Confirmed: Selena Gomez Pregnant with Justin’s Baby!

A source close to Selena Gomez has announced that Selena is pregnant and Justin Bieber is the father! Dream comes true for Justin cause he always wanted to be a young dad.

As TMZ first reported, Selena Gomez was rushed to hospital (again) last night after attending the 2012 Kids Choice Awards, complaining of nausea and a severe headache.

Reported publicists for Justin and Selena are both denying the pregnancy. But according to insiders in both JELENA camps; they confirmed that Selena is pregnant. And JELENA are “thrilled” and can’t wait to have the baby.

PSYCHE!!! Just kidding!!! It’s April Fool’s Day, and NO, Selena isn’t pregnant with Justin’s baby.

SOOo … y’all!! Careful what you read today …
take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt :)

CHeckout Justin’s April Fools Day prank video. Boyfriend teaser#2 click here

  • Ray Ray


    • Ray Ray

      i felt for it

      • Mrs.Bieber

        So did I! I swear my heart stopped when I read that.

      • bieberluver

        oh my god i was so sad then i read the last april fools part and i was lik ugh

      • sarah

        i fell for it badly and called my cousin to tell her(jelena fan). then i read the last part and screamed

      • alisha

        after the baby was born i would of killed her justin deserves better

      • biggest belieber in the universe♥

        so did i! it scared me lol.. my face was like :O

      • I_wish_JB_was_MINE

        I totally fell for it. Tears were abvout to drop from my eyes and then I read april foold day. OMG!!!

      • dyilen

        Omg they r such piers she is not having a baby and maby I’m wrong she might be and if she is good luck ….!!!!…. but there both really young … so tut would be a really big error hope she isn’t love u Justin, ……….. always

      • Beartrice

        I love Justin more than any one in the world because in my Justin Bieber room i have got a calender on my tv i a big fat poster at the back and it has got tiny pics at the side i have curtains of Justin and bed sheet cover cushions and i have a bunckbed and its the same thing my wall also has loads of clothes and a massive poster me and my family have been working on. And i have a JB CDplayer and mp3 all of justin and i have got cubourd of it, a picture frame of me and justin that my uncle drew for me and he is a professicnall painter it looks so real

      • juliemae quinisio

        i hate u selena gomez

      • chantelle bieber

        same xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • lsiejga


      • Ashley

        Why does people hate Selena gomez. LOOK IF YOU BE MEAN TO SELENA IT HURTS JUSTIN TOO. SO STOP. Does justin love him fans? Yes, he does he loves you guys and all you do is just say ok if i can get rid of selena then i can get justin. **** IF SELENA GETS HURT OR KILLED JUSTIN WILL KNOW WHO IT WAS. Now for me i love Selena. She is such a good sanger. But I’M WARNING YOU STOP. PLEASE

      • devrana bieber

        ilovejustinbieberalotbecausehesasingerandsoami. Justinif your seeing what i wrote today please reply to me i also think of selena gomez as a sister to me but ireally love both of youll music. love,devrana all those people who talk all that smack about selena gomez stop it right now if you dont ill hunt you down until ifnd you.

      • Yomamabch

        i know right

      • mrs bieber

        Omg i hate you april fools day

      • ayesha

        no i dont like

      • darionwelsh

        alisha and all the other girls shut up about selena and justin is not any of ares he is right for her and im happy if she was prego so shut up

      • darionwelsh

        and u to devrana u wont hurt her and him

      • miranda bieber

        yup i always fool peolpe they try me but i never fall for it

      • DooDoo

        That Is Crazy Because Justin Bieber Is Ugly And He Is The Worst Singer In The WORLD !!


        i was reading and im like ” Then this baby is way late! ” then im like i just don goofed

    • The M Legend

      Hahaha! I knew this was comming :)
      But here in India april fools day is already over, its 2nd april today, so i felt for Justins video ;)

      But after felling 4 justins prank i knew u guys would provebly too caz u guys are in Justin’s time zone :-P

      better luck next time :-D

      • ilovejustinbieber411

        yeah that was pretty scary for a minute i thought she was really pregnant so i read a ltlle farther and saw that it was just a prank and even if they do have a baby all of the belibers should be happy for them.

