Texas Man gets Thousands Calls after Justin Bieber Tweeted his Phone Number

A man in Dallas, Texas got thousands of calls after Justin Bieber tweeted a fake phone number.

Justin sent out a message on Twitter on Wednesday night that might have been intended as a direct message, according to CBS.

The tweet said “call me right now” and gave a number with a 214 area code – although the last digit was a question mark. The tweet was deleted – but followers had already spotted it and began re-tweeting it so it quickly spread.

Die-hard beliebers began guessing at the last digit – leaving a Dallas man with nearly 1,000 calls throughout the night and into Thursday. Emily Horton, the man’s attorney, told CBS he started receiving the calls shortly after the tweet was sent out.

Horton said most of the callers were polite and messaged their friends to tell them the number did not belong to Justin. He had listed the number for more than 20 years, uses it for business and personal calls, so does not want to change it. ‘He doesn’t want to cut off communication with people,’ Horton said. ‘He wishes there were some way to filter out the calls, but at this time, there is no way to do that.’

This is not the first time Bieber has tweeted a phone number that turned out not to be his – although the last time was intentional.

In April 2010 he posted the number of 15-year-old Kevin Kristopic, who had hacked into a Facebook account belonging to Justin’s friend in order to get his phone number.

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