Justin Bieber, Scooter, and Alfredo “They Were all So Sweet!”

Checkout Toni’s story of how she and her friends met Justin!

“Hiya my name is Toni. I met scooter at the heathrow airport and he promised me i would get a picture with justin, then it got to out of control so i couldn’t get one. But i helped get Justin into his car, then i met scooter again at the hotel.

“There were only 6 of us camping and scooter said he remembered me and he thanked me for helping justin and then said i would definitely meet him.

“I had been tweeting Alfredo all night asking him to come to Starbucks with me but i met him later that day and he said he went without me and he was sorry.

“They were all so sweet πŸ™‚ and just as Scooter promised i got to meet Justin. He came out of the hotel at like 1am with just Alfredo. he was so sweet and they were really nice to us.

“Niall Horan from one direction was also with him at the hotel but he later left on his own.”

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