Justin Bieber Working with DirectorX for New Music Video

“What I’m doing right now @justinbieber video #believe” -DirectorX

Justin Bieber is working with DirectorX for his new music video. DirectorX has been noted for directing high-budget music videos such as: Usher “Yeah!”, The Wanted “Glad You Came”, Nicky Minaj “Your Love” and more music videos.

  1. has justins twitter account been hacked btw? because hes been posting random crap on it.. hes never done tht before so i was just wondering if anyone else noticed.. plz let me no ASAP.

    • Justin was tweeting crazy stuff because It was random twitter hour( where he posts random,weird,and funny stuff for an hour) so no he wasn’t being hacked. Please let other that are not aware of this know. (:

    • @Gorz,on almost every comment I see you on,it’s you talking sh*t about Justin! What the hell is wrong with you? You’re a physcho! Talking about a famous,rich,hot celebrity proves you’re jealous and need to see a therapist!! Be professional!!! Justin hasn’t done anything to you,it doesnt matter if you hate his music or his voice,there’s no theme that goes along with that but hate and health. You have all that hate in your heart for Justin Bieber,it’s not healthy.Is it because he’s with Selena? It’s not his fault they love eachother.

      • as much as i agree with u @ninjagirl , ur fighting with EVERYONE on this site… u no tht u dont own this site right!!! because even if u do u dont have ANY right to fight with anyone. everyone is subjected to their own opinion so please stop fighting.. im a belieber as well.. this site was made for the purpose that beliebers could see the latest justin bieber news not to fight..
        tht said @gorz why are u even on this site if u hate justin bieber so much??? get a life..

      • @i love justin bieberr,i don’t fight with everyone here!! I only disagree with people that hate JB or think that everyone shouldnt have an opinion! What’s ur problem?

      • ok so once again… looking at all the below comments.. ur totally not fighting with ANYONE right??
        Can u not see?? u just said urself that u disagree with people who hate jb.. EVERY FRICKIN PERSON HERE IS SUBJECTED TO THEIR OWN FRICKING OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!! so my problem is that U ARE RUINING THIS SITE FOR EVERYBODYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Ninja girl, why the hell would i care about selena? I have a girlfriend of almost 2 years (who also shares my disdain of anything bieber related) and she is all I could ever need in this life.

    • Well good for u Gorz!
      Stop hating on Justin! Celebrities have feelings too u know!
      Harry Styles (My Future Boyfriend/Husband) was crying because he got hate mail!!! Celebrities will feel upset too sometimes!! Like hate or something.It’s not nice!! And,since when does this sh*t have to include your girlfriend? It’s none of her damn business! All im saying,is i thought u hated him cuz he was with Selly.No need to get ur girlfriend in this!!!
      If she does,she’ll have to put up with a fight!!!

  3. I love how you tell me what to to like I’m going to do it. If these celebrities can’t take the heat, then maybe they should get out of the kitchen. Chill out, chickadee, I was just showing you why that statement of yours made zero sense. Don’t get your panties in a jumble. Lol!

    • No.He’s a member of One Direction! You wouldn’t know cuz im sure u’d be jealous of them too cuz ur jealous of every famous boy! And,what the heck does “bethroed” mean?

  4. Ninja girl, do you always go around spitting out random bullshit about things you don’t know anything about?

  5. Hello, Ninja girl, this is Gorz’s girlfriend. You were saying something about a fight? Well, you’d better have some walk behind that talk.

    • Haha! I highly doubt ur gorz’s girlfriend! He would lie about anything!! And,sure let’s fight.I am not afraid of sh*t! And,if he calls me retarded,then he’s saying that to u too hun.

      • ok umm firstly no he isnt calling all girls that.. or even HIS OWN GIRLFRIEND!!! and secondly how old are u that u cant even say ‘shit’.. hahahahaha!! ur probably a 10 year old pretending to be something ur SO NOT!!!!

    • Aww,are u too sensitive to be meaner? Aww.Im sorry just to u,NOT emissary of jealousy.And,if he calls me it then,he calls u it too cuz he would call all girls that too! hun,listen.ur little boyfriend isn’t the best in the world,so deal with it! @gorz,im not apologizing to u,only jeiran the eimssary of light.

    • Haha.I’m sorry but,that was the lamest comeback ever!! I guess,ur girlfriend is imaginary,u live in a box and u hate JB.What’s next? U get a dollar? Wow! U could actually buy a life with that dollar! Go ahead,just go to “GetALifeVille” and just pay a dollar and you’ll get a life! Everyone else did it here.And,Im not the idiot.The idiot is U, jealous freak.

  6. Oh my god, my sides hurt from all the laughing i did from that comment. You seriously are one hypocritical little biebtard.

    • Haha! Go get a life.. Ret//d! How old r u? Like 19? Get a life!! Im soo mature than u and ur little skank girlfriend. LMFAO LOL

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      1: That username is totally ghetto.
      2: U guys are lame!
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