Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the Wedding party!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at a friend’s wedding in Mexico last (Dec. 2011). The bride is Selena’s friends – Shannon Larossi — a costume designer Selena met on the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 7.50.40 PM

See also: Justin kissing Selena at the beach wedding! Best moment yet!

    • i just what selena gomez ,to know one question who is going to watch spring breaker motion picture ,that movie is illgala in state , and just a,long with the film drector hammy koie is not alloed to get the oscar award or any award accept for the mtv award he might get instand ,,, and please tell selena gomez , and try to read the bio history of hammy koie film,s selena gomez , love david b cconway

      • @david,It’s not illegal in the U.S.A. If it was illegal here they wouldnt film it here! I dont care if you know the state law,Why are you on this site anyway?! By the way,you dont have to add 3 commas,you need to spellcheck your work,and your films doesnt need a comma! the word It has it’s! Not it,s! Go back to school because I think you dropped out when you were 6!!!

      • I hAte to get in ppls arguments but for ninja girl it’s your opinion to Selena even Brenda so ppl let them handle that if their opinions are not true it’s and opinion not a fat so leave them be. But still telling ppl to go to school does sound childish… And before either of you start to trash talk me yes I’m childish but I do go to school on an honor roll. By come on ppl either you hate or love Selena or Justin its your opinion… If Brenda and ninja girl hate Selena and love Justin let them be… I love both people and both are great influences. I think that Selena doesn’t drink… That’s my opinion and if anybody wants to start with me because of my opinion then screw you and your childish … See my OPINION LIKE BRENDA’S AND NINJA GIRL’S…… Im only sticking up for their rights of speech not their opinion…. I may sound smart but I’m only in the 6th grade…. I bid you a ado and GO JELENA

  1. Shes a famewhore she drinks too look it up o google.. its straight from the frickin bottle shes wearin a blue bathing suit and its tottally not fake ewwwwshe copies miley it was in a teen magazine i dont li her very much shes very fake a selfish she puts on a good act for ppl

    • That was just for a movie, get your facts straight before you make a statement like that. She is not a fame whore, she is an intertainer so that puts her in the news. IT is not her fault if people publish things about her. I am so sick of you girls trashing a really nice person who does nothing but good for people. What are you doing with your life besides bad mouthing a nice person because they are dating Justin. Grow up!
      Selena does not drink, she was so out of her eliment making that movie it was really hard for her. And those words came from Justin,

      • @me ur blind if u dont kno tht she is coping miley! And she is a stank that brainwashed justin! Miley will always b better than hoemez!

      • nobody is copying anybody. Miley isn’t the only one that makes duck faces. Just about every girl has make that face for a picture!. Your jealousy is getting pretty old, when are you going to grow up?.



      • When the hell are YOU going to grow up Ninja? You constantly tell everyone else to grow up, but you never take a damn break to look at yourself. You’re such a hypocrite, too. How are you going to tell someone not to tell YOU what to do when you go around telling others what to do? It’s not a fight unless you have two people or more in it. You can’t fight/argue alone. If you failed to notice, Brenda hasn’t even responded back to you, meaning it’s not a fight. Therefore, grandma P and the user me can comment all they want. Stop acting like you control everyone because you don’t.

      • @mrs.bieber shut up and leave ninja girl alone! U need to grow up too tellin people wat 2 do grow up kid!

      • didnt mean to say ur welcome.My little cousin Kayla wrote that.I meant to say “thanks for backing me up!” p.s. my young cousin kayla is 7 yrs old.

      • You have to have people stand up for you. I’ve never heard of such a sad thing. I’m not a kid, shall I add.
        When I was 10, 9, whatever the hell your age is, I was busy watching TV like That’s So Raven or Phil of the Future.
        Have no idea what I’m talking about? Exactly.
        Now that Disney has turned into shit and dragged Nickeloden with it, I’m forced to occupy my time with stupid assholes like yourselves.

      • @mrs.bieber fu*k off and leave ninja girl alone! Nobody cares about ur past ok!! Ninja girl is much more mature than ur bitchy ass will ever be!

    • all yall need to stop hateing like seroulsy why did you even look at the pictures if you know you dont like selena.. you guys just like to make fun of ppl beacuse you have nothing better to do.. please stop and be kind to one another… thank you

  2. Goddamn i hate her! Her dress is ugly like her face! Shes a whore! In the call me maybe video the bitch wouldnt stop dry hümping justin! Dirty ass whore! I hate her!! Btw i love justin more than hoemez loves his money and that is alot of love :)

    • Yeah,I like Selena And Justin! Im a belieber it’s just in the “call me maybe” song of justin,selena and everyone else out of 20 people in that video Justin And Selena had to be the two ones that almost kiss!! I know they’re a couple and cute but,I dont think Jelena will last long.Honestly,Selena just acts all skanky in thosee pictures.But,I still like her and Justin!!!

