Justin Bieber Accused of Assault Battery by Paparazzi

Justin Bieber accused of criminal battery by the pap.

Justin was in Calabasas, where he lives, on Sunday at a mall called The Commons. A paparazzi attempted to take Justin & Selena’s picture and, according to law enforcement, some sort of physical altercation erupted between Justin and the camera guy.

According to TMZ.com, the paparazzi called 911, and when cops arrived Justin and GF Selena Gomez had already split.

Paparazzi complained of pain to his upper torso, an ambulance was summoned and he was taken to a local hospital where he was examined and released a short time later. He filed a police report naming Justin as the culprit. Cops are investigating the incident as a misdemeanor battery.

UPDATE: Several witnesses at the scene say after the altercation, a lawyer walked up to the paparazzi and said he could get a lot of money out of the incident and advised the dude to call for an ambulance and file a police report.

Witnesses also say the paparazzi had been blocking Justin’s car as he was trying to leave. Justin got out of the car and asked the guy to move away but he wouldn’t, and a scuffle ensued.

Do YOU think Justin Bieber will have to go to court for the alleged battery?

    • ok..,well..Oh no..,I hope he’s okey,he’s a very nice guy.. I love him..and yeah?I’m wondering why he’s wearing only his socks and not with his shoes..haha I kinda’ laugh at that,seems very funny…x.o. @justinbieber #staystrong #NeverGiveUp

    • This is it. How can people say Justin never does bad things now. This is disgusting behaviour on his part and also pathetic.

      a simple could you move please would of been better, I hope he does get into some trouble and teach him that fame does not grant immunity with the law.

      and to you kids commenting here. This is how they earn a living by taking pictures and creating articles to sell to newspapers and magazines. Maybe you shoul learn this before calling them stupid.

      You shouldn’t be praying for Justin you should be praying for the guy that he gets the justice he deserves

      • read the UBDATE. And also F*ck Paparazzi!! He has his personal life, he wants his space. Paparazzi are….*******…!!

      • you don’t even know for sure what happened, so don’t blame justin right away please, you have to wait!

        but i do kind of agree with you, us (his fans) have to stop pretending that everything he does is okay, because if he hit the guy it’s awful and he should understand that. but as everything else in the gossip world, i’m betting that this is exaggerated. just wait and don’t blame anyone right away !

      • @ Meliabieber,
        Oh, so only because the paparazzi takes pictures of famous people they’re stupid??
        ok, i know they have an personal life but they know they are FAMOUS, and that’s what you get… being famous is not only about the money or fans or glamour, it also has a hard and negative side…
        and it also really annoys me that people are defending justin while justin was the one who kind of attacked the man…..
        so please don’t be blinded but keep it realistic.
        if this wasn’t justin but some criminal who attacked a man on the street, you would also think that the criminal was crazy and that he should be arrested or something..
        i’m still a belieber but to be honest, what justin does here is just crazy!

      • honestly, i don’t think justin did the right thing, but i have to say that i would’ve been really pissy as well if someone were to block my car on purpose. and i’m pretty sure that you’ve taken a swing at someone before as well and you would’ve in that situation. nobody’s perfect, nor is justin, so just move on. and FYI, that guy doesn’t deserve justice. he was blocking justin’s car, being stubborn and a d***head. he could’ve just f***ed off and justin would’ve left him alone. maybe you should as well.

      • Why do you guys hate paparazzi???
        Without them,you would never see anymore of Justin’s pictures,or Selena’s pictures.Or Jelena! (which is cute) and also,its the paps jobs to take pictures of him.They get paid.Also,they’re not getting into his personal life.All they do is take pictures of Justin.Private space? Dude,it’s not like they watch him in the bathroom or Justin in his house!!!
        So leave the paps alone and Justin cuz it’s their job to do all that.

      • listen here, it’s true that he needs to learn from his mistakes and stuff, and know that being famous doesn’t mean he’s immune from the law.

        Is also true that, paps do this for living, I respect that myself. But think about it, they take pictures and creep on famous people, ok, but they also make up stories. Don’t you think, this is why Biebs acted like that?

        Don’t you think that not being able to go out without having people creeping on you is not really nice?

        Is not like I support what he did. I think it was wrong and that he could’ve done things I dunno, peacefully. But we should try and get on his shoes before judging. The same with Paps and the same with everyone.

        There’s a reason for everything.

