Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Romantic Picnic, Eating Subway on a Hill

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez keep it low key with a romantic picnic overlooking the city at Griffith Park on Wednesday afternoon (April 4) in Los Angeles. They ate a foot-long Subway sandwiches and Lay’s potato chips.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 3.55.22 PM

  1. So cute!! N justin hasn’t bought a mansion
    That’s just a rumor
    I live in Austin Texas and he was on 96.7 kissfm this morning at 7:20
    And he said its just a rumor he’s still looking for one!! :)

    • unfortunately the paps follow them i think they stay outside his or her house and follow them like stalkers. they do the same to miley cyrus thats why the paps know where are they going.

  2. booooooooooo!!!!!! I hate this lame ass couple!!! Why does this hoemez whore have to follow him around like shes a fu*king mutt!! No wait she is!!! Slutena is a dirty ugly ass whore!! She is coping miley cyrus! Shes coping her poses and clothes! She even copied katy perry at the KCAs! The dress recembelnce its just that katys was much more better, colorful, and creative. If i were justin i would dump that bitch 11 months ago and find someone worth the time! She deserves to be dumped maybe she will realize how it felt to Nick and Taylor and justin desreves someone 874656764753535743573463478534 times better like jasmine v. Jasmine is 4764566576387982928282374666436 times better and pretier than ugly slutena hoemez! Jelena isnt a real couple! I mean i go on holly wood life to read about justin and then lame jelena sh*t pops up! Like “Selena is working so hard on her movie and is sending signs that she is missing justin” hahahahahaha lmao lame article not everything they do in their career has anything to do wit eachother! Miley and Liam are 364653637627828918212345673854757487 more real than jelena! They arent annoying as them and they are 4256363483982923821028376 more cute! Shes a stank! Shes clingy and needy! She should let justin focus on believe and not give him more stress! donsnt this bitch have a stupid movie to film. Btw i love subway too! :)

    • i respect ur opinion brenda and sometimes you do make a point. Like on the miley and liam part i kinda argee that they are more real, less annoying and cuter. But i think jelena wont last long. And jelenators dont start ur sh*t with me and brenda! I think they wont last kay deal wit it! Brenda i respcet ur opnon :)

      • THANK YOU Brenda! Selena is ulgy, has no talent, copies everyone better than her and shall I contiue…… Selena needs to get a life and stop being EVERYWHERE with Justin so she get more pictures and publicty for her own stupid self. Miley and Liam are definatly a way better couple than Jelena. Selena desevres to be Dumped by Justin to leanr that she can’t just use everyone. Justin is a grammy nominated artist what is he doing with a Disney channel star anyways!

      • I LOVE you Brenda dont be afaid to keep saying what you are saying. When you really think about it EVERYTHING that you say makes sense.You make real points. I with you all the way. :)

      • Thanks traci! I lov u 2! Ur sooooo awesome! Did u kno that rebecca black actually made it to the grammys and slutena didnt make it there. That is how untalented the bitch is!

      • Exactly! She sings so bad that she doesnt dare show her face to the grammys. I even think Rebecca Black is a better singer than Selena.

      • omg i luv brenda rosalina and traci thank you.. we all understand each other and is tht her real hair this time or is it fake… once agin lik her personality ik tht was mean but i think we all should b able to hav a say ina clean was on this site and not hava fight out it belibers r family whether we lik selena r not okay im dont preaching lol

      • shutup your jealous too you guys are so freaking annoying just stop and leave them alone

    • i hate a fun girl name brenda sorry but i really do like omg your mean and your someone who do not know how to say nice things and y is your name call A fun girl name brenda it should be A MEAN GIRL NAME BRENDA! like if you have nothing nice to say do not come on this site it not for haters like you! its for boys and girls who care about justin and love him for everything he do be happy for him PS: IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY GO TO GOGGLE AND TAPE HOW DO I BE NICE TO SOMEONE ok and that will help you if it do not ask whoever you live with to go to a school that tell you how to be nice!!!!!

