Justin Bieber Not Attending Cornell University in the Fall

A rumor floating around internet claims that Justin Bieber will be attending Cornell University in August. So, what’s the evidence?

A supposed “exclusive interview” Justin gave to a random site called Soycberty which claims that he cant wait to go to college.

Soy: So Justin, tell me about how excited you were to hear about your admittance?
JB: Well Dan, I really couldn’t believe it. It’s still sinking in.

Soy: You’re used to being a pop superstar and a global icon, how hard is it going to be fitting in to the real world.
JB: Well, I’m really excited to be a normal kid again. Going around touring and having girls scream at me has been exhausting. I’m going to have a good time at Cornell.

There’s just one problem. The “interview” is a complete FAKE.

A source close to Justin tells GossipCop that Justin never gave such an interview, and it’s “untrue” he’ll be attending Cornell in the fall.

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