Video: Justin Bieber almost Runs Over Paparazzi with Mini Car

Justin Bieber bought a new Ducati motorcycle on Wednesday April 18. He then almost ran over a photographer in his miniature black smart car when he left the dealer.

35 thoughts on “Video: Justin Bieber almost Runs Over Paparazzi with Mini Car

    1. jbiscrazy4,me

      If u r jb call me i need advice from u and only and jb loves his fans so he would love to call or txt one

  1. Justin Bieber

    Hey guys Im the real justin bieber Good news i am releasing the Believe album may 19th instead of june 19th.(;

  2. belieber4eva

    which madass stands in the middle of the road , and does not expect to get hit , those paps are a real pain in the ass. he f*ckin deserves that . haha love you justin .

  3. Jaida Smalls

    hey Justin Bieber im like ur #1 fan i love u so much ive always wanted to meet u if u cant make it to see me its ok u cant ever see a person whos going to cry or faint to see u it makes me sad if i cant see u in person 2623 Brenston Drive,Ellenwood Georgia
    Love U JBieber
    P.S Nice one on Miley Cyrus On Punk’d u kicked that dude right in the stomache nice,oh and i play the Violin
    Goodbye xoxoxo >.< sad but :) happy

  4. Jaida Smalls

    they deserved to get ran over wat kind of dumb paparaxi would be in the middle of the road if JBieber doesn’t want to be seen he doesn’t want to be seen let JBieber get his own privacy

  5. MaliaBieber101

    What kind of DUMBASS stands infront of a car?! if i was Justin i would have ran him over 10 times and drove off….Poor Justy:(
    give the guy some space…once i saw those paparazzi hiding behind that tree i would have kicked them where the sun dont shine….

  6. #BieberForever

    WTF?!?!! Which dumb@ss b/tch stands in the middle of the road and thinks he’s NOT going to get hit? Stupid pap. Some people (papps) just don’t have lives. S/uts these days….

    Justin your the ONLY one who can make almost running someone over sexy! Go Bieber!!!

  7. Mandy Bieber

    “he deserves to get ran over”? yeah sure he was annoying, but saying that he desrves to get ran over is just stupid. He’s just doing his job. I don’t like it when the paps are always taking photos of justin, but that doesn’t mean they should die or anything, get help you dumb b*tches.

    1. Justinbieberzonelover

      I agree with you mandy bieber.
      We all know that the paps can be really annoying sometimes.. But that doesn’t mean that he deserves to get ran over! I think it’s just cruel to say something like that……

      1. JaylaBieber

        Then sit on your @ss and get glad because he jumped out the d@mn way. And if he did get hit, it would’ve been his own fault. He purposely stood in the middle of the road, saw Justin, and only jumped when Justin got closer.

      1. Mandy Bieber

        yeah, i don’t see many people live getting ran over by a car. and yeah, i will not chill, because you are a bunch of obsessed dumb b*tches.

  8. whitney

    Hahahahah sorry but that was halirous hahah lol i couldent stop laughing lol hit him justin i hate those guys lol there annoying

  9. belieberruffy

    uhm, its nt ur fault. He wantd 2 take a pics of u on the road. How dumb he was. If u justin, cn u wish me a hapi bday on d 23rd of dis month. I wil b glad. Thanks

  10. luvjb

    im a really huge justin bieber fan but sometimes u can just ignore the paparazzi instead of hitting them u can hurt somebody and thats not good


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