Justin Bieber on Proposing Selena: “No, I’m too Young”

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez have been in a relationship for over a year now and although he has no plans to wed, he hasn’t ruled out wedding bells sometime in the future, reports EntertainmentWise.com

When asked about proposing to Selena, Justin told French newspaper Le Parisien in London:

“No, I am too young.
“One day, I will get engaged, when I have found the right person in five or 10 years. It doesn’t mean that Selena is not the right person though, she is going to kill me if I say that!”

Justin is regularly hitting the headlines with Selly, whether it be their constant public display of affection or random speculation, he just seems to brush off all of this though, as he knows that it’s all part of the job…

“Yes, it is not easy to be so young and to have a relationship with someone that doesn’t stay private.

“But well, I am a public personality, it is what I wanted, so I have to deal with it.”

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