Fans upset! Justin Bieber Postponed his Album Believe. Prank! (Video)

Accompanied by Adam Levine and KennyH, Justin makes BIG announcement that his upcoming album BELIEVE is going to be postponed till further due!!

Note: This is just a joke made by Justin!

Checkout the beliebers reaction via twitter.

justin said believe has been postpone… crying a river right now.

@justinbieber you cannot postpone #Believe. I’ve been waiting so long for it ): I’m gonna cry\: Why Justin?

Some Beliebers are just easy to prank. I didn’t fall for it. I knew Justin wouldn’t postpone Believe.
3h niky bieber πŸ˜‰ ‏

I’m a lil sad because #BELIEVE is postpone but I know it will be awesome!!

You have the NERVE to say you’re going to postpone Believe any longer after you promised us it would be out LAST NOVEMBER. I WISH YOU WOULD.

Justin: I’m gonna postpone Believe until late 2014. Beliebers: WHATTT?!?!?! *melt down*. Thanks for the earlier april fools joke Justin :p

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