Jeremy Bieber Joins the Big Brother UK

Justin and his dad, Jeremy Bieber

Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy Bieber, has just been signed on to appear on British Celebrity Big Brother and Justin isn’t exactly pleased, reports Allieiswired.com

According to a source, Jeremy is being paid £100,000 ( or $128,830) to join the Big Brother house on Channel5!

A source told People.co.uk:

“He has been talking to producers for a few weeks and they have cut a deal.

“The fact he is the father of one of the most famous people in the world means he was near the top of the producers’ wish-list. No doubt Justin’s fans will tune in to see what his dad is like. Justin is a little worried, though.”

Jeremy is apparently a huge fan of the show, he even tweeted about wanting to sign up a while ago.

  • Georgia

    cool!..but too bad i cant c the show :( i live in ontario canada :(

  • makia martinez

    i cant wait to watch it…

    • JBFanforever

      Gonna watch this he would like so win ever belieber will vote me one of them Justin come on the show too.

  • 4evr_beliebers

    Ahhhh..That is dope!

  • BiBoyBeleiber

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    yayy”! awsome :D”!

  • UK Belieber-Hayley

    YAAAY I’ll be watching!! :) Love that show.

  • Imhotnsexy

    I have to watch lolz

  • SayWhat

    So Jeremy Bieber abandons his wife and baby (Justin).
    Remarries and has kids with another women.
    Now he is going to leave his new wife and kids to go to the UK to do a
    reality show that has single men and women living together.
    What an embarrassment. I have no respect for him.

    • JerryLovesMe;)

      Amen i was ok with him at first but thn i realized he came back into justins life once he became famous and the producer only chose him to be on the show because he is the worlds biggest popstars dad -_-

  • Imhotnsexy

    U should i no hes done alot of mean n horrible but at the end he is still justins dad n by not showing respect to him yr disrespecting justin hes a part time dad n theres nothing wrong with that. They r still family n at least justin nos his dad some kids dont get the chance to meet their dads.

    • JerryLovesMe;)

      I dont hate jeremy

  • Imhotnsexy

    Love u justin

  • Swaggy


  • 1# young money fan


  • Mari

    Do any of you guys know why justin isn’t following selena in instagram?

    And I think it’s uncool of Justin’s dad to go on big brother. I’d respect him more if he was just a family man!

    • Tiff

      its because selena deleted her instagram.

    • Tiff

      oh and i agree with your second statement :)

      • JerryLovesMe;)

        I totally agree with ur second statement just be Justins dad plz

  • Olivia Bieber

    yay i am definitively watchin it the show is gonna be awesome if Jeremy is on it

  • Imhotnsexy

    Hey riles

  • Sammie Hayley Bieber


    I will be watching and voting… love you JEREMY :)

    Why i love being english we get so many great shows :P

    Love You Bieber <3

  • 1# young money

    Was up

  • Imhotnsexy

    Nothing u

  • 1# young money fan

    Um.nothing same but I did not go to school my head is still hurting hat y I was not on that much yesterday nd lol when I.told my mom I woke up with an head ack.she said well u might have an hangover I was like.WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t drink :o

  • Imhotnsexy

    Im in my math class

  • Imhotnsexy

    Lolz schools over

  • Imhotnsexy

    U still on

  • 1# young money

    Wat school stated ,3 hours ago ugh wat ur fave subject MD do u notice that ratio on his dad left arm of the girl

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    I meant tatoo

  • Imhotnsexy

    I no n 6h actually n musicn yes

  • Imhotnsexy

    What yr fave subject

  • 1# young money

    Hunger games have u watched it ??!

  • Imhotnsexy

    No i was gonna but changed my mind

  • 1# young money

    I hate all of them nd I can see that we r starting play the random question game lol:D

  • Imhotnsexy

    Not really but whats yr fave subject n do u have any siblings