Justin Bieber, Selena, Jazzy, Jaxon Malibu Beach February 17

Justin Bieber wearing yellow shirt, Malibu beach, California (Feb17). 10+ more Pics.

Aww.. Justin and Selena will make amazing parents because they are great with kids. Don’t you think?

Justin Bieber, his half-siblings jazzy, jaxon, his dad and Selena play at the beach on Friday (February 17) in Malibu, Calif. 10+ Pics inside

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Julia Loves JB

    omg their soooo cute not selena dont like her hes soooo hot omg

    • blair

      me either i so agree with u i hate jelena

      • JelenaLove

        She is a Teenage girl, just like most people on here. Just because you guys are so insecure that you have to hate on somebody you DONT EVEN KNOW doesn’t mean Justin will EVER give you a second glance. This is a Justin Bieber fan site, and if you are saying these things about him then you are not a TRUE BELIEBER. “Belieber- Somebody who supports Justin Drew Bieber through everything and anything he does; A Super Fan; People who Love Justin and every piece of him.” Last Time I checked Selena is a PIECE of Justin. Now if you really want to support justin, enough with the hate on his GIRLFRIEND. HE LOVES HER. and HE LOVES US TOO. So just relax… Shes a beautiful, nice, sweet girl who doesnt deserve all of this hate.


      • jordan

        i hate u to very very very very very very very much
        dont be jealous of them

    • david b conway

      i do think it,s part of selena gomez publicity act , love david b conway

    • Sal Bieber

      jazzy and jaxon are adorable i love em sop much and of course you baby JB your mine….
      Love ya..

      • Belieber

        First i hated selena but after a while she isn’t a famwhore she really loves him
        and if justin is happy i am happy
        they are cute :)

    • Justin Bieber! I LUV YOU

      justin bieber loves selena gomez. So if you like justin bieber then you should like selena gomez too!!!!! LUV U BOTH

      • jordan

        yes i agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        there so cute together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tatiana Bieber

      That is it Justin loves Sel

      • Tatiana Bieber

        If you do not like Selena you r not a fan u should be happy the only person u should be mad at is u because Justin LOVES HER you can ether love that they date or be mean
        If u r mean u r hurting Justin and Selena’s feelings so if u choose mean u r not a fan if u do not love Selena and JB dating stop being a fan and love someone alse because he loves her okay!!!!!

    • golden1999

      I love justin, jazzy,justinxxxx ( except selena)
      but lots love u justinnnn <3 xxx so cute

      • blair

        ikr only justin

  • non of your buiss.

    man selena justin is mine!!!! haso mussolino la mando akomindo falendo

  • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

    So cute! Selena’s like what the heck, Jaxon? Put the frekin’ rock down!

    • Justin Bieber! I LUV YOU


  • izzie

    they are so cute when they are all together cute little family…i love selena but she doesnt look to great here she needs to put on some weight she is to thin xxxxxx

  • jen


  • sasha

    lol the pelican or seagull next to Justin :)

  • lily

    that seagle beside Justin is so random rofllll other than that awwwww I love these pics :D

  • Scarlett # 1 justin bieber fan

    They are the cuter people ever especially JB

  • sydney

    luckiest bird alive

    • Topping Little JB

      hahaha that’s right
      i’m so jealous

      • jasmin

        First of all calling selena a that is so mean and what if selena and justin reads this he would not be happy and selena is so cute with him and she is cute!!!!!! people read this and i dont think they want to be reading that I love that pic. it is nice and cute

      • jasmin

        this mf jasmin

  • anidajblover

    wasnt bieber wearing that same shirt at oc fair while performing fav girl and cry me a rive

