Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Kissing at Birthday Party (Pictures)

Justin and Selena kissing at birthday party! 

Aww… Selly looks soo HAPPY, while Justin can barely keep his eyes open. Do you think they got DRUNK? :)

More pics from the party!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Topping Little JB

    1st ^^

    • Topping Little JB

      and it’s so sweet

    • JelenaLove

      Okay guys chill out, hes 18, let him liveee! and he needs at leats one day of just utter freedom and that my friends, is an 18th birthday party! Hes just a teenage kid dont expect him to act like Moses every second of everyday just because hes a celebrity. Let him live and be happy with his girlfriend. Thanks
      XX lindy

      • tammy

        Finally som1 else gets it.

      • amber

        ???? that is dumb ????

    • david b conway

      dear justin bieber zone fansite ,hi my name is david conway can you put me back on,line please i love to make comments again here , ,please , love david b conway

      • Justin Bieber’s 1 fan

        Your soooo not who you say you were. He wouldn’t even come on this sight because he must of been at Justin’s party. You don’t even have correct spelling or grammar.

    • KMU18

      honestly yes because they are lafing like crzy

  • nina

    love them !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sabishy Girl

    SEXY Pic



    • Jelnea fan

      I hate you!!!!!!!

      • Jelena_luv

        Selena is NOT drunk! Neither is Justin! Guys, they are 19 and 18. Obviously not old enough to drink. You honestly think justin’s Cristian background and his parents would let him do that? You also think that selena’s mom would let HER drink under aged? Think about it!


        if they r drunk r nt is really nt our problem we love justin no matter wht, and he’s just celebrating his birthday so let him hv fun. it look like they are drunk but they r just celebrating so let them live their life. so wht if he got drunk is just one day. tht is totally normal for a person who turn 18 to get drunk omg justin is a normal person. let him live this life.

      • AnkaBieber.

        Chill, what if they are drunk?
        It’s normal..
        I’m from Denmark, and it’s pretty normal to be drunk, already when you are 16. So I can’t see the problem.. Let them live! You are only young once!!!!!!!

      • A true belieber

        Who do u hate?!

      • Maggie

        Jelena_luv LOL you just proved a point why they WOULD be drunk. theyre 18 & 19. first of all, where myself & Justin are from, 19 is the legal drinking age. i know its different in the US but still, most 19 year olds drink, weather theyre under age or not. 2nd of all, so do 18 year olds. & 17, & 16 & 15 & a lot of 14 year olds too. it may be wrong and against the law but its true. Just because theyre celebrities doesnt mean they have to act like people with no lives. theyre just like anyone else the only problem is they got a bunch of retards like ye flippin on em because they do stuff every other teenager does in the world too. So im guessing your a little 10 year old Justin Bieber fan who hasnt seen the world yet.

    • amar

      of course she’s drunk

      • SelBelieberSwag

        if you think they arent drunk you aren’t older than 14
        cus if you are older than 14 you know than you want to be drunk
        its legal in canada to drink on your 18th
        and you know what JUSTIN IS CANADIAN :)
        so leave him
        let him LVE HIS LIFE

        btw i hope Selena gived him a good birthday sex :)

      • Belieber99

        guys, in canada the law changed you have to be 19 to drink so justin can’t get drunk. but selena is 19 so she could drink. if you don’t believe me go search it……..

      • kaylynbieber

        ugh sorry Jelena_luv to bust your chops but Selena is drunk…but i dosent look like jb is soo ya… :)

    • savana


    • heyitswhaturface

      Justin bieber is really drunk and if he is hes breaking the law!!!!!!!!! :D

    • Bieber lover

      of course SELENA looks drunk and is drunk.I mean like look at her face she looks crazy and drunk.Don’t get me started about JUSTIN Bieber he’s Alway’s drunk.

