Justin Bieber Loves Indonesia

Justin was heavily criticized by Indonesian beliebers, musicians and radio DJs, after his “random country” statement referring to Indonesia at the Supperclub in London about his new album, “Believe.”

After the controversial statement, Justin said on Monday that he loves Indonesia and Indonesian fans.

“One rumor I won’t stand for is saying what me and my fans have isn’t real, Indonesia I see you. I love you. I love all my fans. #fact.

“You can’t break us. All the lies and rumors in the world can’t phase us. This is #family.”

Justin’s messages have prompted positive reactions from Indonesian beliebers.

“I cried when I saw Justin tweeted something about Indonesia. Beliebers Indonesia Loves Justin Bieber.” -@JbieberofIndo

“IM A BELIEBER AND I LOVE JUSTIN. mad? Stay mad;) Beliebers Indonesia Cinta Justin Bieber♥” -@iSwagGrexy

“Beliebers Indonesia Cinta Justin Bieber is on TTWW, the meaning is Indonesian Beliebers Love Justin! @justinbieber :’) #muchlove #family.” -@SparklingBiebur

    • This is a typical stunt pulled by Biebers PR. If he gets bad press then they craft a ‘believable’ story that in a sense lies to the people affected.

      Very sly move here, I hope this shows that Justin is not all innocent boy anymore.

      • It’s the gossip papers that make something out of nothing.
        Justin DID NOT say Indonesia was a random country.
        It could have been any country.
        He travels all over the world and wasn’t sure where he was when the recording was made.
        Random ( unknown factor with any number of possibilities ).
        I can understand HATERS would believe this, but his fans should
        know better.

      • I guess it’s those people who wants to bring Justin down so they spread rumours about him to affect his popularity. To be honest, people from music industry can be cunning.

      • it is true that he said that, you know
        even radios in usa talked about that controversial statement he made which insulted indonesia
        i know because i live in usa

  1. uh…i want to hear his apology for saying disrespectful thing like “some random country”, not this crap about loving his fans. Yeah i’m a fan, i knkow he loves his fans, we all know that, but the problem is not about him and the fans, the problem is about him disrespecting indonesia.

    • YES!!!! i was thinking the exact same thing. He called Indonesia “some random country” which is offensive to Indonesian at a whole, not just the fans. And now his tweet is about how much he loves his fans, which is totally unrelated.

      But you know, maybe he’s just that, a kid, and he doesn’t think that “some random country” is a rude statement, he only cares about keeping the fans to buy his stuff. I was waiting for him to apologize and become his fan again, but guess not

      • so, place yourself as justin, and you must apologize to everybody and that was not your fault.

    • i know, but we shouldn’t be too hard on him, he’s young and inexperienced in interviews, so that’s why he said offensive things like that. I was upset too, but then i just let it go, just think of him as a “random artist ” and feel better.

    • umm, did you not read his tweet? He said “ONE RUMOR I WONT STAND FOR”, So what Justin is basically saying, this story was all made up and it was a rumor, so why should he apologize for something he said he didnt do??

      • sorry, but it isn’t a rumor
        it’s been played in usa radios as well
        i know because i live in usa – obviously

    • He cares about his fans including Beliebers from Indonesia. According to Justin, it’s a rumour…

      • i was not a hater
        i came so he can read our thoughts
        it’s not my problem if he doesn’t care
        coz that’s what he is, CARELESS
        he only cares about his fans
        coz it’s related to his income

        i think he should go to school
        you know, to learn some attitude

      • let’s get real belieber1994
        doctors lie to their patients as well (in cases where their illness can’t be healed anymore – or in other words, the doctor gives up)
        so you’ll just believe what he says because he says so? omg

        and yes, it DID happen. it is NOT a rumor

    • Which celebrity doesn’t want to be famous and earn lots of money? LOL. Bieber is homeschooling. He is still studying. Your comment prove that you don’t even know Justin well. Just listen to some of his songs and you are here to seek attention and act like you’re his fan.

      • But he’s still that stupid even he still studying… Sorry to say that but it is true…. :)

    • i used to like his songs, especially one time and eenie meenie
      *please noted that i am NOT a fangirl, i just loved some of his songs*
      but if his attitudes is like that, meh

  2. I ♥ you soooooo much juƨτɪи вɪεвεя i wasnt even  when he said indonesia was some random country cuz i knew he didnt mean it. I will ♥ you forever juƨτɪи вɪεвεя !!!

  3. so he loves his indonesia fans, ok…so…how about apologize for calling indonesia “some random country”?

    I’m a fan but i’m not gonna be bias. There is this one thing that pisses me off about justin bieber is that he never gets straight to the point. He always says these loving trash about how his fans are really important to him. NOBODY needs to know that

    You say you love your fans, ok, what does that have anything to do with calling indonesia “some random country”. I’m from indonesia and yes i’m a fan, and i think that you were rude. This whole thing originally never had anything to do wit

    • calm down, i think he will apology sooner or later. I honestly do think that he’s just sweet talks to get himself out of trouble and his tweet doesn’t really mean anything. I’m not gonn b!tch on you, i know how you feel, that’s what u thought when i saw his tweet to. Just wait for a bit ok? i know he will apologize

    • you know i thought i was the only one that noticed this.

      Unless you have a really sh!tty memory, there’s no way you can forget the country that you recorded a song in. Ok so he might have written and recorded lots of songs, and since his songs are all have “bits of him in it”, it’s unlikely to forgot where he recorded it. I mean there are artists that remember a song they wrote 20 years ago.