      • Paparzzi were trying to get pictures of the love birds while they were in Te Mall. No Matter how much I disagree with JELENA, they deserve some privacy, just because they are celebrities, does NOT mean the Paparazzi are given 24/7 access to their personal Lives, they’re people too. I agree that his actions were a little rude, but on the other hand, If the update is true that someone came up to the Member of the paparazzi and advised him to call an Ambulance for Money, and if it’s also true that he was blocking Justin’s Car (which is undoubtedly ANNOYING.) then you can’t blame the guy for the result of his anger, because NOBODY is PERFECT. :)

      • Justin first requested paparazzi of quit blockade his car , when he refused Justin laid violent hands on paparazzi .

      • I dont blame him he should have atleast A LITTLE privacy i know he gave it up when he wanted to be famous but please if you were Justin you wouldve done the same thing the papparazi has already gotten enough out of justin i wish everyone will quit being like this he doesnt deserve any of it he loves everyone of his fans and im sure that justin doesnt want ot be in jail nobody wants to and he wouldve thought about i tb4 he did it theres probably just a mix up you know how papparazii is they lie to get publicity and get juicy facts cause they get payed for it thats all they want is money so they make it up just thought i would make that clear ~Katelynn~


      justin please next time breake one of his bones :D

    • hey guys if you wanna know how annoying paps can be and how far they can go watch the movie “papparazzi“ then you’ll understand! They are evil and mean creatures! assholes!

      • how are they evil and mean when justin is the one who shoved him? Justin knows that with his fame, he has to deal with paps. Without paps, you would never want to see justin.

    • i just hope justin dosent get in trouble, He has evey right to get pissed at those f!ckin paps , i just hate them , he deserves what he gets. justin looks so angry in those pics. i love u jb

  1. Lol hes so bad ass :P
    And i still cant believe that hes still wasting his time with that hoe bag! Ugh i swear she hella annoying!

  2. I swear the papsare such scùmbags! I mean just cuz hes famous it dont mean that hes not human! Hes human like everyone else! Tht pap was such a pus*y! He a grown man and he he snitching and weak to take a punch! It was just one punch old man suck it up! Thats wat u get for being annoying bitch!

  3. What an a**! If he was blocking his car and refused to move, wtf was he supposed to do, just stand there and wait all day? He clearly asked him nicely to move but he decided he wanted to act like a d!ck and not move.

  4. SH IT!!! THATS SO FRICKEN SCARYY!!! HOPE THEIR ALRIGHT!!! please be ok babe <3 U'll b fine! They'r just tryin 2 get money and a news story out of u! They r paparazi!!! Stupid guy!! Move outa there! Move 2 australia wiv me!!! I'll luv u and take care of u and make sure that no one will eva hurt u! If they do i'l SERIOUSLY HURT THEM BACKK!! U no y? Coz their asses! All those pp makin fun of u are ass and b itches! I luv u and always will <3

    • Actually i’m worried about Justin too, but i know Justin will be alright as long as there is someone in the sky that will protect us, all of us will be alright :) ~KEEP BELIEVING <3

  5. The stupid pap deserved it. Why can’t they just freaking leave them a lone. I probably would’ve done the same thing if I was in his shoes. I hope he’s okay. BELIEBERS LOVE YOU JUSTIN <3

  6. Omg.. I hope Justin will be safe. Not only that! Justin and Selena split up? By the way who’s fault is this? :/

    • Honestly don’t try to blame this on Selena because this was all Justin. If anything Selena should be thanked because she calmed him down and pulled him away before things got too serious.

  7. i hope he’ll be okay but urgh he changed so much and really disappointed me. I mean where was the old justin, the one who would be kind to everyone even paps?

    • yeah me too! even though i’m not the one who’s in trouble, I feel like i’m in trouble to because i’m worried about Justin :(

  8. Well you would’ve thought someone would’ve got a photo or video of Justin freaking out then throwing his shoe at his face everyone’s acting like he’s a mad man and yet in some of the photos he looks like he’s about to be run over and he’s tryna run past the van.

    Always got Justin’s back and idc if he did throw the shoe at him. He would’ve had reason and anyone else probably would’ve punched him. There’s been worse stories about paps being punched and needing stitches and shit so idc if he threw the shoe he would’ve had reason

  9. ..aHM..let’s just PRAY 4 justin…

    for the PAPARAZZI:
    LIVE HIM ALONE;live juSTIN BIEBER alooone!!!

    i will alwayz be a BELIEBER NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!!!


  10. actually, what’s funny is it looks like he tried to run then in mid way his hat fell off and so did his shoes. LOL he probably looked stupid cuz of that. so angry that he tripped/shoe fell off? hahahhahaha…

  11. someone said justin was disgusting for taking a swing at the photographer. i mean, seriously? i think the photographer is disgusting for filing a case agains justin for money. that SON OF A B*TCH! *angry face*

  12. Justin is a good guy, but it’s not his fault! The paparazzi wouldn’t leave them alone!!!

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