Jeremy Bieber gets “JB” Tattoo for Justin’s 18 Birthday

“Come check out what I got @justinbieber for his birthday “) video by @extreme3photo”

Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy Bieber wandering around the mall to get Justin’s 18th birthday present. After few hours and got nothing, he decided to get a tattoo of Justin Bieber’s initials “JB”. Watch the video above!

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  1. Umm.. I think he should just get “Justin” tattoo… He is Justins dad so i thinks everybody knows that they have same last name.. but whatever.

  2. Hi everyone! I’m Justin Bieber’s fan and close friend.I love him.He’s cute and funny.I’m really smart that’s why i don’t make alot of misspellings.And,not to be this as an offensive term.but,jeremy is always getting a tattoo.! its annoying.He is going to be like Bully Doe!

      • yeah,i am! i follow him on Twitter,and i know everything about him.I know everything about his personal life.ask me anything and i can answer it.

      • Thats not being close friends with him… o_O thats called ‘being obsessive’
        There are millions of bieber fans who know everything about him… doesnt make them his ‘close friend’… it just makes you another fan out of the 41million ;;)) xoxo
        Ohh and I think they’re Drunk… At least they werent drunk to the point where they end up sick – or Worse >:o

      • I’m not just a fan.i actually talk to him.i video chat with him and i walk with him.
        He let me watch him in the studio while he was working on Believe.

    • what gross? How is it gross? A dad getting something for his son’s birthday! im sure other moms and dads have gotten things for their kids for their birthday!!! Go to school!! cuz what if ur dad got you something? which he probbly did! i hope you learned something grow up and leave this site if ur going 2 hte on justin’s family.

      • If your “so close to justin” than why do you say mean things about Selena since your so close to justin its kinda weird to have his so called “friend” bashing his girlfriend.

      • I am not talking sh*t about selena! I support Justin’s’s just that he told me it’s okay if i don’t like everyone in his life.that he’s not going to force me to like anyone.He tweeted me a few days ago:“It’s okay if you don’t like some of my girlfriends.I’m not going to force you in life to like people in my life.even if your a belieber.” So,yeah,i get that justin is dating someone.but,you don’t have to like it.just leave his fans alone.cuz mean things that you say can hurt his beliebers and our feelings.he will feel bad for you because beliebers are being mean to other beliebers.when they’re just saying their if you didn’t know.

  3. farida he is not hot & u rite Maddy thay do have the same letters & finely Betsy its not gross its sweet he rally cares

  4. Does anyone else realize that getting jb’s initials wouldn’t make sense since they both have the same initials

    • that was rude he spent 4 hours looking for the right present and thats what he picked. Dont hate on justin’s family.

      • That wasn’t rude. It is justins birthday gift because he is like never with justin and didnt know what to get him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. well,Jeremy may just want to be reminded of Justin whenever Justin is not near him!Justin can not always be near his dad!LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBS!BIEBS,Your dad loves you,too!Your dad wants to show some love for you!

  6. Why give your son something that is on you! actually give him a present.not a present that is permanent on ur body.

  7. justin ….
    you are very cool …
    I’m Indonesian Beliebers ….
    I want to represent the entire beliebers in Indonesia…
    That ….
    We love you Justin Drew Bieber ….

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