    • i agree with you on this one
      loving his fans have nothing to do with apologizing to the country

  4. do not ever come to my ‘random country’ anymore jb
    we do not need a ‘random singer’ either
    there r thousands singers that we can hear who respect indonesia

    we gave you respect when you came

    elu sok banget!

  5. LOL and i thought his fans will be pleased with his tweet, looks like some are getting more upset. But i do think that they are right, i think he’s just beating aorund the push

  6. its a good news ^_^ i know if you love indonesia and indonesian fans. but i think you need a BIG MAP @justinbieber. because you must know all the cities of country you visit. mmm… maybe, i can borrowed you my map xD xoxoxo lol #IndonesianBeliebersLoveJustinBieber

  7. im a Indonesian Belieber

    Justin,we’ll always there for you because you always there for us
    i proud of being a Belieber
    we’ll believe you always and forever
    follow me on twitter @vennychristine mention for follback

    I love u Justin

  8. im an Indonesian Belieber

    Justin,we’ll always there for you because you always there for us
    i proud of being a Belieber
    we’ll believe you always and forever
    follow me on twitter @vennychristine mention for follback

    I love u Justin

  9. To be honest,
    i was upset & got mad when i heard he said my country as
    “random country” !! I was like “wtf !!”

    but, my love for Justin is bigger than anything else in this w0rld !!

    I love him soo damn much :) <3

  10. i dont think he said that from the bottom of his heart. He tweeted that because he had to, not because he really wanted to apologize.
    And, that’s right, there’s no way he forgot the place that he recorded his songs in, that’s extremely terrible that he didn’t even bother to say INDONESIA, how hard is that to pronounce it?

  11. JB said this is rumor, he didn’t say that these words, why want to apologize? You are all think he said these words. In an error, I don’t think that an artist will say so, to any good

    This is obviously the blow to his popularity, because he wants to release a new album

  12. JB said this is rumor, since it is the rumors and why did he apologize without cause? Everyone is such a framed him, he shall not apologize every day. Do you all think that he had said these things, but the lack of evidence. Just like the last time children events, he obviously don’t put these scandals to heart, unless there is a lot of people talk about.

    I firmly BELIEVE that they are going to rely on rumors to slowly down JB, scatter his fans, once BELIEVE failure, he will fall

    • I agree that people framed him and spread rumours about him to affect his popularity. However, I think that believe album is going to slay the charts and true Beliebers will continue to support Justin no matter what. Especially when there are so many people out there trying to bring him down.

  13. Though I ought to apologize for the behaviors of my friends in Indonesia who might’ve seemed extra rude, can’t say I blame them. If anyone, I would’ve expected him to actually know the full capacity and effects his words will be to the people- not just his fans. People think differently, he should’ve thought better if he indeed has grown up.
    How about one really crystal clear straight apology to the WHOLE Indonesian Community? Not just his friends, and no beating around the bush. A simple SORRY word is enough! That’s what I would like to hear NOW!

  14. Guys who r still angry i can tell u this for sure he is in a way saying sorry and if u were a true belieber u would have seen that but thats just my opinion so dont get angry at me too. Love u justin.xoxoxoxooxooxoxoxoxoooxooxoxoxxo

    • we see that … but some beliebers are still like cry babies and freaking deleting all his songs and whatevs. seriously some people don’t see this. lol. xoxoxooxxoxoxoo Love you Justin.

  15. I spork to the Indonseian Radio station and they don’t think the tweet was ok. They just want to to say sorry. This is the email I got from the station: Yes, we’re well aware that probably the problem is with the studio. But
    our concern is the part “Random Country”.
    It felt like he doesn’t know the name of said country or he doesn’t
    remember said country’s name. To make it worse, Scooter (manager) had to
    say “Indonesia”. So it kinda makes us sad…….. :(
    For a country who have a lot of JB fans (Plus he’d just played in Jakarta
    not long ago), to be easily forgotten in such a manner is just bad form.

    But…….we (KISS FM) don’t ask people to hate Bieber. We’re just making
    a point by Banning his song so our listeners realize the real story. We’re
    just giving them the facts.

    So until there is a new progress, let’s just hope that JB will respond so
    we can play his song again :)
    A simple apology isn’t that hard, right ?

    Best Regards,

    Station Manager

    • Look u guys need to chill out. If u read the comment carefully then u’ll see that hes saying sorry but in his own way so accept it or go get a life and stop hating hes a good person abdomen he hasn’t done anything wrong and if u were a true beliber then u would have seen that. Love u justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Xoxoxoxox

  16. I don’t understand why Justin Bieber must to apologize to Indnesia for word who
    never he has spoken out ; he was speaking about some ” random country ” , thus I’m
    very surprised so nervous reactions in this country .
    I want to end with conclusion that in similar way was recting Adolf Hitler accused Poland of insult Germany , what never it occured .

  17. Justin Bieber doesn’t need to apologize! Just for saying “Random Country” means it’s mean?! It IS a random country!! Who cares!!! STOP WHINING AND TELLING HIM TO APOLOGIZE.HE DIDN’T KILL ANYONE.

  18. yes u know now about indonesisan fans. u must care ur self. and to know be wisdom for u life. this would be ur lesson nothing perfect in this world. i f ur voice good i belive will nothing wrong with ur voice. so just be good to the other and keep ur mouth.

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