Selena Gomez Humiliated By Justin Bieber Kiss!

Selena Gomez’s “Kiss Cam” kissing with Justin Bieber at the basketball on Monday (16.04.12) was ”the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened” to her. 20+ pics!

Jelena were watching the Los Angeles Lakers play basketball on Monday night when they appeared on the court’s Kiss Cam – which zooms in on couples to make them lock lips – and although they complied, Selena was enormously embarrassed.

Selena told Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM radio show:

“It’s the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me, probably.

“They were showing these little elderly couples, and it was so cute. Then all of a sudden we’re both looking up and we come on the screen and it’s like… It was so awkward.

“It was so weird. I mean you have to kiss, right?”

Do you think Selena should or shouldn’t feel humiliated by Justin’s kiss?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • gia

    Awwww That is so ADORABLE

  • kathy

    I dont know why she would be embarassed to kiss Justin on the kiss cam.. If it was me that was with Justin and we were on the kiss cam, i think Justin would be the one who would be embarassed, cause i would totally jump on him and make out with him on the kiss cam! I would not give up an opportunity to kiss him any chance i can get!! So, if she is so ashamed and uncomfortable to kiss him in public, she can move on over, im sure there are alot of girls that would love to take her place, and feel absolutley comfortable doing it no matter where and when.. lol..

    • BeABelieber!

      OMG!!! haha kathy. funny xD

    • MaliaBieber101

      You are sooo RIGHT! If that bitch wants 2 feel shy and embarassesed then she can scoot her little ass right over and i can take that kiss;D…she is pathetic bcuz she is never HUMILIATED or EMBARASSESD in any other pics kissin JB how the hell is that any diffrent?! damn, she is sooo not worth it….Justin deserves better<3 <3 <3

      • JaylaBieber

        Lol. Malia, remember how we were talking about getting dragged out by the police? :P

    • Sal Bieber

      its really so Bad….
      how can she even say that?
      if she has any Problem then Leave the Sacandle…
      what does she think she is?
      She is Not even a Good Girl Friend…

      • Fabiola(furture Mrs.bieber

        I know

    • dani

      concordo plenamente mas só que a selena gomez é uma safada por que ela só faz isso para as fã ficarem com inveja ou ela nem gosta do justin ela só quer a fama e o sucesso dele por que o dinheiro ela já tem

    • Love. Smile. Beliebe.

      No no no no.. she was’nt humiliated that Justin had kissed her.. rather the fact that they were zoomed in so closely.. probably she felt that their privacy was teased. I mean, c’mon.. ppl shouldn’t just zoom and picture anything and everything they want whenever they please.

      B+ ! ;D

  • Ninja girl

    I have no idea why Selly was embarrassed to date Justin! They’re a couple!! Why not kiss?
    If she’s so embarrassed,she should dump him and move on with her life.

    • lsiejga

      No one is speaking about her being embarrassed DATING him. read the article carefully!

      • Ninja girl

        I know.I accidentally said that! Sorry! :(

  • Ninja girl

    I love u selena!

  • Ninja girl

    I don’t think that she should be humiliated to kiss Justin on the kiss cam! It was sweet.
    But,I know how it feels because she and Justin were just watching the other couples kissing,then,all the sudden,She sees her and Justin on the kiss cam!!! And,She probably thinks “What? Now?” So,I would know how it feels to be in front of hundreds of people on a kiss cam but,Really? She doesn’t need to be embarrassed and humiliated because she’s kissing her boyfriend! Though,Selena was so nice while talking to her fans and Ryan Seacrest on this video!!!

  • Ilse Schumm

    you are stupid or what every one will DYE for a KISS OF JUSTIN BIEBER and YOU gave it at least say you like it or it was cute no IS HUMILITED !!

    • Ninja girl

      What do u mean?

      • Meg

        ninja girl is just expressing her feelings and i feel the same way….. stop being a bitch @llse Schumm !

      • Love. Smile. Beliebe.

        i swear !

  • RandomGirl

    I don’t understand. She’s kissing him all the time in front of the paps (even making out) and their pictures are all over the internet so why be embarrassed? weird.

    • IB.Student xD

      I agree with RandomGirl!!! She’s all over him otherwise so this shouldn’t be any different.

      • BieberSwag(8


  • Ukmumbelieber

    Sorry but justin seems he was a proud boyfriend kissing his princess and selena looked like she was kissing a frog for first time!! Woman HELLO u kiss him in public its the same KISS HIM 20million girls would kill to me in your shoes xxx

  • random person

    I dont think she meant it in a bad way. You know when your with your boyfriend and someone tells you to kiss and you blush and feel really embarassed? Well, imagine kissing in front of a whole stadium. Stop hating. Start appreciating.

    • IB.Student xD

      Boy, random people do have a lot of spot-on opinions!
      RandomPerson, just like RandomGirl you too have a point!
      How about we all quit scrutinizing her words and try get on with our own lives? :/
      I mean seriously……………………… :/

      • Love. Smile. Beliebe.