      • Fu*k off bitch! Im a belieber and this site is for beliebers and dont tell me 2 leave cuz i wont!! I dont care if u like me ok ur opinion is not important to me! Ur soooo immature! Accept the fact that not everyone will think the same as u kay bitch! I can say watever i want and u cant tell me qat to say! Thts stupid! Ur tellin someone u dont kno what to say or do grow up bitch! And traci ur rite i prefer rebbeca over hoemez

      • @brenda Ur right! And don’t call brenda ugly! If U wanna see how brenda looks like go on her twitter: brendaisbeast with no spaces and go down to some previous tweets,It’ll show U a post that brenda wrote: “Im sending this to arijanacarijana.Im at my unles wedding with 4 pix!” You click on “view the photo/image” and you’ll see how brenda looks like!!
        Freak off b*tch immature child that has never been in a relationship before!!!
        And,besides beliebers come on this site,if you’re not a belieber,you wouldnt be on this site.but,brenda is here so she’s a belieber. :)

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!! GUESS WHAT! It’s Selena Gomez on the picnic with Justin! It’s Selena Gomez holding his hand, it’s Selena Gomez he smiles at with that love in his eyes & his smile, it’s Selena Gomez on his arm, nearly everywhere he goes. It’s NEVER going to be you :-) instead of talking shit, how about you get over it? It’s not like anything you say will ever break them up?

      I know everybody is entitled to their own opinion but it’s not necessary for you to post your bullshit comments on every article. I don’t have proof that she is using him for fame, using him to become more famous. But in saying that neither do you. It’s their relationship & in case you are blind or just plain stupid they are happy. If they don’t last, then that’s unfortunate for them. But it’s never going to be because of something you or your stupid little friends say.


    • Oh shut up everything u said is shit and totally not true. U described ur self and they r perfect couple they love each other u bitter old bitch and I bet she’s a billion times

    • JUST STFU. Justin said he loves her, so chill. You don’t trust him, that’s your problem. I’m not saying you can’t have ur opinion but I think you went too far. And why the f*ck are you bringing Miley into this? Justin deserves so much better than you, haters… You don’t have to like her, but don’t talk sh*t about her. HE LOVES HER, DEAL WITH IT. Do you think he’ll marry you if they break up? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Even if they do break up, that doesn’t mean that this wasn’t real. Jelena is real. I wonder if u’ll sleep tonight knowing that you are a HATER.

      • @REAL belieber If U were a real belieber You wouldnt hate on other beliebers! Justin doesnt like that!! All he wants is peace!!!
        And,also,U were never in this argument to just shut up and stop being nosy! Get out of other people’s business You asswipe! Get a life and mind your own business!!

      • @i almost forgot,Ur jsut causing more drama here so leave asswipe!!
        That was for FAKE belieber.

      • @realbelieber made more sense in one paragraph than you & your friends ever have. Do you know what Justin really hates? People who hate on his friends & family. So could you imagine how much he would hate all the bullshit things you & your friends post on here about Selena Gomez? Maybe you should take some of your own advice honey!

      • @ Ninja girl First, I never said I hate her or something, just saying that she’s being mean and disrespectful (btw so are you). Second, this is also not a business of yours and you still criticise me for commenting. I’m not going to leave, I came to see what’s up, but I see haters have taken over. I don’t really understand how I’m causing drama, you are the one curisng at me. I don’t get you ppl, I think you’re sick. You have no idea how much you can hurt a person by saying these kinda stuff-that is my opinion. Sorry, not gonna waste my time on you. Bye.

      • @bieber amazing, Just for Ur information Selena isn’t his friend.Friends don’t kiss,hold hands,and tongue kiss more than just getting in bed!! Friends don’t do that!
        And,She’s not family with his family!!! She just visits them so they could like her more! U asswipes know nothing about relationships!! She doesnt do crap for his family!! She’s selfish and only cares about herself!!! I like her i’m just talking about the cons here. You’ve never been in a relationship before So just shut up please.
        @REAL belieber I’m not cursing at U and judging Ur opinion.Ur doing that to me!! And,U think Justin won’t like the fact that we hate her?! He loves his fans no matter what! And,U were never in this fight nd the more U get into it the more it gets uglier!! If U didn’t want a fight,U could’ve just ignored me and moved on with Ur life! U want a fight? Oh,You’ll get a fight.

      • Next time you respond to a comment make sure you read it first. I did not say she was his friend. It’s not that hard to understand what I wrote. Do you talk to Selena? Have you met her? Hang out with her? I really don’t see how you can say all of these things about her when you do not know her? I don’t know her, that’s okay though, I’m not saying horrible things about her. Do you have any proof? If so, do tell and I will stop defending her.

        As for your other comments about not knowing anything about relationships. I don’t know where your information is coming from, but if it’s the same place your Selena information is coming from you are hugely mistaken. I have been in a relationship for the past 3 years. I think I know enough thank you very much.

