Justin Bieber and his Jerry “My fans are a little inappropriate” (Interview)

Justin Bieber chats to James Barr on Capital FM. Justin talks about his “Jerry” (hint=bieberconda), tracks from album BELIEVE, Carly Rae Jepsen, his upcoming appearance at the Summertime Ball and more.

    • Lucky,im mostly first.i love u Harry Styles! Sorry but i have the infection and there’s no cure!! Wait harry,let’s talk!! I’ll talk to God and tell him to make adults (which are 18 yr olds) getting to date 11 year olds!!!

      • @bieber forever,Harry Styles obsession is NOT a little normal.It’s completely hard to focus in Math class learning the area and perimeter of something,but,ur too busy thinking of Harry! I’m crying! How could i do well in the quiz tomorrow if all i think about is Harry this and Harry that?

      • D@mn! I’ve never met anyone who is so obsessed with Harry like that. And I hate area and perimeter >.<
        Worst thing to deal with when I was in 5th grade was area.

      • @jayla bieber,haha lolz.
        I HATE area! It’s so hardddd i couldnt focus in class thinking about Harry!@
        Anyone have free tickets? I wanna ask him for a date!
        How’d u do on ur math quiz jayla?

      • Nt you get it is a JUSTIN BIEBER ZONE! Not Harry whatever the hell his last name is! Okay so no one really cares

      • @olivia,You’re truly screwed.I could talk about Harry STYLES if I want to.
        1: I have a right to.It’s a freedom of speech.
        2: Justin is friends with Harry.So yeah,it’s related to Justin Bieber.If you wanna know.

  1. Justin: (on The Wanted wanting to take him to Mexico and get him drunk)
    “You know, I think they just want to get me drunk.”

  2. “Yeah my fans are a little inappropriate..” A LITTLE?! WE JUST TRENDED “We Are Hungry For Jerry” ON TWITTER AS A WORLD WIDE TREND FOR LIKE 2 HOURS.

  3. “Yeah my fans are a little inappropriate” Justin “a little” is an understatement. Were like what the most perviest fanbase that ever. I mean it makes us unique. That’s why I love being a Belieber not just because I support Justin through thick and thin. But were an actual family. That’s why when Beliebers fight here and on Twitter and everywhere else it hurts inside. Because like I hate seeing my sisters fight I hate seeing the Beliebers fight cause you all are like sisters to me. No matter if you like Jelena or Selena or if you don’t it dosent really matter does it? No. Even though I know what I’ve said won’t make much of a difference… I had to put it out there. I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS!!!! BELIEBERS FOREVER!!!! SISTERS FOREVER!!!

  4. hi i’m only a faker. seriously, i’m not justin bieber. You think he will put a comment here..grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dont know how i made it here but you dont know what fun is. live life bro. be random. be stupid… you only live life once. dont hold back because everyone else wants you to. no one will remember what you did 100 years from now. or even a year. sorry im drunk. but keep bein that inspiration for awesome people like me trying to be someone that they dont want to be. we shall chill. but stop stressin. BAAAAAAAA

  6. hey Justin, you know how much I love you but, for the other beliebers on my page, they got so hurt about you saying their a little appropriate. Some are actually deciding to not become a Belieber anymore. I know, how bitter right? I love you forever and ever, Justin Drew Bieber. You’re always in my heart.

  7. guys please tell me what does the “jerry” mean???????? My sister makes me feel like a total loser. You know when i dont know something about JB i feel like i am not a complete belieber. please help a belieber. #BELIEBERSHELPEACHOTHER! #JERRY!

  8. dam justin ..yourr just dee best:) lmfaoo jerry ;;yahh littlee ass qirlss qotta qet outt dis websitee:)niqqass justin is qrowinqq up he aint that little quiet boy no more:)…iluu justin..

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