        Agreed..! totally..
        I mean it’s bugging now.. with everything that she says.. ppl just have to pounce on her.
        stop makin BIG issues out of her words..

  • Maria

    Ok..I like Jelena..But this time she was a bitch! “Humiliated”…Come ooon! She should be very very proud and happy kissing Justin!

    • Tiff


  • ♥Beliebz♥

    Not sure?

  • jelena


  • ninja

    hi im ninja and im 2333333

  • alexis bieber

    i would find it akward too there you are in front of more than 20 thousand people. unfortunately she said humiliated instead of embarrassed or it was akward but it was the kiss cam the guy who chose them. and its nobody’s fault i think the people who operate that camera tought it was going to be a nice moment. and yes the paparazzi take pics of them making out. but that when there’s a few people around not a hole stadium whatching you.

    • Monica

      i totally agree with everyone who said that she meant that she was embarrassed by bein put on the spot like that

      • @ElizabethBieber

        if she felt embarrassed she would say ”embarrassed” and no humiliated…she is so stupid… HELLO you are kissing JUSTIN…….wake up!!

      • Love. Smile. Beliebe.

        can u guys PLEASE stop scrutinizing evey word that she says..
        It’s A LOT of time waste.. spend that time Beliebing and following your dreams instead.

  • Georgia

    if i was selena i would say “YA BITCHES! I KISSED JUSTIN BIEBER! AT THE LAKERS GAME ON KISS CAM”llol jks

  • Love-it-or-Leaveit

    I can understand where she is coming from. Thats happened to me once and it was embarrassing!! I don’t think in the end she should be embarassed about kissing him since there are plenty more kisses of them on the internet!! I think its sweet weather or not she was embarrassed. I fully support Jelena and think she should be happy that she sharred another special moment with Justin!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A fun girl named Brenda

    Justins dating a she male who said it was humililiating to kiss him. One of the billion reasons i hate jelena, olny like the “j” in it, and not support it

    • Ninja girl

      Yeah! But,She wasn’t embarrassed to kiss him.She was just humiliated that she was just watching the other couples kissing then,all the sudden they come up and they have to kiss.

      • Ava Diva

        Damn @brenda! What’s wrong with you?She wasn’t humiliated to kiss him!! It was just that they came up suddenly on the kiss cam!!! Not a big deal Stupid!!

      • Ninja girl

        @ava diva,shut up! She WAS embarrassed to kiss him! She even said it!!!

      • trent

        @ninja girl i agree with you yes she said the moment was humiliating. she wasn’t saying it about kissing him.

    • Lili

      Wow ur such a bitch

      • Ninja girl

        I know she is! I guess she didn’t read the title or see the video.

      • A fun girl named Brenda

        Tsk wow i go all soft then u asswipes get all fu*king bitchy wit me! U guys need anger management classes!

      • Ninja girl

        @brenda,you talking about me being an a**wipe?

      • A fun girl named Brenda

        @ninjagirl no i wasnt calling u asswipe i was talking to my haters

  • Purple Spongebob ninja luver

    WOW! I really think she shouldn’t feel embarresed by it…I mean..AFTER ALL he IS herboyfriend..I mean…couples wouldn’t feel awks about stuff and things like that I MEAN seriously! I mean..i’m NOT trying to hate on her or anything like that but I think Justin is embbaresed by HER! I mean she says the MOST!
    You know..


  • Ninja girl

    The hate on Selena is called jealousy.Hating on Selena Gomez will just make you mean.Respect Selena.Respect Justin.Respect Jelena.They’re happy together,if you want Justin to be happy,all you have to do is respect his girlfriend and his love life.You don’t know her,so the hate could stop now.You could tell that Justin was not happy on March 1st.His Birthday! He and Selena were eating dinner with Justin’s family.Then,Rumors started to spread around that Selly got punched by a Justin Bieber Fan.That was just a rumor.The real story was Sel getting hit by a camera in her way.Next,Justin and Selena left the dinner and paparazzi came out of no-where while Selly crying and Justin holding her hand and trying to get into his van and driving away.Justin was so upset and this happened on his birthday!!! His Birthday!! See? You made Justin so upset on his birthday? He has to stick his middle finger out! The next day he apologized about showing the finger.See what you’re doing to Justin? You’re never going to get over it and accept the fact that they are dating! Are you?
    Justin and Selena are dating.All you have to do is accept the fact that they’re dating.They’re in love.Don’t make Justin feel worse! He’s happy with her and Selena’s happy with him.

    • Ninja girl

      See what you’re doing to Justin? He’s happy!! They’re in love and there’s nothing you could do about it.

  • Ninja girl

    A poem for Selena Gomez haters.

    You’re hating on Selena.
    That just makes Justin Sad.

    But,when you get mad over his girlfriend.
    You’re making him feel bad.

    His love life is great.
    Don’t make it a knife.