      • @Ninja Girl I know I said I have no time for haters like you, but I have to tell you this- you are so funny. Reading ur comments made me laugh…. I did not say anything to you but to this Brenda girl. I think Justin won’t love you no matter what, that is just bs. He’s always saying how he feels awful when fans talk about Sel like this. You wanna make him feel like that?… And I don’t believe you one bit when you say you like Selena. Srsly, I have a feeling u are just an 11-year-old brat who doesn’t know what she wants. If you liked Selena, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    • I do not like Selena at all, but at least I don’t go around writing sh*t about her! Keep your mean comments to yourself and if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all! Do you realise what a loser you are? You just spent time and effort writing a long comment about someone you dont ever like! I actually feel sorry for you, you are so full of bitchiness and hate and must have a very sad little life, poor soul…

  3. I love how @A fun girl named Brenda isn’t afraid of stating her opinion. And I agree she needs to get a life and stop following him around all the time. And Selena knows miley is way better than her that’s why selena copies Miley. And that dress she wore to the KCAs Miley has worn before but to another event and in a different color. When Miley wore it they called her a slut but when selena wears it she so beautiful. Are you kiding me. Selenas the slut she wore that dress way shorter than Miley did. Ugh. And if any selenators have a problem with what I said you can give kisses to my ass. Didn’t say Jelenators cause that’s a stupid name and fanbase anyway. Like Nonya said who the hell makes a fan base out of a relationship. That’s called stupid. True belieber. Belieber = Supporter of Justin BIEBER NOT SELENA GOMEZ

    • Awww thts soooo sweet! Ur rite wen miley wore that dress they called her a slut nd wen hoemez wore it they called her beautiful! U kno she even copied mileys dress in her music video cant be tamed then slutena copies her dress and ke$ha on love u like a love song! Shes sooo unoriginal! I also like how ur not scared to say ur opinion too :) ur awesome!!! :D

      • just with me i think that this web site should work just like the justin bieber shrine blog 2012 now in the future and still be called / justin bieber zone fansite new look and new option,s and the same old option,s working together , and my comments just about justin and selena i do think that they are actting to fast in there personal relationship just when this relationship is only 2 year,s old that they started this as well , and i do what to say im so sorry my past current post comments i should try to control my self next time , love david conway

  4. Aww…they looks so cute……:) Seriously, it would have been way too better if justins fans left Selena alone…i mean, poor girl, she did nothing…just dated a boy she liked….so whats just wrong in that…?? Why are justin’s fans sending her death threats unnecessarily…?? even, she wants to live her life right? So all selena haters just leave selena alone…coz your not the one who’s choosing her boy for her….!!!!

  5. Selena did not copy Miley’s dress! are you stupid? that is the style for young adult girls! girl’s everywhere are wearing that same type of clothing is everybody else copying Miley too?. You’re not making any sense.

    Don’t tell me it’s your opinion, yes have your opinion but be ready to have an opinion back!. If you can’t handle the heat then get the hell outta the kitchen.

    Selena is with Justin when they both have time off because they are BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND! that’s what couples do, they hang out together, obviously you’ve never been in a relationship before otherwise you would understand how relationships work!.

    • That’s why Justin doesn’t me Selena bother him during studio time… I love jelena and support but if this. BItch gets prego then shits going down but for now she aight with me…. My opinion bitches jut like Brenda and Others… I respect their opinion but apose judgement that’s it….b nOt to bring up nothing just saying that you can do more things than wasting precious time commenting like I’m supposedly doing now so goodbye. I love your comment FOLLOW ME ON RAJALICIOUS /TWITTER NAME

  6. I don’t think they’ll last long!!
    I know that When they are off that,they will spend some time together because they are boyfriend and girlfriend.But,this couple doesnt finish my peices! Jelena is okay.but Miley and Liam are awesome!!!

  7. I know most people here Like Selena and some here that hate her.
    I know you guys must hate on selena cuz she’s either dating JB or she’s just annoying.If U like selena that’s your opinion.No one could tell you to grow up if you don’t like selena!!
    That’s your opinion to like her or not!!!
    But,when selenators get on my sh*tty nerves It makes me wanna hate Selena,but I don’t.
    If somebody here hates Selena Gomez Like brenda.That doesnt mean you could just tell her to grow up and get a life!? Im sure you’ve hated someone in your life?! That doesnt mean ur jealous or need to grow up! It’s your opinion and if somebody here tells brenda or me to grow up and get a life well,then,that just means U wanna defend selena nd you think you could take over this whole world to like Selena? Well,You won’t.Brenda is pretty,and she’s lucky to hav a bf that loves her and her friends that look up to her like my friends!! :)
    If I see any more hate on brenda.All of us REAL beliebers are gonna kick your a**! Your telling her not to hate? But,your hating her now! What does that prove? It proves that your stupid.

