Youtube Sensation Conor Maynard Says He’s no Justin Bieber

British singer Conor Maynard is a new YouTube success story. He has just broken into the UK charts with the catchy debut “Can’t Say No” and has his own fans called “Mayniacs”.

When being compared to Justin Bieber, here’s what he said to Reuters:

“It’s very flattering to be compared to someone who is so massive in the music industry and I’m so early in my career — I’ve just released my first song.

“At the same time, in terms of our music, it cuts through that comparison, it’s kind of a different sound, we’re both going for different things.

“Obviously I’m British as well so it’s kind of got a British influence in it, a British sound in some of the tracks that I’ve done. I think the comparison only goes as far as the fact that we’re both young and came through YouTube. In terms of the music it’s two different things.”

  1. hahahaha u look like copy of justin in this picture but you CAN’T be JUSTİN!!
    JUSTİN is my heart ……………..everything …his still KİDRAUHL<3 ……….he is so special to me <3 <3

  2. I’m sorry but conor maynard really had that cover before Justin. and I’m not saying Justin is copying conor cause i don’t think he even know of him. but conor didn’t copy the cover

  3. Damn! I hate boys these days who say “I hate Justin Bieber!”
    Then now when these boys are ‘suddenly’ famous they say “Justin Bieber is a really cool guy.” Because they want thereselves to get more fame and fame and fortune.Teenage boys these days!!!

  4. He has a great voice but…he’s kind of ugly. He doesn’t have to look like Tanner Patrick or anything. I wouldn’t mind if he did though ;) Tanner is a sexy beast.
    Anyway, his song is okay.

  5. I hate it when another artist is compared to someone’s favorite singer and then they start hating on the other artist when they don’t know him and they are always telling Bieber Haters that they don’t know Justin.

  6. the only boy am having on my wall is you justin bieber justin just belive he wont take your fans we will stay forever by your side

  7. I hate hate hate the hate hate hate hate hate stupid. Connor mayonnaise I hate him Justin is sooooooooooooooooooo much better than him

  8. omg justin bieber is way better then conor anyway he is beautiful and has a great voice conor id just trying to besomeone big and great like justin but it wont work cuz nobody can beet justin – love u justin bieber <3

  9. that boy is definitely a wanna be justin. stop you freakin copy cats find your own swag like justin said swag is something you find in yourself and you have to build your own swag.i mean the pulling hair pose thats justins. JUST STOP WANNA BE JUSTIN BIEBER!

  10. Sorry but I don’t hate Justin Bieber but he is a mediocre talent with a cute smile. Conor Maynard may not be as attractive but be definitely has a better voice, and Ne-Yo decided to produce him! Sorry but Usher is always going to be a great performer but artistically Ne-Yo is better hands down!! So I give the edge to Conor who doesn’t sound like he just hit puberty and doesn’t have 12 years girls liking him.

  11. You people are so immature.
    I don’t have favorites so I don’t have to deal with you people.
    But anyways, you shouldn’t be calling this person this or that just because they don’t like the person you like.
    Seriously who cares? Your not the only person in the world, theres like 7 other billion people who like other stuff.
    And you can’t compare these two amazing people. They each got their own style and preferences. They are two different people. Its like your comparing peanut to jelly.
    Just shut up and enjoy the fact that they actually exist.

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