    We support him,
    Can’t we also support Selena too?

    Selena’s been hurt by lots of people,
    Would you want to be treated like that?

    Sorry some of them didn’t rhyme! I just thought it’d make more sense! :)

    • JaylaBieber

      What? And if I was dating Justin I wouldn’t care what people say about me because I would be dating Justin!
      Anyway, I don’t like Selena because she’s with Justin, I don’t like her because she comes off as clingy, famewhore, and stuck-up.

      • desireelopez

        nice poems ninja girl

  • desireelopez

    i love u selena ur a awesome

    • Ninja girl

      i know she is,she’s awsume! she great! so justin too. i love them both.i. hope i would get 2 see them soon!!! i love them.!! there aszume.

  • Belieber

    That was so Cute!

    • Ninja girl

      I know it was!

  • Ninja girl

    Anyone here that hates Selly,well,let me tell you about Justin Bieber’s 17th birthday.And,how such a tragedy it was.Here’s the story.

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were eating with Justin’s family at a dinner.
    On the way out,Selena got hit by a camera in her way Next, Rumors started spreading around saying that Selly got hit by a Justin fan. (Romor).
    While Justin and Sel got into his van,Paparazzi started coming out of no-where and taking photos of Selena and Justin in his van.Of course,Justin shot out his middle finger.The
    Next day Justin apologized for showing the finger.But,he was very upset!
    See what you’re doing to Justin? You’re making him feel worse and it’s like you won’t let him be with anyone in his life or anything!!

  • Jannah

    i’m confused….All that PDA at the beach and at award shows and on dates…and she’s so embarrased about a little kiss at a basketball game?

  • Opal Anderson

    Hello i am opal anderson and i am quite interested in Brendas and Wyatts relationship now i am a realationship therapist. Both of u met in kindergarden and fell in love in 3rd grade. That is pretty young and rare. Now i have seen you two at starbucks, the mall, and at charity events. You guys are more adorable and less sèxual than jelena. Wyatt may i ask u if your planning on getting married, engaged, or have children with Brenda? Did you know that the mouth is the most filthiest part of the human body and hands have germs? So when you two makeout then you are swallowing eachothers germs and holding hands mean your touching eachothers germs. Wyatt may l ask why do you slap/pìnch Brendas bòttom? Do you like it? Does Brenda like it? Now im not trying to hurt anybody after all this is for Wyatt and Brenda. Nobody else. Wyatt let me say that you are handsome and Brenda is beautiful and your children will look adorable. Like i said im not trying to hurt anybody and this is olny for Brenda and Wyatt olny

    • A fun girl named Brenda

      @opal wat is ur problem u freak?!?? My realationship has nothing to do with u! Wat is ur prob asking me and wyatt this sh*t! We are not getting married or having kids till we are 22! Ur a freak! I dont care who u are ok! You dont know us! Just cuz u see us at starbucks doesnt mean u hav 2 grt involed in our personal life! Ur crazy u need to go to a mental hospital u fu*king freak!

      • Wyatt

        @brenda calm down baby its just some freak talking sh*t. We see people like this ok babe. I love u.
        @opal wat the hell is wrong wit u?!!?? Our realationship has nothing to do with ur creepy ass! I know alot of therapist and phycologist u should see! Gtfo u creep!

      • Ninja girl

        For @brenda @wyatt,how come you both spell “Relationship” the same way? Like you both spell it wrong.

      • A fun girl named Brenda

        @ninjagirl not everyone spells right

      • Ninja girl

        Yeah i know but,u and him spell it the same way.Sounds cutee! :) Stay strong! :)

  • #BieberForever

    I think she meant it in a good way. But, i wouldn’t use ‘humiliated’ because she might be embarrassed not by the kiss, but i think she meant all of a sudden she and justin pop up on the scream. I don’t think she meant kissing him was the embarrassing part. I’m pretty sure she knows 20 million girls would LOVE to take her shoes.

  • just_mine_mae

    cmon…she like it too..she should’nt feel embarrassed..

  • skates

    I can’t believe nobody picked up the other information she put in! You guys should watch the video again! Lol!
    Selena has a reason for feeling embarrassed. She did mention that it didn’t seem appropriate to do it at that time because there’s a kid (their fan) who would see them face to face right beside them, basically right across Justin, if they made the kiss! Their reactions were very cute though! Lol!

  • Mandy Bieber

    nah i don’t blame her, i don’t really like PDA either.

    • Mandy Bieber

      maybe embarrassed, but “humiliating” was a strong word.

      • Tiff

        exactly. ^agree with you also 100% @mandybieber ;)

  • Abby Bieber

    everyone should stop making fun of JELENA they didnt do anything wrong its just that your all jealous and they make a cute couple. Also if you were a true beliber you would be happy for justin because he found someone he really likes so all you jealous people out there shut up and stop being mean. IAM HAPPY FOR YOU AND SELENA I AM A TRUE FAN AND WILL ALWAYS UNDERSTAND