Justin Bieber’s Album BELIEVE Release Date June 19, 2012

Justin Bieber just dropped his fourth “Boyfriend” video teaser (Apr. 17) on The Voice.  After the clip premiered, He announced that his upcoming album BELIEVE is due out June 19 and that he will return to The Voice on May 8th to perform BOYFRIEND for the first time on stage. Can’t waittt!!

  • bieberlover




    second and I CANT WAIT!!!

    • #BieberForever

      Third!!! And I can’t wait! Seriously, babe that’s too long, but it’s ok, because YOU make it better! #BELIEVE is gonna ROCK!!! :D

      • Maya IndahSari

        OMB BieberFever I relapsed again

  • love

    Ombieber am so happy i can’t wait!!
    I love you justin : ) <3

    • #BieberForever

      OMB! He’s gonna perform #Boyfriend for the first time! I totally need to see him sing #Boyfriend live! :) :D 8-)


  • Belieber

    JUNE 19! aww., that’s too far., oh but its okay coz i have time to save my more money for the all the Bieber stuffs Album, Tour, and more magazines :))

  • Maya IndahSari

    OMB! I Can’t wait it !!!!

  • EllieBieber jbn4eva

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia Bieber

    OMB Cant wait so excited

  • Ukmumbelieber

    #5DAYS til he comes to UK!!!!!

  • gia


  • Tarun


  • kirsten


  • ♥Beliebz♥


  • desireelopez

    i cant wait

  • Scarlett # 1 justin bieber fan

    AHHHHHHHH i can’t wait i am so exited :) xx

  • Jaina

    It’s coming out on my birthday!!!!!!

  • Farah Bieber

    ooohhh… I can’t wait BELIEVE…!!!

  • EllieBieber jbn4eva

    Is that the us date probs is when’s the uk release any1 no?

  • BieberFever Bieliber

    OMB,that is too late.My birthday is 8 days before that.he made it for me!Jk LOL:) I just so cant wait because i believe

  • IRauhlWithJerry

    I CANT wait until Believe Tour2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW for those if you who dont know how to spell it, its BELIEBER. NOT Beliber or blieber or beilber. If you dont spell it right then you obviously arent one. K? K.

  • Altaf khan

    Plzzz come to sanapur

  • PoohBear 143

    His album came out on my birthday!!!