    • Ha, dry humping Justin. I woulda dropped that bitch along time ago if I were Justin. She’s too clingy and needy.

    • Brenda i do agree wit the call maybe vid. She did act like a dirty stank. But watever u hav ur opinion nd i hav mine :)

      • Omg whats with all the HATING?? U guys have commeted so many times about how much u hate her like no one really CARES!!! Get a life pleaseee…..p.s. Selena nor justin will EVER c these comments and their going 2 keep living their lives together sooo Suck it! :p

      • @j&s its my f**king opinion bitch! Idgaf if they see my comments i will still hate selena! So suck my imaginary 45433699753237853 ft di*k!

      • Lmfaooooo no one cares about your f*cking opinion or how much u hate her execpt your ASS KISSING followers above^^^….seriously u guys have NO LIFE!!! U sit their and make millions of comments about the SAME thing in everyyyy article! STHU we get it!!! Selena is still with justin soooo GET OVER IT…..p.s. Go choke on your “imaginary” d*ck :D

  3. I like Justin and Selena.It’s just that She doesnt have to act all skanky in those pictures!!
    Seriously,It just looks wrong!!! ;)
    I know I love her and Justin and they’re couple is cute it’s just that Jelena doesnt fit completely into my puzzle.The pieces don’t fit!!
    I am definitely postitive that Justin and Selena don’t have to be together every moment.
    I am a belieber,I support Justin.I love him.I also respect him too!!!
    Don’t take this the wrong way but,I still like Selena.Even though she acts kinda skanky in those pics.

  4. Sel looks pretty in that dress! But Justy, so damn sexyyyy! Hope they had a great time!

    Oh, and i misread the title, and i thought it said, “Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s Wedding Party!” I fell of my chair, then got back up and read the title again, and then i took a long deep breath!

    • I agree.Your so funny! Like you fell of your chair! Always read the whole title that’ll get you to take long breath before you really do.

  5. I don’t think Selena’s the stanky one, i think it’s Justin, because he’s always kissing her wherever they go. BUT WHATEVER.

    • That’s what U think,but She brainwashed him.That’s why He’s always kissing her everywhere they go but,yeah same here,whatever.

      • @me,what univers are you from?! I like selena its just if i didnt like her i’d think that she would act all smexy on him.DUHH ISNT IT ALL OBVIOUS?!

  6. brenda u know tht, i tell wyatt guy tht u r idiots girl in world. she is not a ugly dumb head she is pretty better than u. she isnt use justin for fame nd money. love is happy live, justin in love with selena u dont want justin be happy or have a girlfriend. why arent u happy 4 justin. they r down to earth. deal with it.

      • @brenda.Yep.It’s your opinion.U dont have to like her! :)
        If i did fight with U it would be if she dated Justin!!! :D

      • @ninja girl but like i said i dont care if i will date justin cuz im happy wit wyatt. And i respect ur opinion if u like selena :)

      • @desireelopez fu*k off my girlfriend and let her have her opinion! Not everyone will like selena or jelena! She loves justin as much as u do ok shes a belieber too! If u do want to make justin happy then u should stop causing s**t with brenda!!

      • @desireelopez everyone has diffrent opinions! Not everyone here is the same and its wat makes us all unique. Brenda has diffrent opinions! Ppl should stop being immature and respect brendas opinion!

      • @ninja girl thx and i totally respect ur opinion and rosalinas opinion. U guys sound like good people :)

  7. @desireelopez, u need help. That’s Brenda’s opinion, STOP JUDGING IT!!! You also need to fix your sentences, they dont make any sense.

    • I’m not going to start a fight here with brenda again.But,im just saying…Yeah,you don’t have to like Selena because that’s your opinion but,If you were a real belieber you’d want Justin to be happy with who he loves.Not just make his love life harder to deal with.After all,He thinks we’re the bestest fans in the world.So,atleast make him smile and be happy with her.They are a couple.They will kiss,hug and romance each other.But,the least you could do is make him be happy with someone.

      • @brenda i said I am not going to fight again! :P
        And im not telling you my speech.I told it to other fake beliebers here that hate Selena cuz she’s dating Justin Bieber.Did you call me a basterd?! :(

      • @ninjagirl no i didnt call u a basterd. Im calling the ppl that get all còcky wit me and start fighting me basterds. I dont want 2 fight again :)

    • We know that.But,the least you could do for him is make him be happy with her.That’s what he wants.He wants his fans to make him smile with Someone Like Selena!! Not just make his love life harder to deal with!!! He thinks we’re the bestest fans in the world! He’s there for us,Now we have to be there for him!!!