  • keri

    state of that beach haha

  • A fun girl named Brenda

    Ugh this ugly ass bitch again?!!? Oh my lord she is sooooo annoying! Nd 4 slutena: stop covering ur god damn ugly face! Bitch we know its u cuz of tht bad hair! Nd i swear if i could i would walk up to her, idgaf if shes with justin! She gets wats comin 2 her! I would kick her white, small, nd non mexican ass! Shes a weak bitch so i can take her down easily with just one curse word or one punch! Shell b crying her ass back to texas! My god shes sooooo ugly! She rlly needs 2 work tht plastic surgry nd fast!!! I mean miley cyrus and taylor swift hav natural beauty! Ive seen hoemez witout make up! Sh*t she looks like a ugly ass sasquach!! Nd this hòe needs 2 stop rubbing her stupid sh*t in our faces! I dont think she would like it if i rub my fist in her ugly face! Nd if i cant kill her, she needs 2 do 1 good favor for the universe, shove a pole up her ass nd go die in a hole… With a pole in her ass! Haha tht would b amazing!!! Nd u ugly ass stupid béoches tryin 2 reply ur hate sh*t nd trying 2 defend a démon just stop wastin ur time sayin ur little softie comebacks to me. It wont change wat i think of her or even take me down! Im not a little girl! Ima turn 18 in 2 yrs! Im prob older than u immature 6 yr olds! A mature person would respect a persons opinion, a immature person would start sayin crap about another persons opinion. Nd y would i b jealous of a ugly talentless poser?! Yea she has more money than me but money doesnt buy my happiness. I RESPECT tht cash makes selena happy but it dont buy my happiness! So stfu!

    • A fun girl named Brenda

      Btw her dress is ugly!

      • A fun girl named Brenda

        Btw i olny want 2 see pix of justin, jazzy, nd jaxon olny! Selena could go be with her family for once!

      • jordan

        btw so is ur face

    • grandma p

      Justin would not even give a hateful person like u a second glance. Selena would never say anything mean to anyone and Justin knows that about her. He says she is beautiful inside and out and he loves her and that is what counts.
      What do u get out of these hateful rant that make no sense what so ever.
      If U don’t like her don’t come to Justins sight because she is a huge part of his life and this is about his life.

      • JBLUVER

        but do u kno dat

        if u dont then shutup,bcause u always say that he knos her like that,but u dont kno him or her so shutup and MYOB

    • Ross

      Sorry you’re so insecure about yourself that you have to hate on someone you don’t even know. I hope you get some help. Maybe instead of taking all that time to write out all that hate, you should have used that time to look up what the word jealous is, cause that is exactly what you are. Grow up and get a life. And get this through your stupid head, Selena aint going nowhere, nothing you say will change that! and Justin will never ever ever be with you so quit trying to break her down cause you dont have her life. I know you want it so bad, get over it and make a life of your own.. I actually feel sorry for you….I hope you get the help you need.

      • grandma p

        Well said Ross.

      • BieberFever


      • biebS

        you read my mind! Well said my friend.

      • Ur mama

        Agreed ross. :)

      • Me

        Great post ross! That brenda chick needs mental help. She is probably one of those stalkerish fans that bteak into celebrities homes. Raid their closet and sleep in theor beds. Justin should get a restraining order if he ever comes across her. I pity that poor girl.

      • Rosalina :P

        Ross u r sooooo right! Brenda stfu and get a life!!

    • lea

      serioulsy your comment is ridiculous even if it’s your opinion Idon’t like selena either but i won’t make comments like this that stupid i’m here for justin so i just pay attention to him ignore her even if she’s always with him lately you don’t have to love her but at least for justin i think you have just to ignore her

      • jordan

        girl justin loves selena so if ur here for him then ur here for her too so watch what ur saying

    • You make me laugh.!

      I think Selena is a cutie lol and I think Justin feels the same way I mean have you seen the pictures of them over the past YEAR , I mean it’s just so adorable..but it’s nice to have other people opinions to:)

    • i hate Selena Gomez!!!

      a fun girl named Brenda is so telling the true!!!!

      • jordan

        your so fat dora cant explora u
        roses are red violets are blue justin love selena but he dont love u

    • Ur mama

      @a fun girl named brenda, u need to do the universe a favor…. Stop sayin ur hate crap on this website! Ive never seen u comment on anything else becides talk about how much u hate selena! We know that u hate her! Some 6 year olds could be on this website u know! Nd dont say that im 6 cuz im 15. U need a better attitude and clean that filthy mouth of yours!

      • ninja girl:)

        Ur mama,if your 15 yrs old..then,you need to watch that mouth of yours..sure,brenda is saying curse words.but,dont act like you dont say it either.You both need to grow up and stop being so immature.i kinda like selena.but,i am not like you 2 that are arguing LIKE

      • ninja girl:)

        Ur mama,if your 15 yrs old then,you need to watch that mouth of yours too.sure brenda is saying curse words but,dont act like you dont say it too.I kinda like selena.but,atleast i’m not saying how much i hate her all the time.You both need to grow up and stop acting like your 6 years old.
        belieber forever :)

    • JelenaLove

      NOt Going to waste my time with this but,
      Just go home and stop hating on selena. Just focus on Justin…. Goshh.

