Video: Justin Bieber Skateboarding Shirtless for Screaming Fans

Justin Bieber skateboarding and shirtless infront of screaming fans at “The Hit Factory Studios” in Miami on February 3, 2012 at 12 am. Justin hits the studio to work on his new album #BELIEVE

  • Olivia belieber 4 eva

    wow so hot

    • bieber needer

      do u know were hes goin next cuz i live in miami and realy wana c him!!!

  • Fiona got BieberSWAG

    OMB, hooot! But wow, it must be a little annoying there a so many screaming fans.. But i would have done the same.. I guess

  • Shay ‘Belieber’ Morris

    That poor kid can’t even skateboard without ppl going nuts. Yea he looks hot but he needs some privacy too. Sheesh.

  • Belieber

    RIP ovaries

  • Caroline

    It was my birthday then.. I would love to live in Miami.. :/

  • BFF/ Biggest-Fan-Forever

    SWAGGER….He is such a hottie…!! <3

  • desireelopez

    tht sexy skater boy

  • Melanie


    He’s so DAMN! Hot! :)

  • golden1999

    soo coolxxx love ya!

  • gia

    That is sooooooooooooo HOT :D

  • Taylor

    i was there! i have a closer up video of him actually talking off his shirt so ill post it to this site!

  • neile bieber

    I was about to faint when he took off his hat and flipped his hair…loved it when he failed at it and gave it another try…Just for us #BELIEBERS #Belieb

  • jblove

    Justin you are very beautiful and very sexy!!! XD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Taylor

    okay guys keep your eyes on tmz if you want my video its a lot better, im working out a deal with tmz.

  • starla loves kidruahl

    awwwwwww he is so cute when he sing

  • Kiki Castabieber

    is it just me or does it seem like justins tryin to blow off some steam or get his mind off something and to help him feel a little better he skateboards to his beliebers cheering him on

    wts wrong justin :(

  • Chiarajb

    Dear justin,
    I love you so much and i dont now that i meet you but
    I hope someday you can speak in person (sorry, English is not so correct, but I’m Italian) but I hope that one day it will be difficult to say something because every day I repeat the words never say never and I am convinced that we can meet one day …. Chiara kisses jb <3

  • | LaJayyLokka | ♥c;

    Hee Isz Suchh A Kcutiee'<3!
    iLovee Yuhh Justin.(:

  • ♥Beliebz♥


  • JBbeliebers

    Omg Justin is so cute and awesome I
    wish i was so there. But 1 thing is zat he should’ve
    said something. hes damn perfect at singing.
    i am one of da biggest fans off u JB!!!!

  • purple ninja

    Did one of his fans say justin i like your undies


    also they are loud

  • diana castillo

    He cant even skate with all his fans screaming at him!!!

  • maryha

    He is sooo cute and adorable

  • diana castillo

    He looks sssssoooooo hhhhhhoooootttttt

  • diana castillo

    I wonder how many packs he has

  • Zariah cuningham


  • miss bieber fever lol

    OMB he is sooooooooooooooooooo hot and sexy but but the fans need to calm down a bit love ya justin

  • Alex

    Pick up your pents

  • Danielle

    Justin is a really good skater. I tried the same thing he is doing in this video on my boyfriends skateboard and it’s not easy! You’d be surprised at how hard it actually is. #BiebsIsTalented