      • belieber

        who ever is mean to selena justin will be hert by U

      • meadow

        Selena is a hateful hag and cares about nothing except herself. Justin is a cute little teddy bear.

    • malvin buguina.

      omg.what’s wrong f it is true?

      • Alisha

        Omg 5 .. if it’s true I will kill her . Justin is mine !!!!!

      • Raven

        if it’s true which it ain’t she is a whore like his mother. besides he is way to much of a Homo to get anyone prego.

      • celina

        i agree with tht Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • MiaBieber

        OMB I hate April fools

    • belieber xx

      That happened o me this mornin my nan rung me up at 7 o clock in the morning saying just and slena got married in the early hours of the morning she goes quick turn on 501…Nothing put the phone down she rung me back going tric ya happy april fools day ;) xx

    • YummiieeYoshii

      LOOOOOOOOOOL ! thats so cruel -_-

      • Bieber Forver

        Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to marryJustin!
        I wish she was my sister!

    • Sal Bieber

      ohh Gosh its Just…………..
      i was Gonna Die….
      Damn it..Thank Goddness its April Fool…
      M Breathing Now

    • Mrs.Bieber

      That was so not funny I relly thought she was pregant.

      • Bieber mine

        I almost cried!!!….soo its not true????

      • Arshdeep

        OMG! You got to be kiding me! This is not happening somebody must be making a prank on me.


      That scared the pee out of me

    • so upset i fancy justin bieber :(

      :( :( i so fancy justin

      • BiebersLove

        Don’t worry it was fake cos it was april fools;/ You had us, justinbieberzone!

    • catzy

      What a stupid girl I am

    • samantha feliciano

      wow you fell for it lol

    • Lynaza

      wow i was so freaked out but then you just lied.

    • Lynaza

      seriously dude you had me worried then i read april fools i said what the heck!

      • Ally

        I was very surprised I would have been mad at Justin I was freaked out so I kept reading and saw that it was a prank Thank goodness

    • crystal

      omg bieber and gomez my fave lol

    • Lydia

      I allmost past out my heart stopped beeting this scared the crap out of me she’s so lucky shes got a hot boyfriend I hate April fools day,Love Mrs.Bieber<3

    • George witting

      Hi Selena it’s George witting can u please say hi I’m 12 to day and I want a famous person to say at least hi

    • vensesse



      +Shacking My Head+ I don’t like that : (

    • alexis

      This scared me sooo bad that was a close one lol [;

      • ALEXIS

        ME TOO

    • Kailey

      I totally fell for it and i read it late!

      • lucy


    • alice

      i wish it would come true.lmao

    • lola

      I. Was like what

    • Vanessa Bieber

      I was totally shock when i knew the truth and i was totally sad because of that and i cannot imagine that because JB dont deserve it

    • K.Bieber

      OMG,, i totally fell for it! i was about to start crying! Then i got to the April fools day and i was like wow ! i almost had a heart attack!!!


    • Mrs.Bieber

      Omgg!! I was crying so bad when i read this i didnt even have a chance to read it was a prank until my mom read it and she toldd me…i was so relieve never prank me like that ..i Love justin and would do anything to meet him anything even if its dangerous!

    • bieber girl

      It’s April fool

    • Kayla Michelle

      Hey if justin bieber ever reads this I want him to know that I love I’m his #1 fan he is so cute I’m a little girl of curse I’m going to say it lol and I take up for u and I love so so much

      • jb

        thanks that ‘s sweet love you to

    • jb

      do you want my phone number just say yes

      • ❤Justin biebers wife ❤

        OMG that scared the crap out of me.!

  • Karen Garcia

    that photo is so poorly editied! come on now, no one should believe this nonsense

    • Ash

      I know right, especially her hand.

      • david b conway


      • Jade

        I really thought she was pregnate for a second there.

      • SHANA


  • BelieberAngel


    • Kiara

      OMG I KNOW RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • angel78

      lol I’m twelve and all of you fell for that :)

    • K.Bieber

      ikr, i almost had to go the hospital for a second !

  • direction/beliber

    I fell for it but even if it was true I wud be happy for them no matter wat they go through I will support them both as I am Hugh fan of both of them!!!!!!!!!!

    • Believe❤✨

      Me 2!!!!!! And one direction is awesome 2!!!

