Youtube Sensation Conor Maynard Says He’s no Justin Bieber

British singer Conor Maynard is a new YouTube success story. He has just broken into the UK charts with the catchy debut “Can’t Say No” and has his own fans called “Mayniacs”.

When being compared to Justin Bieber, here’s what he said to Reuters:

“It’s very flattering to be compared to someone who is so massive in the music industry and I’m so early in my career — I’ve just released my first song.

“At the same time, in terms of our music, it cuts through that comparison, it’s kind of a different sound, we’re both going for different things.

“Obviously I’m British as well so it’s kind of got a British influence in it, a British sound in some of the tracks that I’ve done. I think the comparison only goes as far as the fact that we’re both young and came through YouTube. In terms of the music it’s two different things.”

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