Justin Bieber’s Today Show – ONLY Australian TV Interview April 9. 2012

Justin Bieber talks to the Today Show’s Richard Wilkins in his only Australian TV interview to celebrate the Australian launch of SOMEDAY, he also talks about hanging out with One Direction,  being in the studio with Usher, Will.I.Am, Cody Simpson and the new album Believe.

  1. 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, umm. @JustinBieber. ive been a hater. but, i was hiding that i loved him :$ and 3 years ago i changed my mind tht i like him. so yea. well i like him and his music. #BOYFRIEND is awesome. i already know all the lyrics. even the first day i knew all of the lyrics. haha. ok well bye

  2. oh and good job @JustinBieber for being #2 on itunes. and im also saying congrats to @CarlyRaeJenson. i think i spelled tht right…. alwell…. k bye :D

  3. 1:40 Oh I still love little Justin~ I liked how as a boy he could sing higher notes and had a unique voice. His lyrics were powerful, and fun. Most not all, but most male singers rap or sing really low. And all the sing about is sex, drugs, and party’in. And in my opinion thats like all that I hear on the radio. I love the song Boyfriend but he raps in it, and sings low. IM just happy he didn’t sing mike posners version!! THAT was soo innapropiete. I know he hit puberty but…idk. HES JUST GROWING UP RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES.. uhh #muchlove I wish I could of seen him in concert during his my world tour, i loved his songs and him mostly then.

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