81-year-old Grandma Tells Justin Bieber Fan: “He has No Interest in You”

Beliebers were sorely disappointed when they tried to call Justin up only to be greeted by a 81-year-old great-grandmother from Texas, reports cbslocal.com

It all started last week when Justin Bieber tweeted “call me right now at” and then added a phone number with the Dallas area code, “214.xxx.xxx?”

The problem is, Justin typed a question mark in place of the last digit. And it turns out that number was pretty darn close to Fleming family’s home number.

So when die-hard fans started dialing different digits, dozens of the errant callers found their way onto Fleming’s answering machine. “Hi, I’m just looking for Justin Bieber,” giggled one female fan.

Another message was left by a hopeless romantic. “Justin, I know you’re there and I love you so much. I’m sorry I called you so late, I just got your number. I love you, I love, I love you so much. Please call me back,” begged another girl.

However, Grandma actually decided to talk to some of beliebers, even telling one girl that “you just don’t realize that he [Justin Bieber] has no interest in you what-so-ever.”

Fleming got tired of all the phone calls, so she changed her greeting on her answering machine. Callers were soon greeted with this recording: “This is not Justin Bieber’s phone number. Please do not call again. Thank you.”

Watch the video!

Fleming wasn’t the only local resident to feel the passion of Bieber buzz. A Dallas man was also inundated with phone calls following last week’s tweet.

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