      • negar


      • josi bieber

        1 direction really, this website is about J.B. not 1 direction! :(

    • AiryJelena

      i’m with u direction/belieber even though i wuld hav been a little bummbed i wuld hav been even happier for them justin and selena i knoe u guys dn’t really read these but if u did just want yall to know i support both you choices completley 100%. :)

      • someone

        negar if thats ur real name dont talk shit bout one direction haten ass bitch lol not KIDDING HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beleiber4life1

    Can’t believe I fell for it

  • ChelseaLuvsYou

    I fell for it! it made me die on the inside!!!! Please, you are mean.

  • fathijb

    omb!!!!!!!!!!!! this news gave me a big heartache

    • vita


  • Believe❤✨

    I don’t believe it! Literally, I don’t think this is true! I mean he JUST TURNED 18! I’m confused now!!!

    • Believe❤✨

      Oh, I didn’t read the April fools! Now I feel stupid, :(

      • Belieber101❤

        Lol thats funny!!!!!!!

    • bieber

      i fkn died!!!! omg eeeeeeks i mean like i totally fell for that!!!

      • Julia

        Don’t just blame to your wife

  • jessie bieber

    omg thats was sooo scary!!!! hahahahahahahah

    • Sal Bieber


  • jessica aka ur #1 fan

    omg i cant believe i feel for that!!!!

  • gia

    LOL i felt for it :D

  • BieberFan4evea.YeahBuddyyyy;)


  • flaming hot cheetos

    holy fudge thats not funny i just peed my pad!

    • Dominique


  • Monica

    omg! That scared me soo much.. ehhh

  • Belieber

    typical me to believe in things like that :P

  • i


    • genesis

      omg mee too………im an idiot!

  • Georgia

    i knew i was fake..justin even said that he dosent believe in sex before marriage..and that he believes in ya just sayin

    • Taylor34

      I get that he believes in god but watch what you say man. There can be little kids on here and they see this language and then they see it so who is getting in trouble when they see it. You

    • Yomamabch

      That’s stupid

  • Dominique

    OMG….. When I read that my heart started to pound!!

    • JBluver123

      Me too!!!

    • gizelle

      omg!!!! i felt so dizzy when i read that lollll<3

  • Guest

    When I saw the caption, I was like “WHAAATTTTTT????………wait a second…….”
    Wow I can’t believe I fell for it for a second!!! xD

    • muchluv4jb

      ikr tht was like omg i got so fraeked out i got soo mad =>

    • muchluv4jb

      tht scared me soo much i felt something i nvr did b4 ! well im still scared … lol

  • Justin

    Nice photoshop skills

    • Courtney A.K.A CBIEBER4EVER


      • Justin

        no youre crazy!And weird!

    • Courtney A.K.A CBIEBER4EVER

      Please if u can, follow me from your main account

    • dania

      hey baby
      hey hoes ur day can i have ur cll number if u email me instead please write back i love you babe goodnight :)

      • Jade

        Do you really want to be a young father, Justin?

  • dohcare redz gyal


    • tahnijah

      omg!!!!!! i was finna die until i read the april fools part .

  • Kidrauhl Fan

    Haha I got scared for a second. I take everything seriously when it comes to Justin.

    • Bieber Girl

      Me to

  • cameron bieber

    omb that scared me so bad i started crying!

  • dohcare redz gyal

    love justin

  • Drummer-Girl

    i just get pranked by Justin and now YOu! hahhah Advise :Never Open a Link Again Today:

    • Mrs.Bieber

      Didn’t see you see the thumbnail of his video?

  • Ninja girl

    :( My Dreams have faileddd cuz of selena :(

    • CharlinexoxoJB

      honey it was a joke today is april fools day LMAO

      • belieber xx

        yh gd prank had us fooled lolidge xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • jessica aka ur #1 fan

      y do u have to make it a big deal Ninja girl

    • Monica

      err me too sorta……………….

  • iSmileAt_BIEBER

    Haha i actually fell for it O.o

  • belieber4eva

    You guys should post the video justin tweeted today omg now that was flippin funny as heck

    • Ally Bieber


  • desireelopez

    good try i never felt 4 tht no it was romur

  • Sarah

    You scared me! OMB.