    • jordan

      bitch ur so ugly that king kong is running from u plus roses are red violents selena is ugly and so is a fun girl name brenda to

    • jordan

      bitch ur so ugly that even king kong is running from u
      roses are red violents are bule selena is ugly and so is a fun girl name brenda 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      bitch u better back the f**k off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • A fun girl named Brenda

        @jordan roses are red violets r blue i have 5 fingers the 3rd one is for u! :)

  • alexis bieber

    they are going to be awesome parents i started to cry when i saw a pic of the 4 of them. those kids are beautiful.

    • david b conway

      im not a hater here any more , but can i say this please , selena gomez , just can,t not get married , she has her own motion picture career this year and next year 2012 to 2013, love david b conway

      • ninja girl:)

        @david,when you write a word like can’t.why do you put a comma instead of the oppastrophey.?that’s not the proper way to write a word.

  • alexis bieber

    it shows that those kids love her so much god bless them.

  • alexis

    seriously they just get cuter && cuter :) & how cute is selena’s dress?! <3 love that her && bieber are both wearing yellow their matching all cute <3 =] LOVE them!!!

  • Michelle

    Selena is gonna be a beautiful and amazing Mom and Justin is gonna be an amazing Dad. Isn’t weird how we can just look at these photos and tell how their gonna be as parents?! To see them spend so much time with these kids make me so happy. I love this family.

  • kayzi

    Ahhhh they r adorable tooo sweet ….

  • BieberFever

    They are adorable & I think Justin and Selena are perfect together. :)

  • Belieber4ever

    Aww… So cute <33 Justin I LOVE U <3

  • Renu

    Awwwwww so sweet bless… them kids are so cute … Justin & Selena are perfect for each other they are going to make a brilliant family together. These pics are adorable <3 u … I just want to say to Justin & Selena to have a wonderful, amazing, beautiful & lovely future together you will make a Gr8 family xxx <3 <3

  • ana loves Bieber

    Omfg r u kidding me how do u know if they r going to even get married??

  • viona viviliano


  • viona viviliano


  • farida

    ana wejust know, they are gonna be great parents. i love jelena.

  • ❤AniBelieber ❤

    What are lovely are, Guys I love you so so and so much I am georgian belieber… justin Please Come to Georgia…. We are numerous we love you and I know that you have LEAVE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Agot Mayon Swag

    “Justin and Selena will make amazing parents because they are great with kids.” lmfao no.

  • Agot Mayon Swag

    why doesn’t Slutlena hang out with HER OWN FAMILY?! she keeps stalking Justin like she’s his dog. Selena probably lost all her friends. poor Slutlena. u can’t see a photo of Slutlena WITHOUT Justin. #myopinion

    • alexis bieber

      idiot selena is an only child and her mom had a miscarriage her family is al the way in texas. and i gues justin invited her to spend the day together with his dad and the kids show some heart.

    • No Name

      she is his GIRL FRIEND. GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD!!! they haven’t seen each other for a while and I don’t know if you can count how much friends she has!! they love being together and the bieber family LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES HER!! She bhas been with her family. You just don’t know because no pictures were taken of them.

      • Agot Mayon Swag

        really n.igga? they’re together 24/7 and u call that “haven’t seen each other for a while”? get that piece of shit outta ur eyeballs and see that Selala’s hogging Justin’s time. end of.! kbye :)

      • ninja girl:)

        @No Name,just because selena & justin haven’t been together for a week or so.They don’t need to be together EVERY single day..Selena is so clingy with Justin.She WANTS to be around him every day…and that’s why i just can’t stand them..it’s so tragic and annoying!Jelena isnt even a real name.
        Ninja Girl is a name.I’m a ninja and im also a girl! jelena?you got to be kidding me.

      • Agot Mayon Swag

        @ninja girl amen!!

  • javi

    you know what would be perfect if justin twits pictures like this with out any fear or hateful comments from his followers.

  • ?_?_?

    They are so cute together… like one big happy family! :)
    It’s adorable that Justin finds time to spend whit his little brother and sister and even more charming is that Selena is whit them and has very strong relation ship whit Justin, Jazzy and Jaxon…I love them :) :) :)

  • alyssa

    aw sooooooooo cute!!! i hope they stay 2gether 4 a long time:)