she wants to attract alot of ppl nd publicity she can jump off the iffel tower in france or jump off the stratosphere at las vegas without a parachute nd die! Now tht will attract an assload of ppl than just gettin one stupid tattoo! It will also get my attention…. Just 2 laugh my butt off!!! :D lmao

    • Your such a hater who can’t face the fach that Justin will never won’t you and you say you don’t care about Selena but you know this stuff about her sounds to mean you go and do a little research on selena. Grow up and get a life

    • @a fun girl named brenda those kind of comments are disgusting and i no way fit with a justin bieber fan the one’s with out hate or malice the one’s who love every one in justin’s life. its people like you who gives real fans of justin a bad name.

    • @fun (rude) girl named Brenda im sick and tired of seeing ur pathetic comments on this website! I get than not all beliebers have to like selena but u r just ugh i dont kno how 2 describe this! Ok ima say it like this and the kindest way i can, hmmm all u do is hate on selena on almost everything that has to do with her, dont get me wrong ive ur comments on hollywood life u say the same thing! Selena is a hoé, selena is ugly, selenas is this and that blah blah blah! Seriously just stop theyre getting old like you!! Instead of hating, why not just do this: study, grow up, change ur additude, graduate and be succesful!

    • @jelenafan @bieber @alexis bieber @ur mama @shelly @purple ninja
      All of u gorilla worshipers need 2 stfu and just accept wat i think! Nothing u say will make me change my mind or even take me down! All ur comebacks r soft as pillows!! All of u guys r sh*t under my vans! Kay it means tht wat u say wont make me give a fu*k!

      • The 19-year-old star – who has been dating the ‘Baby’ hitmaker since December 2010 – admitted while she used to toy with people’s emotions in the past, she has come to realize that such behavior is “silly”.

        She said: “I’ve played games in the past, but now I’ve finally met someone who makes me not play games. If you’re playing games, you need to ask yourself if that person is really for you. Games are silly.”

        The ‘Wizards of Waverley Place’ actress now thinks the best relationships are based on “compassion and honesty”, and believes being yourself is the key to success.

        Selena explained to TOTP magazine: “I’ve conformed to a lot of guys that I liked before; it’s very easy to want to be what they want you to be. But in the end, it just wasn’t enjoyable – I was miserable half the time. The best person you can be with is someone you can be yourself with.”

        Despite their fame, Selena recently insisted she and Justin have a very normal relationship.

        She said: “I’m just like every 19-year-old girl. If you’re in love, you’re in love to the fullest, and you just want to go to the movies, hang out, and be as normal as possible.

        “I’m fortunate that I’ve found someone who has that philosophy.”

      • Glad to know Selena so happy while she’s able to be herself but has put Justin this past year through the H3&^ critiquing his hair flip and all sorts of other things all in the name of making him into something he’s not to please her. But hey at least she’s happy.

    • Jajaja u just made my day support you @kiki castabieber and @what I say is the truth and you know it 100000000 % my idols at least i know plp that are in my side!
      But hate SELENA GOMEZ

      • I like selena,and i think she is pretty and a good singer its just i dont like her.
        p.s. i used to be ninja girl.

  7. no it wont;-( i dont know how you could say that?!?! im a big jelena fan and alwayz will be so please deal with it!!! and to get back to what i was going to say is: justin lookz super cute in that picture!!!!!!!!!! they go on many vacationz!!!! LUCKY<3

  8. I support Justin.
    I support Selena.
    If you do not… you really need to move on to a new fan base.
    Go complain to someone else for a change, we won’t miss you.
    Bye Bye.

    • i thought selena gomez said before she wasn,t planing to get married to the person that she is with right now , love david conway


      • shunt up grandma p , when did i say i hate selena gomez , at all , the only reason why i hate selena gomez , just when she lied to much , one minute she was embraset on the ellen talk show just when she admited that she had a personal relationship with justin bieber , and second , about justin bieber , he had that radio station interview on ,and he was also embraset to talk about selena gomez , , and the third thing just about , justin bieber , he is the one that admite that the personal relationship was part of selena gomez ,publiciy act and that was on this web site , and selena gomez , also admited that she doesn,t what to be married to the person that she is with , love david b conway

      • David people can change their minds as they get oler and mature that does not mean they lied it just means they changed their thinking, thats called growing up.

    • and p,s selena gomez ,is the one that admited that she doesn,t what to have a justin bieber just to sing on her album , and plus with selena gomez , admited that she doesn,t what to be married to the person that she , and plus i do remember that selena gomez , was so anoyned that pepole was talking about justin bieber , a while back , i was on this post web site on the day that they were frist datting at the I HOP , AND IT WAS NOT ON DECMEMBER 201O / IT WAS ON THE DATE OFF NOVEMBER 2010 , LOVE DAVID B CONWAY

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