  • Support

    I support u together with selena gomez

  • swaggygirl

    OMG that should be me -_- .hahha

  • jelena rocksss

    sooo sweet selena came from florida to attend justins party….
    love jelena

  • Melanie

    they’re drunk? really? :(

    • Kiki Biebz

      i agree 1)they are underage 2)justin and selena have YOUNGER fans who look up to them. Well justin u said u arent trying to lose ur fans now just gain older ones well im sorry but i think u r about to lose A LOT of them because of this

      ik im not ur mom and u may NEVER see this but these pics are dissapointing to me and ur younger fans :(

      • Clara

        Dude only fake beliebers will leave justin if they saw these pics!!
        Its his 18th birthday it comes only once in a life time hes free to do whatever he wants! He wont life or ever. Belieber till the end.

      • hot super 1# beileiber fan!!

        I agree with u.U are not a true beileiber if u say that.They are happy together so live them.

      • Belieber101❤

        I agree with you @kiki biebz!!! It is wrong to show these pictures and to have your younger fans looking at this!!!!!!!

      • Justin lover

        I love Justin but I agree :(

      • A$hCa$h

        I don’t think you’re a real belieber, because he can’t be good all the time, and of course he is going to want to drink a few times, hr can’t be that perfert role model that you want him to be, because in case you hadn’t notice, nobody’s perfect. And you don’t even knoe if they are drunk, and if yhey are, oh well, their normal just like us, he ain’t perfect sweetie, so chill the fu** out.

      • Keiara Atkins aka @Msbieberfever03

        You cant call yourself a Belieber if you said this. If he drinks he drinks it will happen eventually so hey why not at his 18th B-Day???? Thats like saying you are no longer a Belieber because he lost his V-Card ( and its probably already happened but I still love him knowing that, I mean you have to be stupid to think he hasnt with Selena) You were never a Belieber before if you say that! And thats when we’ll see who the REAL Beliebers are!! (:

    • Justin bieber’s wife

      They are not drunk. And it’s none of your business if they are, just lay off.

      • #1 Beliber

        I know right?!

      • david b conway


      • david b conway

        and how about selena gomez , prommes ring ,may i ask and she watend sex with justin bieber frist , love david conway

    • Maggie

      Obviously theyre drunk lol. its his 18th birthday party thats how youre supposed to celebrate thar shit! & hes grown up now, even though he would love to stay young with alll of his little beliebers, he cant. he eventually needs to grow up & move on with his life. If youre actually a belieber you will accept that, and be happy for him! hope you had an amazing time at your party justin & you got your buzzawnnn;)

  • Rosa

    I love the first pic :)

  • jelena rocksss

    seems they are drunk.. :-D

  • jessica

    dag justin bieber ik ben fan van je

  • Micky

    Great fun!

  • Micky

    This great!

  • Rosa

    Looks like Justin’s ready to get it in lol

    • Justin bieber’s wife

      Your disgusting!

  • sameera

    I’m concerned. The legal drinking age is 21 in the US…which obviously neither of them are. I just hope they’re giddy and not actually drunk. Oh…and Justin looks horny. Selena just looks happy.

    • Kiki Castabieber

      Thank u, im not saying ill leave justin, but these pics are dissapointing. And i dont want this u only live once shit well guess what life comes with consequences for stupid actions like this and his consequence will b losing name role model,possibly jail for underage drinking,and worst of all for him losing fans. And i fan still be a true belieber and NOT support jelena or like selena

      Im not leaving him but these pics rwally dissapointed me

      • A$hCa$h

        You don’t even know what they are dinking, so why are you getting so mad and thinking of al these stupid sh** that might happen, and he is a normal guy so of course he wants to drink, he ain’t a robot.

      • Justin bieber’s wife

        Come on people these photos are not that bad, Selena’s drinking not Justin and just because she has a drink in her hand dosn’t mean shes drunk.

  • adam

    sexy pics justin bieber

  • Ineza

    OMB! that should be me!!!!

  • grandma p

    They are just having fun and they are, I am sure, really really tired. They have not got much sleep the last couple of days. And I think they said they don’t drink, just acting goofy in love. They are so cute, just love them both!

  • Fog junk

    So cute. Who’s that guy?

