Justin Bieber BOYFRIEND Parody Video

Check out this crazy music video parody for Justin Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend.” There’s new lyrics, and a really well-made music video. So funny!! :)

  • happy beliber =)

    that video is so funny
    i want the #free justin bieber shrit

    • Ellen Wilkins

      omg that is very funny i like that a lot xx hahaha


    this is to much for me when justin tweeted this i was dying! lol omg he most think tht beliebers are crazy and will deff do something like tht to him.lol

    • Olivia

      Aha I know right she’s a freak!!!

    • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

      He prolly thinks wr freaks now!! Y :( I no she is thats 4 sure!! lol he saw it!! He wld be shating himself!! SOO FUNNYY


    ummm yeah……

  • Georgia

    lol i hope the actually music video is not like that….kinda reminds my of rebecca black friday

  • ms jelena

    wtf lol

  • gia

    Haha this is so FUNNY LOVE IT

  • desireelopez

    hahahaha funny

  • Rusa

    A little disturbing…but funny!! :P

  • ester situmorang

    hai :D
    awesome you are !

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    Thats just wrongg!! That girls a freak!! WE DNT TREAT HIM LIKE THATT!!!

  • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

    Lolll thats still pretty funy!! I agree with her at 1:11 :)

  • foreverBieber_Fan

    Omg.. What the hell! Justin deserves better. Whats up with the girl??

  • sivena

    it was so bad..if i were justin i wouldn’t stay silent

  • Megan Bieber

    This is so funny..!:) Cannot wait to see the real music video.!<3 Love you Justin

  • @Marie_Belieber3

    Hahahahaha – So funny!
    I love Justin Bieber so much, and i really hope he don’t think we are like that! I would never do that! NeverSayNever, Just kidding.. Love you justin!

    And Really good parody!….:D<33

  • me


  • belieber4eva

    this such bullsh*t . whats up with the fu*kin girl. love you jaybe.

    • Ninja girl

      Okay first off,It’s just a video!
      And,Second,This isn’t bullsh*t! Like you could do better.So just shut up!! It’s just a video.She’s not really a stalker and a creep!!! It’s just a video get over yourself!!!!!

  • Katie

    this is funny, and im a belieber

  • ♥Beliebz♥


  • melissa bieber

    wat denkt zij? denkt ze tis feest ofzo, moet ze een paar tikken hebbe…………

  • tiambra

    i <3 u JB

  • layla

    ew he gay

  • layla