OMB.. Justin Bieber has a Wife (Just Married)


Omb, Justin Bieber has a wifey!
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Justin Bieber might not know it but he has a wife in Massachusetts and now there is a push to arrange a meeting because they’ve never met. Avalanna Routh, 6-years-old, has a very rare form of cancer and thanks to the Jimmy Fund she got “married” to Justin Bieber and this wife’s wish is to meet her husband.

Avalanna is a huge belieber and there is a Facebook page dedicated to trying to get her to meet Justin. She has a fast moving, rare form of cancer and her family wants her to live life to the fullest.

“We like her to experience as many things as possible and if it happens she would love that, if it doesn’t there’s going to be something fun happening the next day,” said Cameron Routh, Avalanna’s father.

She has already practiced her dream wedding with Justin Bieber thanks to a recent Jimmy Fund event.

“The bouquet, she created a wedding planning album and it was wonderful, just another fun moment,” said Aileen Routh, Avalanna’s mother.

Despite the big event, Avalanna is keeping things in perspective.

“He broke up with me,” said Avalanna.

Avalanna hopes that she will be able to meet Justin Bieber soon.

Do you think Justin should meet her?

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