Justin Bieber Fighting PhotoShoot – Complex Mag (Pictures)

Justin Bieber has thrown himself into the ring for a bloody new boxing-themed photo shoot that is sure to shock all beliebers. Justin covers the April/May issue of Complex magazine and he can be seen sporting a battered face, bloody nose and soiled white tuxedo. 

The controversial photoshoot, which is touted as the publication’s 10-year anniversary “knock-out special edition”, was reportedly inspired by his ability to “roll with the punches”. Photo credit: Complex

  • hot super 1# bieleiber fan!!


    • Bieber’zBabe x

      Wow, you were first. Really. Oh my god…no one cares. Also learn to spell belieber love, obviosly not the ‘hottest super1# fan’…

      • Belieber4Life


      • amanda

        Wow u dont have 2 b a jerk about it beiber’zbabe x im sure u would do the same thing if u were first and im also sure JB like would not like what u said,dont worry hot super 1# bieleiber fan!! i got your back

      • Bieber’zBabe x

        Er no, I wouldnt comment ‘first’ if I was first on here, because its pointless and annoying. And also, Justin isnt here to judge what I said so stop using him as a back up. K bye.

  • hot super 1# bieleiber fan!!

    i cant see the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hot super 1# bieleiber fan!!

      they look so painful and sad.This is not good for bieleibers i think the people who mad this video and pictures should be punished or sued.I konw if justin sees this video he will be really angry.I am also angry and i think it is really wicked and not nice.Sorry justin.Fell like crying right now.

      • BelieberBaby

        I am pretty sure this is for a photoshoot? So he would have seen them? :-S

      • chaya@bieberfan

        i agree with you!!!!

      • Annie Selormey

        Your kidding me right now? this is a photo shoot for a magazine coming out in April, Justin tweeted these and talked about it over twitter. Why are you crying and angry, Justin did this for a PHOTOSHOOT the theme is “Growing Pains”

      • Bieber’zBabe x

        Why are you crying and angry if he did the photoshoot himself? He has already seen the video, he’s in it. RETARD. But I absolutley hate these pics, i love justin but these make me feel physically sick and they are disgusting.


    WTF??? WHY??

  • chaya@bieberfan

    don’t tell me is that *JUSTIN BIEBER am not able see that that sooo veryyy painful am gon’ cry is that jb for sure……that not tru…..that not jb i can’t see that its sooo*****

    • Bieber’zBabe x

      WTF it is obviosly him its a PHOTOSHOOT he didnt really get beat up its fake blood god. Some people.

    • NatCat

      Noooooooooo!……..Justin! My baby! ):

  • jess colverson

    justin bieber rules <3 xx

    • jess colverson

      i am at school want to look at you on the computer :) xx <3

      • jess colverson

        never say never now on FB! please join today? thanks jess :)

  • Ur mama

    Did he really get beat up?!

    • Bieber’zBabe x


      • david b conway

        is it over for selena gomez just with justin bieber ,love david conway

  • Hayley

    Guys its a photo shoot! its not real! its all make up! its fun, Justin liked doing it, no one was hurt guys. its fine. haha :)

  • The M Legend


  • Annie Selormey

    Guys, do you even know the theme of this? “Growing Pains” If you guys actually read ALL the 5 pages of his interview like me and some others (it’s allot by the way) you’ll understand the pictures, believe, i cried when Justin said he has to steal clothing from the lost and found that was sad. The pictures are bout growing up, once you grow and grow life get’s harder, Plus Justin enjoyed doing this.

  • mark

    KONY 2012 I’m so glad i have a new boogyman to hate, so that i can donate money and support a large scale military invasion of uganda for there oil and minerals! War=Peace. Kony 2012 is nothing more then pro-war propaganda, open your eyes, people. Your supporting the death of thousands of ugandians and americans.

  • Bieber Luver

    I was reading the article and i loved what he said to a reporter who called his pics “feminine”. “Every guy has feminine qualities,” he said. “You’re raised by your mother and father, and I was raised mostly by my mother. I think the pictures turned out good—so whatever.”


    I never thought that Justin Bieber may be ghastly jester .

    • NatCat

      Damn boxers


    CALM DOWN ! its not real !

  • Ally Bieber

    Lol I KNOW these are fake, but the’re soooo realistic, they make me sad :(

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    Last pic lol

  • BelieberRuffy

    I like it somehow u knw, its like a different theme entirely. I love his shoes. Dont blame me, im a shoe freak.

  • desireelopez

    tht is super sick

  • gia

    He is so SMOKIN HOT

  • makhaylah bieber

    I love u Justin and great photo shoot I’m a real belieber u are my inspiration I love u aiki much Justin and if u ever get bet up like that I would protect u even though I’m a girl I would do what ever it takes to my u SMILE I luv u jb I will always be if number one girl bieber for life

  • mrs. bieber (if m dat luckly)

    god its nt gud at oll i cnt even see these pic thou its fake it feels lyk real nd hurts reallly badlly….omg why u hav to do this…..<\3…..:(

  • BieberFever!! 4-Ever!!

    I love it!! I love how he can still sexy when he’s all beaten up!! The article is kind of inspiring.

  • call me Jerli

    Oh my God!! He looks so Hot!! He looks like a real man!! :D hey, who the girl who wiped Justin? She looks very sexy. does selena jealous? hahah

    • Nixon

      Its stephanie Corneliussen a danish model !

  • SinaLuvsBiebs

    These break my heart!

  • Nikki_Bieber


  • safira

    why have you fight with big men you know that their are bigger stupid but it is sad ……

  • belivveeemmeewoonohhh1111111

    are u kidding me this photoshoot is awsomeeee

  • belieber4ever

    OHDEAR! still super sexy

  • kristen

    when i first saw these pic’s i was so sad but i found out it was just for a photo shoot….thank goodness.

  • christy medley

    ombb these were so cute and sad at the same time to think if this was real lol