Happy Birthday Mom Pattie Mallette!

Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette is turning 36 today, April 2nd.

Everybody wishes Pattie a happy birthday via twitter @PattieMallette

Happy birthday mom Pattie!! we love you!!

  • khloe99

    1st happy bday pattie xox

    • felicity

      happy birthday have a nice birthday

  • khloe99

    hope u enjoy ur special day even though u got an early bday gift im sure justin still might get u a special treat

  • gladys rivera

    happy bday pattie hope u have a great birthday and live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! today is all about you so enjoy and have a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r still young so its time to have some fun. lol .!!!!!!! ;)

    • Unknown

      What a nice thing to say, I agree! I Hope she has a great Birthday!!! :)

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    4th Happy BDAY PATTIE!

  • Marian

    Happy bday with birthday wishes. Have a great day .

  • whitney

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww happy birthday have an anaming day

  • elizabeth bieber

    pattie you have the best present in the world……justin….!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3<3

    • sunday bieber-mrs bieber

      ohhh hello elizabeth…ειμε η κυριακηηη ahahaha

      • elizabeth bieber

        γεια σου sunday μου…


    OMG ! Happy BirthDayy PATTIE ! Hope You Have A Great Day ! <3

  • narmadha

    happy birthday

  • sunday bieber-mrs bieber

    happy b-day patty !! you have a great son…i love u justin..<3 xxx COME TO CYPRUS

    • elizabeth bieber

      oh really…. COME TO CYPRUS!!!!!!!!!!!! hello sunday….ειμαι η ελισαβετ…hahaha

      • sunday bieber-mrs bieber

        hahahah agph mm ti kameis ??

  • Nikolina

    happy birthday Patty!! Juss please come soon to Croatia ‘couse croatian beliebers LOVE U!!!!!

  • nandra

    Happy brithday . . Pattie . . God bless you..

  • ?_?_?

    Happy Birthday to the one and Only Pattie Mallete… Beliebers Love you Pattie <3

  • nini

    happy birthday patty: ))):! <3<3<3<3 we love you: ))))) )

  • hmm

    Happy birthday Pattie.
    Scooter, please be carefull with the stuff you post on twitter. Its not about money, nobody is lying, this is not conspiracy.

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    happy birthday PATTİE <3 !! I LOVE YOU !! you gave us the best present in the world(KİDRAUHL) I hope you will have a nice day with your son <3

  • hmm

    Whatever you trying to achieve with this stuff is working against you, Scooter.
    I dont think its a new religion, looks more like Judgement process. WHen i’m trying to fix things, you and your retarded friends ruin it for everybody.

  • alejandra

    i hope u have a supper brithday

  • litzy

    Happy birthdaty to pattie

  • hmm

    The stuff i post here is about 1/100 of what i going thrue on daily basis. Things that you guys put in new video for Boyfriend, i dreamed about them a month ago. I see things, man. You gotta trust me on that, something big is coming and its not what you guys expecting. I just dont want to spoil the fun.

  • soso

    happy birthday pattie have a nice day

  • soso


  • sandra0105

    Happy birthday Pattie we love you! :) <3

  • laurenbiebz

    Happy Birthday Pattie have a nice day u have the best son ever we love him and you :) <3 xxx

  • Rena2day

    Happy b-day Pattie!!!!!!! I hope this one is better than ever!!! <3 u!!

  • gia

    Happy Birthday Pattie have an AMAZING day

  • #BieberForever

    Happy Birthday Pattie!!! God Bless You and Justin!!! You have given us someone who can change the WORLD, and that’s the one and only Justin Drew Bieber!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTIE MALLETE!!!!!!

  • Mrs.Bieber

    Happy b-day Pattie and thanks for giving birth to the sexiest man EVER <3

  • nicole


  • salmapeerzada

    happpy birthday have a great b-day