Justin Bieber and 50 Cent at Mayweather vs Cotto Fight

Justin Bieber and 50 cent enter the ring during Mayweather-vs-Cotto fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday (May 5) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Floyd Mayweather won the  WBA super welterweight championship title defeating defender Miguel Cotto.

Justin Bieber carried the Mayweather’s previous title belts to the ring and both stayed in his corner as he went 12 rounds against Cotto before he was unanimously declared the winner. (Photo Al Bello/Getty Images)

Justin tweeted:

in and out of vegas for the fight. now back for rehearsals tomorrow. goodnight world. hard work and dedication.

Also on hand in Las Vegas for the fight were Lil’ Wayne and Mary J. Blige.

20+ pics inside.

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