    • ok how old are you like really omg its not nice to call someone stupid i mean how would you like it if that was you going out with justin bieber and everyone keep telling you that your ugly and fat and i want to kill you and stuff like that THINK ABOUT IT THINK ABOUT IT how would you feel i bet you will feel sad and mad and stuff i am not hatein on you but if you hate selena say the stuff in your mind or tell your friend do not put it were she can read it i think so anyway just think about if i was you saying all that stuff and you read it just tell me how you will feel and no lie

      • Okay,first off,If you ACTUALLY DID READ IT you’d know that I am not hating on selena. And second of all,If you dont like my post get off of it!!
        I was talking about selenators hating on me.I like selena,no lie but,i said if anyone tries to hate on me cuz i like selena or anything im going to kick their a**

    • Ok u haters need 2 fu*k off ninja girl! Shes not even a teen yet! So ur tellin a kid u dont kno wat 2 do or say?! Humph pretty ghetto -___-
      tht was to kissmejustin btw i dont think justin would want to kiss someone whos full of sh*t!

      • I agree with brenda.Thnx for backing me up brenda! I’ll back U up too. :)
        @Kissmejustin if you were a real belieber you wouldnt fight with other beliebers here either! So just shut up and go kiss a donkey!

  8. @kissmejustin she dosent have to read it. She’s just so full of herself that she reads ever blog about herself and that’s how she knows what people say about her. Seeing it on magazines and things sent to her I get but otherwise she chooses to read it herself. Oh and also @hmm thanx.

    • shutup brenda justin doesn’t want to kiss you your mean and stupid he loves selena and he always will he doesn’t want to kiss you , you freaking ugly b*tch

  9. @Brenda.Please,If there are any haters get Ur boyfriend wyatt,and ur friends to back U up.I’ll help and so will ninja girl. :)
    I just love being nice to ppl.

      • Sorry I was late!! Traffic! I had to punish my Little cousin “Talia” for playing tag with my other lil cousin “Cynthia” and talia knocked over a glass of Soda.I had to clean it up and then,ground talia (talia’s 6) and cynthia (cynthia’s 7) for 2 weeks.Then,I sent them to their room.I hate how they always play inside the house!!! I keep telling them to play outside! Once inside Talia played soccer in the house and knocked down a lamp.I grouded her for

      • I grounded her for 1 month.! She doesnt live with me she just sleeps over and all. :)
        Well,sorry i was late again. P.S. it took me 20 minutes just to finish all that.So yeah sorry again and bye.!!!

      • sure rosalina.When ever somebody’s hating on me or brenda You’ll come back us up and we’ll back U up to rosalina. :)

  10. That is soo sweet. wish my girl was here we could have a romantic dinner together. bieber fever will never stop…

  11. Hey A Fun Girl Named Brenda,

    I totaly understand where your coming from, but really chill out, like for really it like totaly not kool to call people names when I bet as Hell you wont say half the shit your saying right now. Like seriously the way your talking you sonud like some little Bitchey 10 year old who needs to get a life. Like if you were dating Justin (which will never happen) and people were saying all this shit about you. You wont like it. So why do You think she would. Treat People the way you wont to be treated.

    P.S Brenda If you dont like what they do togther dont coment at all.

    • I agree.But,it’s brenda’s opinion if she wants to like selena! Btw,brenda is 16 not 10!!
      She doesnt care if she doesnt date Justin Bieber!!! She’s happy with her bf wyatt.

    • @miley101 stop causing drama here!!!! I bet $12443687433798642 bucks that brenda, rosalina, and ninja girl are more mature and prettier than ur ugly stanky face!! Brenda is actually not scared to say her opinion and doesnt care wat haters say! If u look at the msg brenda sent ninja girl on twitter is a pix of her at her uncles wedding she is much more beautiful than ur ugly ass! She doesnt care if she will ever date justin cuz she is happy with me!

      • @wyatt ur totally right! With my short hair and bangs I’m very beautiful and mature! It’s brenda’s opinion to like selena or not!! And,btw (by the way) Brenda is pretty cuz I saw a pic of her on twitter that she sent me so shut up miley101 and let ppl here write what they want to and let them speak their mind!!! :P *very stressed at miley 101!*

  12. @Taylor,could U get Carla to talk to these haters about why U shouldnt tell people to grow up cuz of their opinions and feelings? tell her!!!

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