Justin Bieber with Usher, and Boy Beliebers!

Justin Bieber with Usher and fans today!

  • Isabella

    FIRST!! and i think those guys were only fans of usher just saying

    • MaliaBieber101

      i dont….mabey though:P

    • Aditi

      wtf is ur problem u dont think Justin is capable of havng male fans?!?!?!

  • JenniferJBLoVER

    1st hah!! ;)

  • JenniferJBLoVER

    OR SECOND i guess! ;/

  • Ninja girl

    Wow.Never seen ‘boy beliebers’ liking Justin or Just actually “Taking a picture.”

  • alyssa

    I LUV justin <3 and i think i am FIRST

    • alyssa

      oh wow iguess not :(

  • Ninja girl

    Hey everyone.I’m Ninja Girl. Reply back to me if you wanna know how I made up this name!!!

    • Bieber Belieber

      I know Ninja girl! She helped me make up this name! “Bieber Belieber!” This name is great!! Go to Ninja girl and she’ll help You make a GREAT username ! like how she did to me! AND HERSELF!!!!!

      • Ninja girl

        Thnx! I’m always happy to help! I have GREAT usernames on the flow. :)

    • Isabella

      why did u put urself ninja girl?

      • Ninja girl

        What do U mean? Explain. Cuz I don’t get wat ur talking about.

      • Isabella

        wat i mean is why did u choose the user name ninja girl?

      • Ninja girl

        Oh I choce it cuz I like ninjas and im a girl! So,I combined them and made it into “ninja girl!”

  • nicole bieber

    te amo jb sos lo + amo a tu musica y mas a vos soy una super bilieber

  • biiiiieeeeeeeebbbbbbbbeeerrrrrrLOVER

    CUTE <3

  • gia

    Justin you look so ADORABLE boy beliebers ROCK i got a whole bunch of boys in my class that are BELIEBERS

    • MaliaBieber101

      LUCKY….most of the guys @ my school hate him….BUT WHO CARES ABOUT HATERZ…TTHEY ARE JUST JEALOUS….:)

  • Susie

    Boy beliebers ROCK!!! love u justin!

  • I

    I luv boy beliebers!:)

  • Ninja girl

    Im lexi i am 4 yeerts old! I wux jusin beebeir.

    • Ninja girl

      SORRY!!! That was my Little Cousin ‘lexi’ Writing that While I was walking feeding my hamster.She must’ve snuck in my room and wrote it and sent it.Even Though she doesnt know how ro read.! :)

      • Op

        Yeah right……….

      • Ninja girl

        @Op,It’s true! How do U know? U werent there!! I was feeding my hamster cuz she didnt have food soo while I was doing that she must’ve snuck in my room and wrote that and sent it!!! She loves sending comments.it’s her talents. So SHUT UP U WERENT THERE AND ALSO,GET OFF MY POST!!!

  • Niah

    Actually nice too see Justin in a picture with boy beliebers doesn’t happen often :) x

  • Rosalina :P

    I love boy beliebers!! They are actually strong enough to say they like justin! Boy beliebers are hella awesome!
    To brenda or wyatt, kids at my school are talking bout ur fight with kimberly! They wouldnt shut up! Ill tell u some things i heard “brenda actually ruined kimberlys face! That bitch deserved a beating! I dont like kimberly.” “i voted for brenda, wyatt, todd, and leo to win! I remember kimberly going to this school! Nobody liked her.” “kim got her f**king ass kicked by brenda cuz of this thing she posted about her and wyatt!! I saw her running, shoving ppl, with a bloody nose, black eye, bruises, cuts, and a busted lip!” “i saw what kimberly posted! That bitch is nasty and f**ked up for posting a sick sex story about brenda and wyatt. I feel bad for them.” ill even tell u guys a few convos my friends said at our table. Trina: did u hear what happened at legacy?! Me: no what happened? Trina: do u know who kimberly shazquez is? Me: no but ive heard of her. Trina: well she got beat up by brenda, wyatt, todd, and leo! Everyone knows cuz yolanda told some ppl at cram and now everyone knows! Even i saw the fight myself when i was walking by! Kimberly got knocked the f**k out! Im glad she got beat! She used 2 go 2 dis school and she thaught that being in 8th grade means that can pick on 5th graders! One time she went to simmons to pick up her sister and that bitch triped me on purpose!” i didnt kno kimberly went to cram and simmons!!! Damn! What r u gonna do now cuz everyone at my school knows.

    • Rosalina :P

      Btw the pervert at school! His name is trevon and this is what he said about ur fight! Trevon:i voted for brenda cuz shes hot. Me: but shes dating wyatt. Trevon: lucky basterd…. i dont care if she has an australian bf thats better lookin than me! I still vote for brenda cuz she hot! Just dont tell wyatt or ill end up like kimberly.”

    • A fun girl named Brenda

      Ugh yolanda!!! She always tells ppl what sees and hears! I told her to not post the video she got for secret reasons! At least she didnt (sorry ninja girl but i cant take risks thats r tht bad :(! I cant believe everyone was on my side! And duh if couse nobody likes kimberly! The olny ppl tht liked her at school were teachers! Honestly im not gonna do anything. The olny thing i cared about was that kimberly got what she deserved and that yolanda didnt post the video on youtube. Thats all i cared bout! And so thats what his name was… Trevon.. So hes that guy that winked and said “hey sexy” when i walked into his school to pick up my brother.. Lmfao!