      • Yep. well,@wyatt @brenda could you pleaseeeeeee please make a youtube channel together so i could see how you guys look like?! PLEASE.I just want to see how ppl here look like so i know i aint talking to strangers and older people ! :D

  8. But, im happy he’s with Selena! I LOVE Selena Gomez! That other comment was 4 @desireelopez. Oh, and THANKS @Ninjagirl, im Funny and i know it! lol…

  9. Ninja girl!!! I luv you and i miss you so much!! Where’s Kristina?! She was suppost to show up at your house 20 minutes ago! Where is she?!

    • Same here and I don’t know!! After that fight with brenda and wyatt me, and U were talking about how Just me and u should hang out.I guess Kristina felt left out!! Who cares about her?! She told the whole school U and me kissed Kristina’s bf.She’s stupid.I never talk to her now.Didnt you know that she told the school that?!

      • No,I didnt know that! But,she’s such a cry baby! My bf Martin thinks it’s not true! Aww,he’s so cutee! Havent you ever seen him in the halls?! He has cute brown eyes with Dark brown straight,long hair! With those excellent clothes.So that’s why martin and I were making a plan to get back at her! Wanna help?!!

      • Yeah sure.Get him over here so we could make the plan!!! Then tomorrow we’re gonna do it to her! Bye! I have to talk to carla on here cuz we never talk. :P

      • Ninja girl,Carla is cutee! She’s so pretty,but I wanna stick to taylor.Carla your my next gf!!!

  10. Aww,martin your so sweet and Ok your my next one too! But,for right know Josh and I are together! And btw,your 16 and im 18.Im way too old for you! But,okay. *blows kiss to martin.*

    • Heyy carlastupid! Your flirting with my Boyfriend! Stop acting cute and adorable to him!! He’s my boy friend not yours! so shut up and get out of me and his love life!!! Your in your first year of college and he is only in high school so leave me and him alone!! It’s none of ur business so dont act cutesy!!!

      • @Taylor sweetie pie please stop fighting with Carla! She’s my friend not girlfriend yet! I said she’s pretty,And,If you keep it up I will break up with you!! Carla isnt acting cutesy! Stop the riot! I know im hot and all,but seriously you both wont get me if you keep it up! Im seriously going to get ninja girl and get her to choose another girl in school!! I wont date ninja girl but,you keep it up and none of U will get me.

      • I know right?! Ohh and r u going to dump her now?! Cuz I found this cute girl you might like,She was your 1st grade crush! She’s Tammy Anderson!! She is 16 and her birthday is On April 8th! She is almost 17! Shes my friend!

      • Okay bye bye taylor! If you werent in this fight u wouldnt get dumped! So,ninja girl.thanks i’ll strt tomorrow with her bye ninja girl and everyone else!

    • What’s so funny about me getting dumped by My ex?! Seriously its not funny so stay out of this 11 year old nosy girl!!!

      • @taylor,take it easy chillax bieberforever was probably laughing at some other comment!! And its not her fault u got dumped.if only you didnt act all mean to carla he wouldve still loved you!! but,dont try to get him back he likes tammy.get over him.He doesnt like u anymore.

      • No,its your fault ninja! I know im ur friend and all but,right now.your not being a good friend! Im getting dumped and its all ur fault!! Carla was the freak that wanted him and then,You told him you got a girl planned for him!!! It’s all ur fault im crying right now.Cuz of U dont talk to me anymore.being your friend is like you being a domain and me being the good one!! Your not even a friend right now!!! Bye! No good friend.

      • Oh that’s sad…this happen once but on Facebook with a married couple… Then putting it on online that’s so not cool… I give my condolences other fish in the sea don’t worry … But not to be rude but bieber forever won’t know if you guys did this on at least a cell.

  11. @Taylor, i wasn’t laughing at YOU. I was laughing at how @:), was saying “Jelena” is a lame name. I wasn’t laughing at how you got dumped, If your still mad, #IM SORRY.

    • Don’t worry about it.And was it my fault Martin dumped me?!
      Is it that I was yelling at Carla? or was it that ninja girl wanted to help martin to choose a girl like tammy?!

      • It wasnt my fault!!!
        You freaked out on carla acting cute to martin and then,i helped martin out.And,He’s dating Tammy now.She and Him thanked me for getting them together! I know ur not going to talk to me anymore but,you will be reading this.And i know you know.

  12. They are just having good normal fun, they have a right to do that. It is so nice just to see them be normal kids acting crazy. They have a right to be normal and have fun like everybody else without being judged all the time.
    Some of you must have miserable lives to be so judgementle about someone you don’t even know. It is great though they just laugh about you haters. I love Selenas hat that says love the haters. Shows what a great kid she is.

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