    • Justin bieber’s wife

      That guy looks creepy

  • annavy

    ooooo… justin is so hot ha ha ha

  • hanah

    i love selena and justin so match

  • Seriously

    Y’all need to leave him alone. If they drink, they drink. I drank when I was under 21…everyone does! He’s a human being. Not anyone’s to control.

    • Justin bieber’s wife

      I agree

    • awre

      ok but you are not the role model of thousands of young kids, and EVRYONE DOES? Really? NO not everyone does! and the kids that do aren’t the people that are going to be successful. Sure if you have had a sip of alcohol before you’re 21, ok, but they clearly had more then a drink. If he got drunk at a party he is going to expect people will react this way because it is not okay!

      • Justin bieber’s wife

        How did he clearly have more than 1 drink?

      • Justin bieber’s wife

        AND I DIDN’T SAY EVERYONE DOES. Seriously did. I agreed that he is a human being and not anyone to control.

    • #1 Beliber

      true dat

  • Lucyxx

    :D but selena in Florida Justin in LA soo how meeting each other?? :O

  • golden1999

    selena I don’t love you almost hate! justin I love you a lot !! I will always support you!!

  • IgotBieberFever

    he probaly lost his virginity that night :D

    • Justin bieber’s wife

      Get a life.

  • itsjustme

    :D they are so cute together. so what if they got drunk? they are both 18, they can do what they want right?

    • ariana

      Just because they’re are 18 and 19 doesn’t mean they get to do whatever they want because you have to be 21 and older to drink in the u.s.

      • Fiona got BieberSWAG

        And how many exactly comply that?!

      • Kiki Castabieber

        THANK YOU ^^^^^^^^^^

      • Kiki Castabieber

        I MEANT THANK U @ariana

  • belive in both

    aaaaaawwwwwwwwww sssoooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee

    • david b conway

      im so sorry for my problem and by making theses comments here, can i come back on,line here i will try to nice now , love david

  • ItsBieberlicious

    They’re totally wasted! I bet Justin got lucky that night ;P

  • ariana

    Who is that creepy guy?

  • me ma self and i

    i hate selena gomez but nice pics of jb happy me tooo hey he is 18 let him get wasted he desrve it he worked so hardt and it his birtday love is jb ones a blieber always a blieber

    • grandma p

      If U hate Selena then U do note Support Justin, she is a huge part of his life. You are saying he does not have good judgement for his own life. Every body that knows her says she is a really good person and her actions confirm it . I get it if u don’t like her singing or acting but is that a reason to hate someone? Hate is a is a really strong word to use for someone u don’t evan know. U haters really need to grow up and realize hating Selena is not going to give u a chance with Justin. Life is way to short to go around wasting emotions on hating people.
      Just saying!

      • Ninja Girl

        @grandma p,“if you hate selena,then you don’t support Justin?” okay first off we’re called “BELIEBERS.” beliebers are ppl that support Justin! thts why we’re called bel-iebers. selenators are ppl that support selena! so what,if we hate selena gomez.it’s not like the world is going to end!!! and btw why do you care if we hate selena? why do you care of our opinions? Your the one being rude to us.it’s our opinion.and we have the right to speak our own mind.its called a figure of speech.as if you didnt know.

      • grandma p

        Ninja Girl no the world is not going to end but it would be a much nicer place to live if there was not so much hate. Justin asked last week if every one would stop saying bad things about the people in his life and support each other. As a belieber as you call yourself; then u should honor his request. He gives so much of himself to u all it is the least u could do for him. He deserves to be with the one he loves without fans saying bad things. He is such a good person he deserves all the happiness he can get.

      • Ninja Girl

        @grandma p,Hating is part of life.You can’t like everyone in the world.
        I’m sure you got into a fight one time.or you have an enemy!
        I’m just saying that beliebers dont have to support jelena.we are called beliebers for one reason and that is:We love him.that’s why we’re beliebers.and since when is justin getting into this drama? It’s selena that is into it.I dont care about selena.i just care about Justin.DUHH,thats why im on his fansite.I came here to see justin’s news.NOT selena’s news.if u like selena so much,then go on selena gomez zone.they’re is one.so im done with this conversation.
        Ninja girl