OMB.. Justin Bieber has a Wife (Just Married)


Omb, Justin Bieber has a wifey!
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Justin Bieber might not know it but he has a wife in Massachusetts and now there is a push to arrange a meeting because they’ve never met. Avalanna Routh, 6-years-old, has a very rare form of cancer and thanks to the Jimmy Fund she got “married” to Justin Bieber and this wife’s wish is to meet her husband.

Avalanna is a huge belieber and there is a Facebook page dedicated to trying to get her to meet Justin. She has a fast moving, rare form of cancer and her family wants her to live life to the fullest.

“We like her to experience as many things as possible and if it happens she would love that, if it doesn’t there’s going to be something fun happening the next day,” said Cameron Routh, Avalanna’s father.

She has already practiced her dream wedding with Justin Bieber thanks to a recent Jimmy Fund event.

“The bouquet, she created a wedding planning album and it was wonderful, just another fun moment,” said Aileen Routh, Avalanna’s mother.

Despite the big event, Avalanna is keeping things in perspective.

“He broke up with me,” said Avalanna.

Avalanna hopes that she will be able to meet Justin Bieber soon.

Do you think Justin should meet her?

  • Bianca bieber

    First!!! And that is so cute

    • Sal Bieber

      ohh thats is really so cute…
      you are awesome

    • TaySwiftFan13

      she’s so ugly

      • Angelina.s.

        i think u should look at ur self. she is a 6 years-old little girl and may die and u come on this site and make comments like dat… really ?!* get a life !!!

      • Beth

        You shouldn’t made comments like that she is a 6 yr old baby who love Justin she has cancer and she is probably going to die in the next year!!

      • Beliebdruahl

        Thats stupid of you to say that. She’s a HUMAN BEING Just like me, you, Justin, and her you shouldn’t of done that she could die ANY DAY and all you can think of is that she’s ugly??? Well, your ugly just for saying that. YOU TRY HAVING CANCER or having a loved one die from cancer like I did I lost my dad from cancer, yeah he lost his hair and lost over 200 pounds but I didn’t care I still loved him and I still do. For you saying that she’s ugly you must be one huge pathetic looser who doesn’t know how to be nice your username is TaySwiftFan13 so your on the WRONG site. If you were a belieber a #TrueBelieber you wouldn’t of said that. Get off this page because she doesn’t need that sh!t. Your stupid, and you probably only said that because you’re ugly. Well enjoy living in a basement the rest of your life.

      • mrs.bieber

        hate you!!! you´re not a belieber so get out of this site because TRUE BELIEBERS wouldn´t be so mean!!! have you seen urself in the mirror?!?!
        ohh! i guess not because rats are more beautiful than you!! so shut up and get lost!! /Users/nat/Desktop/images-28.jpeg

      • kayla

        really shes a little girl come on now act your age and grow UP mabye befor you run your mouth you should read it ok taylor not swift thanks , aww thats so cute jb/ar<3 aww

      • bob

        u r very rude she has cancer u idiot :(

      • bob

        u will never get to go on a date with justin bieber u gold digger

        pls speak with ur brain not ur mouth

      • bob

        u will never get to go on a date with justin bieber u gold digger

        pls speak with ur brain not ur mouth
        p.s dont say things lik that its mean
        she didnt really get married to him

      • chloe :) xx

        That was so cute!! Almost crying, you must be some sick loser who is jealous or something!! Be considerate if one of her family read that message they would be so upset is it not bad enough they are losing their baby!!!!, <3 justin bieber for doing this xoxoxxoox

      • Unknown

        how dare you TaySwiftFan13? Who the hell do you think you are? judging people like that! and she’s just a kid who has freaking cancer and know she died!! how could you be so heartless? your just plain rude.

      • Bieber Forever

        Your’e. Son stupid. Hate. You! I love. Avalanna

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  • kaylee

    thats adorable:)

  • amber

    Aw! Lucky bitch, lol

    • starla loves kidruahl

      dont call her that she is a cute little girl

      • kayla

        dont say that she can die anytime whats your peoples deal come on!

    • girl

      how can you call her lucky, she is gonna die soon. be happy that you don’t have to live the life she has to even if this might include never meeting justin bieber. be rational

      • Laurasia

        saying she will die soon is worse.

    • sarah

      shes 6 its not even funny to to say that really u called her a bitch

    • ?

      what’s wrong with you ?

