Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Punk’d New Season, March 29

‘Punk’d’ is back and bigger than ever with Justin and Taylor Swift and more celebs, premiering Thursday, March 29 at 10/9c.

Watch the video!

  • Believe❤✨

    1st! I can’t wait! They are such good friends together!

    • Ninja girl

      i was about to be first.but,i didnt wanna comment yet.so i practically saw this first so i commented first,dramatically.

      • parker

        ……is that important to say “i’m first”? stupid

    • The M Legend

      Yep they sure are ;)

      • Ninja girl


      • Brianna .M.

        omg guys stop fighting over who is stupid old first! imma just go cause i want to think obout justin and how the whole punk’D thing is going to be. idk. anyway bye

    • Believe❤✨

      Please stop fighting! I was first but I don’t care….it is nothing that serious. Don’t bully, think what would Justin Bieber do?

  • Dominique

    I can not wait till Punk’d comes out!!

  • Ashley

    4TH He is the same old Justin .. IM SO GLAD.. KIDRAUHL 4 LIFE :D

  • SelenaSupporter

    4th and I cant wait to get to see justin prank people… He says hes the prank master and this will show us if he is or not! I wanna see him prank selena, scooter and alot of others!

    • alexis bieber

      i would love to see justin prank selena and usher.

      • parker

        i really want to see him prank selena, but i don’t think selena would be taken lol he was already prank usher before, remember the NRJ radio?? he pranks usher with a phone call, said that “me and ryan like…we’re running, and i broke my foot, i’m on my way to the doctor” and usher didn’t believe him lol so he fail, so funny! you can watch it on youtube

  • ariana

    so cute best friends

  • desireelopez

    cant wait 4 punk`d

  • gia

    Am so EXCITED LOVE U Justin

  • Sthefany Beatriz

    Amo muiito Just e Taylor ( Love very Justin And Taylor)

  • J Biebz Belieber

    Cant wait I love Justin

  • nicole

    i can’t wait i am soooo happy and i am waching it i love you justin ;)

  • LeleLee

    They shouldn’t hav blocked out Taylor’s cussing

  • ana mendoza

    hola justin me gusta mucho tu voz y espero algun dia conocerte en persona auque no hablo ingles pero me gustaria mucho verte en persona q dios te vendiga siempre a ti y a tu familia

  • narmadha

    can’t wait
    justins so cute in this picture

  • hot super 1# bieleiber fan!!

    patiently waiting to watch.love u justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!look so hot in the pic

  • mrs. bieber ( if m dat luckly)

    wow justin u look so cute….i hav my test goin on bt still i use net and guess wat its all worth….i get c u….awww u r so very cute nd taylor i love ur song there are so gud….two bff lookzz awesuml….xox

  • Justinah 69

    i would love too see this, i wish they could punk’d Justin! :) ….

  • eliana liana crebello

    we love jb ..

  • kissmejustin


  • Belieber

    they’re super cute <33

  • Ms.Bieber

    Totally going to watch this!!!

    Love ya Justin Bieber

  • belieber4ever

    i HAVE to watch those eps

  • Emily (Mrs.Bieber)


  • #1 Beliber

    Cannot wait!!!! Taylor and Justin will do great I know!!!!

  • lovatic4lyf

    i can’t wait to see punk’d the new season all celebrities demi lovato justin bieber taylor swift zach efron snooki miley cyrus tyler posey tyler the creator it going to be crazy march 29th 10 pm