Fans upset! Justin Bieber Postponed his Album Believe. Prank! (Video)

Accompanied by Adam Levine and KennyH, Justin makes BIG announcement that his upcoming album BELIEVE is going to be postponed till further due!!

Note: This is just a joke made by Justin!

Checkout the beliebers reaction via twitter.

justin said believe has been postpone… crying a river right now.

@justinbieber you cannot postpone #Believe. I’ve been waiting so long for it ): I’m gonna cry\: Why Justin?

Some Beliebers are just easy to prank. I didn’t fall for it. I knew Justin wouldn’t postpone Believe.
3h niky bieber ;-)

I’m a lil sad because #BELIEVE is postpone but I know it will be awesome!!

You have the NERVE to say you’re going to postpone Believe any longer after you promised us it would be out LAST NOVEMBER. I WISH YOU WOULD.

Justin: I’m gonna postpone Believe until late 2014. Beliebers: WHATTT?!?!?! *melt down*. Thanks for the earlier april fools joke Justin :p


    haha I didnt belieb it for a second!!


    • chaya@bieberfan

      and if ya gon’ tru!!!!!!!!!noooo……not at alll but whats this reason for this….

  • belieber4ever


  • The M Legend

    I can tell that he lied the moment the other guy said that he postponded Belive :-P

    :-/ Justin is totally not good with his pranking skills. But i gotta give it to him that he tried ;)

  • Jenna Britton

    Are you joking. Just tell me if you are not joking

  • Mrs.Bieber


  • chaya@bieberfan

    i have been waiting for bielieve soo long!!!!!!!!!@justinbieber now your telling us that its pospone!!!!!!!!!but whyyyyyyy……i can’t wait to hear ya voice.plzzzzz jb do something….<3 <3 i love you more than anything………..

  • lisa-marie ridgard

    is he joking because im litrally gonna cry.

  • Olivia Bieber

    haha he was just jokin

  • Wuoo

    hahahah he would never do that! he should come up with a better prank ;)

  • desireelopez

    is he a joke. i never fall 4 tht i know this is big prank

  • Pouline


  • hot super 1# bieleiber fan!!

    haha lol i was upset until it was a prank but i think justin should make a better prank.love u justin!!!!!!!!!cant wait to hear beileive

  • Katie

    Notice how I’m not laughing


    Justin Bieber without serious reasons wouldn’t postponed Believe .

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    Justin, we all know you’d never do that to your fans xD
    The world would end if you’re actually gonna wait till 2014, because all the Beliebers would call Asia to help set off some bombs, ya know.

  • kiara

    No please no this cant be no no now im sad i guess i can go in my room and sit in the dark and cry.

  • i love u

    why????????? why justin why
    u know i love u

  • kissmejustin

    REALLY! IN 2014 I BE A POP STAR BY THAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • kissmejustin

    I Sill LOVE!!!!!!!! him =] but very mad kind!!!

  • Sarah

    Man that not fair …. I’m mad !
    But I still love him

  • kathy

    Why is everyone saying they are mad for? Justin was just joking about postponing his album to 2014!! He said in another twitvideo he put out after this one that “Believe” will be out very soon!!

  • kissmejustin

    ok i am not mad any more but i know just will never let us down! lol =]

  • kissmejustin

    justin i mean not just

  • alejandra

    IM CRYING :'(

  • MaryBieber


  • gia

    thx God ths is a joke i have been WAITING 4 his album LOVE U JUSTIN :)

  • Ms.Bieber

    This is so Funny before I saw the video I was scared it was postponed!!

    Love ya Justin!!!


    i wouldent get sad or cry i woulded wait but i wuz bout 2 fall and i did lol justin u funny


  • TrueBieber Babe

    Wel, I fell for this prank…hook, line and sinker. I know that some times artist can have fights with the record company and records get shelved. So anything is possible. I am glad it was a prank, because my heart stopped beating for those 7 minutes.

  • abygelle joie bensorto

    I know that justin is so kind, lovable, and humble to his family……………. that’s why, i love justin forever and ever from the bottom of my heart……………………….