Justin Bieber Art Using Pubic Hairs

eurgh!!! this is gross. A man under youtube username MonalisaNak3d created Justin Bieber artwork using pubic hair he collected from people around the world.

Here’s what he said about the artwork:

The content here is strictly art. If you feel the need to age restrict it – so be it. Though there is no NUDlTY here, and the context is art and comedy, not in anyway s3xual.

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Beliebers, is this really an artwork?

Watch the video.

65 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Art Using Pubic Hairs

    1. Amanda Bieber

      Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! thats groooosss, I know justin is perfect person to create art but this ridiculous

      1. Ninja girl

        NOO,ella x was first! she’s on the top! @katie,you know what im so sick of you! ur a little 9 yr old brat! just shut up and leave me alone!! u freak!!! You just started stuff.i just said ella x was first,i didnt say anything,all u guys hav to grow up! especially you katie,im 14 years old! do u really think i give a crap about ur dang opinion! i have a niece that is yet 5 yrs old and she acts way more mature than you.u make me laugh at how old u are and yet so pathetic and ridiculous.stop going back and forht at me chica.im not ur little 8 yr old push person.im not going to let u push me around.give it a break. what if someone called you pathetic? listen to ur heart.not urself.

  1. shelby

    thats gross wat kind of person would use pubic hairs omg that is very gross and i love justin bieber but i would not do that

  2. JBLUVER99


  3. Ur mama

    Ewww gross! Who in the hell of it would make something so called “art” out of pubic hair?! Wtf is up with people these days! People should be more creative and less discusting than this!

  4. #1 BELIEBER:-)

    that is really nasty;-( i cant believe someone would make such a beautiful face so disgusting! ewwwwwwwwww that is not art at al that is a disgrace to the bieber family.

  5. I love JB!!

    That’s totally GRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSS! They are disrespecting Justin :/ Kinda feeling….

    1. lanilove15

      how about u stop being a cyberbully some people are sensitive and take things to heart if u really want to be that mean maybe u should tell us to our faces

  6. hot super 1# beileiber fan!!

    lol its nice justin is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but using hair is alittle digusting.love u justin!!!!!!!!!!!forever a beileiber


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