The Wanted to Get Justin Bieber Drunk in Mexico!

Sounds like the “The Wanted” boys are planning on passing down their bad boy ways to Justin Bieber! Reportedly, the boys want to corrupt the Biebs…south of the border, Mexico!

According to The Sun, Tom Parker and the rest of “The Wanted” want to go to San Diego and walk Justin across the border to Mexico so that he can legally drink. Tom said:

“We’re going to San Diego and walking him over the border to Mexico and getting the tequilas down. He can’t drink until he’s 21 in America, but in Mexico he can drink at 18.”


  • :)

    Wow..I’m not sure Justin would put up to it though.You know,with all the pressure on believe and stuff?

    • :)

      I think he wouldn’t do that because its all on the pressure on believeing stuff for JUSTIN BIEBER?

      • JBfanforever

        Come to the UK and get drunk with me lol

      • justinbeibers#1fan

        UH NOT FUNNY

      • Epicbieber

        It’s funny :) go ahead Justin! No one cares except for you crazy purist Amish….. It’s Justin’s life.

  • Marian

    NO WAY JUSTIN Should KEEP away from THE WANTED .

  • Mia

    Yes 3nd

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    baby ,omg!!no you can’t do this plz DON’T DO THİS !! YOU ARE OUR KİDRAUHL AND ALWAYS STAY CLEAR………….. !! PLZZ

  • Numberonebieber

    Dont drink no matter what you do just dont drink its not good for you. U can get killed stay away from the wanted and to the wanted u better stay away from justin

  • BeliebersSupportJUSTIN/BelieberFamilyBroken

    I am OFFICIALY PISSED @ the wanted seriously guys he is tryin to b an AMAZING rolemodel and he has been pressured to smoke b4 so PLZ DONT U WILL PISS SOME BELIEBERS OFF let him wait till hes 21

    • justinbeibers#1fan

      already am justin’s fan level will drop very rapidley my daddy smoked and drunk and hes havin’ kidney failler
      (maybe the girlfreinds are gettin to his head)(justin could really get selena or jasmine pregnate make sure justin dose’nt let them come over while u r gone ro let them go into his room and keep an eye out they seem a little suspoucious).

      <3 jbs #1 fan

      • katrina

        leave selena out of this shes inosent &jbs not stupid

  • misslil

    Justin, don’t do anything you will regret. DONT LET THIS STUPID MEXICAN BOY BAND pressure you into something you don’t want to do. IT would be a bad reputation for you to get drunk in Mexico. Dont do it Justin! Please

    • Belieber101❤

      I agree!! Justin shouldnt be pressured to do something that he knows in his right mind is illegal or bad to do!!!!!!!

  • Rosalina :P

    Oh hell no!! Justin forget this stupid ass band! They just pressure u to do stupid stuff and make u lose ur beliebers! Just leave those fágs and get on wit ur life.

    Dear the wanted, f**k off justin! If he doesnt want to drink or smoke then he dont want to kay get that thru ur thick head! He doesnt want to b a drunk ass low life like u fággòts! Let him be he want to be a role model u stupid bitches!

    • justinbeibers#1fan

      I don’t want justin to look ugly

      • goldeneda-beliber x3

        YEAH HE İS OUR KİDRAUHL and he always teachs us good thinks so he can’t drug !!

      • A fun girl named Brenda

        @rosalina yea ikr the wanted can just go fu*k a llama if justin dont want to smoke, drink, or swear then he doesnt want to! Why cant stupid bands and people get that thru their thick ass head?!

  • jonalisa

    Not funny or cute. Justin’s mom almost killed herself from drinking and drugs before Justin was born. Drinking could destroy his life, like it does for so many.

  • fleur

    Getting drunk one time isn’t so bad, I don’t understand why you make a problem of that.
    Everybody is one time in there live drunk so why can’t Justin?

    • katrina

      ur stupid jb is betr thn that

  • I love you Justin

    Screw you the wanted stay away from Justin and keep your tequilas to yourself

  • ms jelena

    thats cool but justin is not realey to drink yet

  • Baby biebz


  • justinbeibers#1fan

    i love justin beiber but he should be fair to his fans

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    I never let him to drink we must never let him to do!!! he is KİDRAUHL and always show us good thinks!!!! good!! ıf he do it hurts me a lot ıt can brake my heart and my all BELİEF!! HE İS ALWAYS KİDRAUHL CMONNN!!

