Justin Bieber and Chris Brown – Celebration Dinner!

“Celebration dinner! We live our fans! But we hungry too!” -@fuckyopictures

26 thoughts on “Justin Bieber and Chris Brown – Celebration Dinner!

  1. samara

    lol i love justin bieber and chris brown facial expressions they look so cute! i love them both<3

  2. #1 belieber

    I luv u two,swaggyboos u guys r so cute but jb is sexy hope u guys r full with food and r not hungry anymore we all love u

  3. aysha jenkins

    justin bieber you are crazy for making the best song you had that in your head boyfriend. but calling your albam belive good name for it

  4. Jessie

    I Love Justin I think that Chris is an awesome singer but I don’t think that he that cute but I think in that Pic he is alright!!!! Love YA Justin <3 :)


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