Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Prank Justin Bieber, Selena and more!


The Lorax couple, Taylor Swift and Zac Efron prank Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Betty White and more. :)

  • Katie

    1st I love you Justin

    • Sal Bieber

      Love it………



  • Ilse Schumm

    aww!!! love in the air !!! ly

  • Belieber!


  • #1belieber

    awwwww;-) the power of love<3<3<3

  • jen


  • desireelopez

    tht soooooo funny

  • Beliebers

    Hey, I’m Beliebz (with a heart in front of the B and after the Z). I have to use my back up account till March 1st, JB’s Bday!! LOL anyways, this vid was funny, haha! They’re goofballs!

  • oliviaa biebeer

    LOL i lovee the justin bieber one . hahah its so funny (:
    & selena’s was funny too , hahhaha . she like had nooo cluue (:
    && i saw this on Ellen ! i couldnt stop laughing (:

  • honey

    he just started dancing with them love jb and zac so much

  • Starla Anderson

    Lol that was so funny

  • olivia

    that was so funny i really like justin biebers and selena gomezs she had no clue lol love you justin bieber

  • Jess

    the best was selena. Zac was so in her peripherals, but she was so oblivious and then he air humped her. too fuuny. love him! so fine!

  • gia

    LOL LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Ms.Bieber

    This is funny!!!! Love it!!

    Love ya Justin and Zac Efron

  • Belieeeber


  • BFF/ Biggest-Fan-Forever

    SO CUTE…<3

  • Olivia belieber 4 eva


  • jelena rocks

    selena was having no idea about what was going on….. :-D
    i love justin… <3

  • Tiff

    haha justin bieber and his little head bob ;) lol THAT IS WHY I LOVE HIM :) lol he’s ridiculous <3

    • allyson

      i love jb he is the world to me so ppl no haters alowed<3

      • ms. bieber

        i hate pol who diss on jb and call him gay well i got something to tell them they can shutup cuz i an sick of it they are so stupid stupid ppl<3

  • ms bieber

    i love jb for ever and i love him with all my hart<3

  • smile

    so funny haha zac is a great dancer after all

  • my baby is jb

    nice dancer bieber faver

  • my baby is jb

    when u smile i smile

  • andrea_bieber;)

    they are both so cute :)

  • hot super 1# beileiber fan!! Mrs.Beiber

    ohhhhhhhhhh Love u justin

  • twilight&juslena fan1

    i love this song and carly i dont undertsand y ppl are giving her a hard time she’s awesom.