  • amber

    What a cutie this girl is, she’s adorable and I hope she gets to meet Bieber! That would me great

    • diana castillo


  • Dawud Mams

    Thatx really beautiful.

  • jen


    • Beth

      You never went out with him!!!

  • DianaLovesJb

    Never say never Mrs. Bieber! <3

  • BelieberForever84

    Aww! She is cute but young! Of course she should meet him! Every Belieber should! <3

  • mary

    justin, plez meet dis adorable young cutie. its her dream so make it come true with much love, hugs n kses

  • trent

    she’s adorable i hope justin finds the time to meet her or at least his people should send some stuff for her.

  • fathijb

    she is so cute .i think justin shud meet this cutie. Lov u jb

  • Belieber

    its cute but she should face the fact that she is never gonna really be married to him. i dont think he should meet her becuase its not worth it

    • u r so mean

      u r so mean shes gonna die soon and justin should meet her becuz if he doesnt shes going to be really disappointed n very sad and like i said she IS GOING TO DIE! U R VERY MEAN

      • u r so mean

        n what do u mean its not worth it? every belieber deserves to meet justin bieber unlike u

  • Vita

    She is the most adorable thing in the world. She should meet her husband. Ever beliber should meet there husband.

    • Bieber Luver

      um she’s not actually married to him.

  • Raza ayaz

    & Now my wish is that plz Meet her sweetie Justin Bieber plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • casey

    Spool cute hope Justin goes 2 meet her

  • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

    When I looked at the title I was like, “What?!?!?!?!?!” I swear I almost had a heart attack! But I saw the video and was like, “Oh, that’s cute!”

  • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

    P.S. I have that shirt so I must marry him.

    • Bieber Luver

      um i have it too and um you aren’t going to marry him.

      • The REAL Mrs.Bieber

        Do you know me Bieber Luver? Noooooooo…. So don’t jump to conclusions and face the fact I’m Mrs.Bieber. :D

    • ninja girl:)

      your not mrs.bieber.if you were.justin bieber wouldve been married to you,and his name wouldve been mr.justin bieber AND it wouldve been all over the news.why dont you stop and jump to conclusions.you dont know me sooo,yeah.DONT JUMP ON ME.
      IM MRS.BIEBER DONT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS YOU DONT KNOW ME. yeah,sureeeee, prove it.n you wouldve not been here where kids r writing.and be mean to us.u wouldve probably working or doing ur taxes.FAKE MRS.BIEBER!!!!!

      • none of you are Mrs. Bieber

        ok first this is about a cute little girl who wants to marry JB………. yall look stupid cat fighting over who’s Mrs. Bieber let people say something about the site but you look like two year olds fighting…. do that on another site please…….. P.S. Justin please see her that would just so make that 6 year olds day :)

      • Anna Mannalo-Bieber


  • diana castillo

    When I read the top I thought it was selena gomez

  • Nerdy_Natashaa

    I hope she gets to meet Justin because you never know when she’ll go. And I hope Justin gets to hear about this so she can meet him.Every Belieber deserves to meet Justin, doesn’t matter how many followers you have, how long you’ve been a fan,but just the love you have. If anyone has a twitter account please keep this trend going so Justin can notice it #AvalannaMeetingJustin My account on twitter is Nerdy_Natashaa if u want

  • desireelopez

    she is soooooooooooooo cute.yes she meet justin

  • sophie

    Awwwwwww hope she meets him ♥

  • Lindsey

    omgg! shes adorable!<3

  • Ilse Schumm

    awwww!!! but what about selena gomez ?? i dont care she is a really sweet !!!!

  • starla loves kidruahl

    awww she is such a cutie justin should go meet yoour lil cutie wife

  • aslynforjb

    every belieber deserves to meet their hero. <3

  • Olivia belieber 4 eva

    awww so cute

  • denya

    aaawweeee!! Shes so Adorable…He shuld meet her!! :D
    the cutest thing i’ve ever seen :)

  • Justin drew biebers wife

    thats to cute!! i hope she does get to meet him i would love to:}

  • gia

    AWWWWWWWW she is to CUTE i HOPE he meets her :D

  • Gigii

    She def deserves to meet the beautiful boy he is. She might not have a full life but if she meets him one day she def will believe her life is perfect. pray for this adorable little girl. and hope she one day meets Justin Bieber :) <3