      • Ninja girl

        @brenda. Yolanda didnt post it on utube for me to see? :( *cries alittle*

      • A fun girl named Brenda

        I do have the video yolanda sent me

      • Rosalina :P

        @brenda yea i saw the video… Trina recorded it and sent it to me! I saw u kicking kimberlys ass! Kimberly looks sooo ugly! Ugh! I think i saw wyatt. Was he the tall one with black hair, kinda looks like cody simpson except he has a smaller nose, and he wore a neff shirt that said “fly like a g6″? But i saw it!! It was intesnse! I mean u and ur friend mostly kicked kimbers ass!

      • Ninja girl

        @Brenda.Could U send it to me on twitter? Or? Wherelse? *feels thinky*

      • Christina

        @ninja girl dude if brenda cant show it to anybody then just dont ask her for it! Dont ask rosalina or yolanda either cuz brenda said “cant take bad risks” i think i kno what she means by that! She said that cuz she cant take the risk of going to juvy with her bf and friends or hav her parents pay medical bills! If she cant show it to nobody she cant ok! Get that thruur thick skill kay kid!

      • A fun girl named Brenda

        @rosalina yea thats my babe <3 he was also wearing grey and black supras i was the blonde one wit a black tanktop, dark blue skinny jeans, a black stud belt wit white paint splatter on it, and the black and grey nikes.
        @christina stfu all the things u said was bs!
        @ninja girl no i cant. Because if i show it to anybody it will get me, wyatt, and my friends in really huge trouble! Thats why i told yolo (yolanda) to not post it anywhere! Because wyatt, me, and my friends r already suspended.

      • Ninja girl

        Okay @brenda.It’s okay. :)

  • eunice niqqas>3

    iluu jb:)yourr dee best.yourr likee so cutee .andd all that…onee thinqq i knoe for a fact that chu are the worldd 2 mee__no matter what shit pops up in tv or in magazines about chu .i wil alwayss be their 4 uu..whenn that rumor spread thatt uu were thee father of that baby everibody turn u downn andd stared puttinq u in the grown 4 sumthinn you aint ……..but i was dee onlii 1 thatt i knoe tht still believed uu ..i have qotten in so much arquments,fights forr standinqq up 4 uu anddd i aint qonna stop lovinqq uu….haterss aree qonna keep hatinqq..any1 thats readinqq this yahh wanna say sumthin 2 me or talk 2 me..or qott sumtinn aqanist my comment..findd mee in facebook…my namee iss–eunice quilez luciano….

  • Ninja girl


  • boybieber61

    I’m a 17 guy , I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a Belieber & I don’t care if everyone laughs at me or hates on me. ;)

    • #BieberForever

      GO @boybieber61!!!

    • RACHEL

      OMG..really? marry me o_o lol jk xD
      YOUR A BOY BLIEBER? miracle (:

  • Shannon

    he looks ridiculously attractive here.

  • #BieberForever

    @Ninjagirl, I was like,“WTF?!?!” And then I saw,“JKKK jk.” And then I was like,“WTF does JK mean?” And finally, I got my brain back, and I was like,“Oh yeah, Just Kidding!” And guess what happened next……..


    • Ninja girl

      @bieber forever Hahahaha LMFAO “Guess what happened next….. My chair broke!” HAHAHAHAH LMFAO sooo fUNNY! Ur so funny! And u always fall off ur chair!!!!!!

      • #BieberForever

        IKR!!! I’m beginning to think falling off chairs is my talent! LOL :)

      • Ninja girl

        U could use that talent in the talent show for school.

  • Alexis

    Ohhh sellers not here an he is smiling prove us right

  • MaliaBieber101

    That is GOOD that we have some GUY Belibers 2! Guys are messed up when they say JB is for girls…..its for EVERYONE…ITS SIMPlLY THAT! Belibers are AWESOME!! <3 <3 <3
    now i need 2 meet Justin…(:

  • Believe❤✨

    At least he has respect for boy BELIEBERS!!!!!! ❤ love you Justin!

  • Casey

    Yesss! Finally a picture WITHOUT Selena in in! THANK YOU!

    • A fun girl named Brenda

      Ikr that bitch was getting on my fu*king nerves!

      • hollywood undead

        i love hollywood undead bitch

      • Casey

        Someone probably told Selena off and she was too scared to show her UGLY face in public with Justin!

  • Mz. Bieber

    Awwwwwww I knew Justin cared about ALL of his fans

  • hollywood undead

    who likes hollywood undead

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    lol i bet u those are usher fans not justin fans. just saying. but if they’re justin fans then cool.

  • Ms.Bieber

    I love the blue shoes Justin is wearing in that pic!!!

    Love ya Justin!!!

  • hannah bieber143

    i love you justin bieber

  • desireelopez

    love u bieber

  • jazmien

    <3 chicos yo amo a justin bieber tengo esperanza de conocerlo en los estados unidos porque yo voy a vivir aya poreso voy a vivir en los estados unidos ,llos amo chicossss