Justin Bieber Two-Color Shoes at Allison Kaye Wedding Rehearsal!

Justin Bieber was spotted wearing two-different color shoes at Allison Kaye’s wedding rehearsal in West Palm Beach, Florida. Allison Kaye is one of Bieber team members. According to a source, she used to date Dan Kanter (Justin’s guitarist), but they broke up. All Bieber team is expected to attend the wedding, including girlfriend Selena.

Alfredo tweeted April 14:

“@AllisonKaye got engaged that day & one year later we are ready for her wedding. So special. Tonight is going to be an incredible night.”

We kinda wonder what will Justin wear tonight. Hopefully he wears a tux. Nothing’s cuter than Bieber in a tuxedo.

And Omg.. his shoes!!

Updates: Dan Kanter confirmed he has never dated Allison, they are just best friends. He tweeted: “for the record, though I find this mistake HILARIOUS, @AllisonKaye & I are best friends – we never dated”

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