Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma Purple Lights Violate CA Law

Justin Bieber‘s electric car, a chromed-out Fisker Karma, might be good for the environment but that doesn’t make it exempt from tickets. Justin’s car has a row of fuchsia/purplish lights under the grill, which is big no-no, according to California law.

TMZ reports that in CALIFORNIA, vehicles can only have white or amber lights facing forward. So the purple ones are a violation. Cops don’t care that Justin favors purple. It’s against the law. But that’s not all. The window tint is too dark, too. If caught Justin would be slapped with a ‘fix-it ticket’ citation.

Do you think Justin should fix it asap?

  • Ninja girl

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first to comment!!! :)

    • Ninja girl

      And NO,he shoudnt fix it! It’s his car not the cops.But,cops… It’s a hard decision.

      • Someone123

        It’s the law, everyone’s gotta go by it

      • Ninja girl

        I know.

      • me

        It’s the L A W

      • JaylaBieber

        Yeah, he needs to get that fixed.

    • Justin Bieber! I LUV YOU

      This will be a hard decision for Justin. But i know he will figure something out. I BELIEVE IN HIM!! LUV YOU BIEBER

  • Georgia

    yes he should…just because he is famous that dosent mean that he does whatever he can..just sayin

    • FaMrsBieber26

      Agree & Disagree !

  • Ashley

    Justin favorite color!!! HE IS STILL A KIDRAUHL :D

    • Bieber’sBarbie

      Always and forever

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      forever KİDRAUHL <3

  • desireelopez


  • Belieber101❤

    Yes he should totally change it! If it was a regular person they would get a ticket, why not him he is just a normal person. I disagree with all the beliebers that say he should keep the lights. If your violating a law just like any other normal human being you have to pay the price!!!! I still love Justin!!!!!!!!
    P.s. that’s a amazing car!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JaylaBieber

      That’s what I’m saying!

      • Belieber101❤

        Thank you for agreeing with me!!!!!!! @jaylabieber

  • xochilt

    hey don’t get my boyfriend a ticket

    • Ninja girl

      He’s not ur boyfriend.Selena’s dating him.

      • goldeneda-beliber x3

        plzzzz shut up ninja girl cuz I don’t wanna heard jelena in this fansite!!
        being justin’s girlfriend is everyone ‘s dream ………….just LOVE HİM A LOT!!!

    • Rosalina :P

      ur not his girlfriend so take down that shit!

  • Monique

    thats dam ass sexy car to go with the one only sexy Justin Bieber no he shouldnt fix it

  • J.B.lover

    Its his car he should be able to do what every he wants to HIS car.

    • JaylaBieber

      It’s the LAW.

  • belieber:)

    DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the purple is HAWT! sorry Justin…… stupid CA!

  • belieber:)


  • Jonas

    If Justin Bieber

  • Rosalina :P

    i dont mean to be a bitch but.. i think they should let people design their cars just they way they want!!!! he should keep em ! if i were justin and the cops pulled me over for that i would shove the ticket up their ass! its his car not the cops!

    • A fun girl named Brenda

      ikr the cops can kiss my ass! nobody likes the cops anyway! they never mind their damn bussiness!

  • Intan Rahmawati

    wow, his car look so cool.. :D

  • Luaren Bieber

    you know it isn’t that hard to drive aorund in a NORMAL car. i mean why do stars have to customize their cars and all that? i love justin but i think he needs to follow the law

  • gia

    The car is REALLY COOL but i dont think he should do stuff like that i mean its his car he can do what he wants to do with it but he should follow the law

  • #BieberForever

    Damn! That car is looking Super Cool. Its got Justin Bieber Swag written all over it! I think he should keep it on, because it’s HIS awesome car! What kind of law is that? Stupid California Cops. They seriously are jealous of the billionare cars down there, so they made a retarded law. He should keep em on, but If a dumb cop says to take em off, then he should, because I don’t want his car taken away or something.

  • Crystal

    Mayb he should change it I mean I don’t want him to get caughT n get in trouble or mayb I like badass biebs idk

  • Rachel_Bieber

    I live in California, and I was there. That thing is blinding!! It may be Justin’s car, but it is illegal. I don’t care how much he loves that car or how much I love him, it’s still illegal

  • Karina

    Ha atleast i can tell apart Justin’s car from all the otheres. This shouldn’t be illegal at all, plz make it legal, it looks soo awesome!

  • BieberFever!! 4-Ever!!

    I think the lights he might have to change but the tinted windows make sense. If everyone knew it was Justin and knew that it was easy to see him they would start following him or getting into car wrecks trying to look at him on the road… So it might just be safer to keep the windows dark


    yaa!! hae should totally fix it asap.WE DON’T WANT JB TO BE IN JAIL RIGHT BELIEBER’S.

  • @ilde vonn

    ..ooohhhhhh… luv that car… :)



  • Olivia Bieber

    its his car he should be able to do whatever he wants with it,stupid California cops, but maybe he should change it cos i don’t want him getting caught and to be in jail

  • chaya@bieberfan!!!

    Noo..he shouldn’t………i mean its his car ..damm with this rUzzz…jb don’t change it……no….but…cuzz i too..don;t him to be caught….huhhhhhhhh….why ther are this ruzzzzz….. one more this that car is like WoW.I mean.. sooooo cool..amazin’ …..plzz..try…do somethin’..that car is dAMM..cool…and we don’t you to be caught …
    i love you………………………..<3<2<3<3

  • LInda Bieber

    ok for all the people who say that the cop is stupid and he should do whatever he wants. YOU are stupid. He has to follow the law, fame and money don’t mean anything here, you say that people have to treat him normallly, then yeah, normal people follow the laws. And there is a reason for that law, the purple light can make it hard for other people to see the street. they don’t just make laws for fun you stupid idiots.

    These stupid “fans” just don’t know right from wrong. You don’t love justin, you are just ruining him. But that doesn’t matter, because he has to change it anyway, it’s the LAW.

    • Jess Bieber XDXD

      oh my god, i didn’t know that this car was justins. THe other day, my brother drove me to the store and this car was infront of us, the shiny paint reflects the sun and we couldn’t see anything. i was seriously annoyed, when we stopped at the red light, my brother was about to get out and talk to the driver, but i held him back.

      I can’t belive that it was justin’s car. as much as i love justin, i think he’s oging overboard with his money customizing his cars. Yeah it looks nice, but it’s not practical, and it’s dangerous to other poeple too. i hope he change it soon. I don’t mind the purple light, but that shiny cover just gotta go.

  • Andee My Loveb

    I’m pretty sure the paint job is illegal too. I mean it’s like a giant mirror, won’t it reflect sun lights? wouldn’t it be dangerous to the people driving behind him?


    I don’t think many of you fans get it. The law is there for a reason, driving behind this car is like driving behind a mirror, the sun will blind your eyes. And the purple light at night will make it harder for other people to see the street too. Just because you love him doesn’t mean everything he does is right.

  • Ashley

    I heard that Scooter told him to stick with the original color and stay “humble”, not to be “flashy”, but he went ahead and paint it silver anyway. It’s good that the car is environmental friendly, but don’t you think that the new color is dangerous? I’ve seen him several time in CA this week, and seriously, i don’t like that shiny look one bit, i hate it to be honest, the reflection blinds me. I love justin but he’s human, he makes mistakes, and this is his mistakes. change the color please, You can seriously cause accident, i don’t want you to get into trouble. And the new car will make many people hate you.

    I know it’s a cool car and all, but it’s not practical. But he would nver read this anyway, but i hope the people close to him will give him good advise.

  • justin+andria