Justin Bieber Interview with Elvis Duran (March, 2012)

Justin talks about his new single “Boyfriend”, fans, paparazzi, internet, Selena Gomez, new basketball movie with Mark Wahlberg and more.

Listen the interview.

  • bleep

    first!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to see justin bieber i9n his new basket balll movie.
    im soo going to see it.
    i love u justin bieber!!!!!

    • CC

      <3 JB

  • gia

    I would LOVE 2 see the movie he will b in LOVE U

  • Belieber_101 4evr

    That is like sweet. Love u guys.

  • desireelopez

    i cant wait 4 new basketball movie. i like basketball

    • lanilove15

      same thing here im gonne b da 1st person in line 4 da movie

  • Marlene

    I can’t till Justin cOmes out in the movie!!

  • andrea fosteri


  • ♥Beliebz♥

    Hope the movie will rock!

  • emmy15jb

    hiya justin how are you xxxx

  • makhaylah bieber

    I will kill aroma gomez I hate her …:……………..and Justin good luck on your movie and break up with selena get with a blonde pretty hot girl like me I’m the most pouplar girl in school I love u Justin I will promise to see u new movie

  • makhaylah bieber

    I mean I will kill selena gomez I hate her uhhhhhhh * sighs. That is what I ment to type