  • goldeneda-beliber x3

    I never let him to drink we must never let him to do!!! he is KİDRAUHL and always show us nice things!!!! nice!! ıf he do it hurts me a lot ıt can brake my heart and my all BELİEF!! HE İS ALWAYS KİDRAUHL CMONNN!!

  • malisseluvu216

    am i the only one to want to see this happen

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      why?? are you crazy??? I want to see justin always like a kidrauhl . he is amazing person and I believe him he won’t do that!!!
      belieber forever <3

    • katrina


  • Numberonebieber

    You crazy or something

  • numberonefan

    Is this a fake? I love you so much as a fan but stay away from the Wanted.

  • boybeliebeerrr

    I don’t think Justin will do it. Even if he goes to Mexico he won’t drink, he knows what has happened to his mum in the past, and he is a strong CHRISTIAN? so he won’t do it, and plus he wouldnt want to let down the fans or his family and doing that would. Drinking destroys peoples lives, and Justin is to careful to do that, cus if he did get drunk and there was pictures and videos of it, his career can go downhill. So i dont think Justin will do it. Anyways, JUSTIN DONT DO IT ANYWAYS.



  • #BieberForever

    You guys, why are you so worried?!?! Justin isn’t stupid, he’s not gonna get drunk in Mexico. That stupid Wanted can ask One Direction to get drunk with them in Mexico! Justin’s smart, he knows that The Wanted just want him to lose his Beliebers. He’s not going to do it, he’s Kidraul!!! And he knows what happened to his mom, Pattie. I’m pretty sure he knows drinking is bad. If I ever met The Wanted, I would kick their asses all the way to Russia! Those Wanted bitches just want attention, and they want Justin to lose his Beliebers! But, I know Justin won’t do it. I just know it. I’m not gonna worry much.

    • goldeneda-beliber x3

      at the end I could find a belieber tnink same as me!! thanks for understand!! but where are other TRUE BELİEBER??? I want to see belieber family , now where are you guys?? we must protect justin !!
      he need his beliebers <3 I will always try to give him what he need <3

  • misslil

    This band looks like an older messed up version of one direction…

    • #BieberForever

      lol, ikr. The Wanted, A.K.A The Messed Up One Direction. 8-)

  • Renu

    I hate the wanted !!!

    • Renu

      Plz Justin don’t get drunk… Do it for us your fans

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    I’m honetly a true fan, but let me make this CLEAR. As a Belieber, I think Justin shouldn’t get drunk. & F.Y.I to all “Oh he won’t dwuuunnnkk!!!” fans, well listen to me NOW AND HERE. You’ve seen posts of him getting high before in other countries. He’s a daredevil celeb, but he could possibly do it. We’re not the one’s to tell him not to, although we DON’T want him to. Go ahead, reply to me with your hate, but let me rephrase this –

    I’m not looking for fights or trouble, and I don’t think Justin should get drunk in my opinion.

  • #BieberForever

    That’s what I mean.

  • Marlene

    Wow..that’s a stupid idea to get Justin drunk!! I bet they want him to lose fans..thats not right!!! >:|

  • Numberonebieber

    Justin knows what hes doing and hes old enough to think for himself if he wants to drink then let him drink but justin be true to yourself and think about what your doing before u do it and think about all the fans out there who love u and think of u as an inspration think about all the fans who follow your lead think about how this will affect u im the future and what it will do to your career so just think before u do anything stupid.

  • me

    100% OF HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES GET DRUNK AND HIGH ALL THE TIME if you don’t believe that then you’re naive.

    I remember how Jesse Mccartney used to say he’d never touch drugs and alcohol, but as soon as he turned 18 there was snap shots of him getting drunk and him in night clubs smoking pot! i remember fans being really upset about it.

  • lsiejga

    don’t know what the big deal is, in my country people start drinking at age 15 and so did I

    • fleur

      Indeed, I know so many people that drink when they are 13/ 14 years old.
      Nobody is making a big problem of that, it isn’t that they are immediately alcoholics.

      *the netherlands

      • goldeneda-beliber x3

        but justin not like any other people! he is little famous star if he drink all haters make this a big problem than justin will be sad and he will need more drink than it will be a biggest PROBLEM of BELİEBERS !!

    • Olivia

      THats why your life is going to be so jank!