Justin Bieber BOYFRIEND Parody Video

Check out this crazy music video parody for Justin Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend.” There’s new lyrics, and a really well-made music video. So funny!! :)

  1. this is to much for me when justin tweeted this i was dying! lol omg he most think tht beliebers are crazy and will deff do something like tht to him.lol

  2. Hahahahaha – So funny!
    I love Justin Bieber so much, and i really hope he don’t think we are like that! I would never do that! NeverSayNever, Just kidding.. Love you justin!

    And Really good parody!….:D<33

    • Okay first off,It’s just a video!
      And,Second,This isn’t bullsh*t! Like you could do better.So just shut up!! It’s just a video.She’s not really a stalker and a creep!!! It’s just a video get over yourself!!!!!

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