Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break Up? JB Moving on!

UPDATE MAY 25: JELENA still go strong!!

Alot of Beliebers have been asking if Justin and Selena have broken up? to be honest we don’t know. JELENA are super busy right now! Selly is currently in Bulgaria, shooting her upcoming movie “The Getaway”, while Justin is in the US working hard and focusing on his album BELIEVE.

Just few hours ago Justin tweeted a message about moving on! “thank you for the time i had with you but i have to move on now..” but he deleted it right after.

Here’s the screenshot via iPhone – thanks @JDBLovatic:
Note: vor 20 Sekunden translates to 20 seconds ago…

Selena also posted message along with a photo of herself shooting a gun on Facebook saying: “Released some stress today.”

What is really going on?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez News
  • ella x

    i knew this would happen at some point of their lives. i mean it happens to all celebrities.

    • ???

      I bet you he got hacked I saw 12,000 other articles and none of them talk about break up. 1.) He was drunk xD 2.) He was hacked by a girl (these fans >.>) 3.) Stupid Reporters faked the message

      I mean Justin loves Selena don’t argue cause you know I’m right…. just move on everyone….

      • Harry Styles Girlfriend

        Okay,now why are you thinking you’re all smart?
        How do you know all this? “he was hacked by a girl (these fans),” yeah! Stalkers? More like you!!!
        You’d only know this all if you stalked him and maybe it was really time for him to move on.You don’t expect celebrities to stay together forever. People could break up.Whether you like it,or not.

      • ninna

        youre such a bich
        you are ight but you are so full and sure of your self

      • Lynaza

        yah, ninna is right you are a bitch we dont stalk justin beiber. we get info from this web site and others so what do you have say for yourself. you think you know it all when you dont. get it straight we dont stalk him.

      • Lynaza

        he and selena was hacked buy someone it was on the web site if you even get a chance to see it instead of judging!!!!!!

    • IGnOrE tHe HaTeRs

      What is she holding in her hands , to me it looks like A gun and that’s justins picture up ahead

      • Emily

        Yah , it’s a gun . Target practice ! It relieves stress dumby ! And no its not Justin’s head . Stop saying stuff just to get people going . I would hope that they didn’t break up ! They were adorable :) .

      • cassini

        haha yeah! lol! it is a gun!

    • bieberfeverforever

      Ya do got a point, but do ya really think they would break up! I mean yeah its possible.

    • Monika Minhas

      Hi! u r sensitive ,incredible,Universonal heart& soul keeper world where live ‘Love’ & ‘Truth’ forever.

  • diana castillo

    Omb I’m so sorry for you all ;(

    • jb

      it was going to happen anyways …..that sounds like something he would say if they did

      • Big Fan, Huge

        He would never publicly ever say that, he has more class then that!

      • crysal

        i hope they hate each other

      • i love Justin :)

        @crystal thats not very nice…..

  • ♥Beliebz♥

    Second! Not sure. :/

    • ♥Beliebz♥

      Actually third. Well, idk. xD But it’s possible, but if they broke up, he wouldn’t tweet about it, would he? *Thinks hard*

    • Maddie

      And fourth this is crazy cause I never seen a relationship like this before in my life I usually see if your breaken for each other your breaken not breaken then get back together again then off again like how people is supposed to know that your either breaking up or together because that how the rumors going to be speading to find out if they are or not,then again it’s going to repeat themself about it over and over again which im am getting tired of it already cause im a big fan of bieberfever like I have never was a big fan of nobody but their is something about him I like I just can’t figger it out.Now their this big gossip going around about them two and im not really a selenator fan not because she with Justin weather she is or not im still not her fan actually I never was from the begining she started to be famous but I use to like her songs but now I see that they show stuff about her that she can’t sing,all that kind of stuff I just move on like if you would saw me you would of be like Maddie they playing selena gomez on the radio cause I used to liked her “music”,and she an “actress” on t.v.not cause of her beauty I just them two but now im like who cares about this girl.

  • Number1bieberfan

    Please dont break each others hearts. Im gonna cry jelena to the world. Love jelena to the fullest. Peace. Justin if u n selena break up then thats just giving the haters what they want n not because yr in a different part of the world doesn’t mean u cant be in love. Please dont do this. If ur still in love then follow yr heart if yr not then do what u think is right.

    • JaylaBieber

      Maybe they didn’t break up. Looks like there’s just trouble in paradise.

    • JB fan

      If they did break up, then its because of people like you!! You just put so much pressure on them – when really, it is none of you buissness what they do! And if they did break up its cause, like Justin said, they had an amazing time together, but now its time to move on. I bet your one of thoes people who say that if you dont support justin and selena datin then your not a true belieber, but if you dont support their breakup then you are basically saying that you dont want them to be happy!

  • Hamda Bieber

    i wish but at the same time poor bieber :( !

    • david b conway

      dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here i know how much of your pepole on this web site just hates me on this web site because of my age , and i do,nt blame every one just thinks that im to old and creeping on here , but i have to say just how i feel about justin bieber and his girl friend selena gomez , is that i did not say one word i hate them personal at all , i just hated the fact that they are just using there own power by using there own public and there own fans just like do,nt have no feelings for them selfs at all and just look at selena gomez , just in her photo shoot that she loves her fame better than her public and fans , i do love her but i am just having second thoughts about it , im so sorry selena gomez , i know that she has a good heart but she not trying to using it her own good heart , come on selena gomez , what do fans love about selena gomez , when she doesn,t keeps her prommes so much that,s why i think selena gomez , is so fake to me just because she loves her fame and her money , and just with justin bieber he doesn,t need so much money to show his love and support to his fans just to love them , it just look,s like selena gomez , is trying to act like the one that died that meixcan singer who gave that name of selena , i just saw that video on the frist meixcan singer that died i just do,nt that life for selena gomez that her career might kill her i do have a good heart selena gomez , love david conway


    wissh theey donnt breaak uppp



    • diana castillo

      Clari bieber nobody cares only about Justin drew bieber

      • JerryLovesMe;)

        he tweeted that they will come out for North America next week

  • Lepa Bieber

    I think its not true they are perfect with each other :D

    • sadie

      that’s what i am thinking!!!!!

    • justin bieber fan #1!

      oh what ever not true they are perfect together!!

  • Ilse Schumm

    aww noo pliss dont breeakk up i love jelena I support Jelena with all my heart !! =(

  • jess

    Justin hasn’t said anything yet!!!! so don’t believe in anything that you read until someone says something!!

  • alexia

    wow i cant belive this!! Thats sorta rude to break up with some one on the internet. But not hating!! I think when he has time to see her he should tell her to her face. No matter what his decision is i will still support him!! love you Justin!!

  • Number1bieberfan

    Agreed but it can still be a fact so give him all the comfort he needs

    • alexia

      Your right its okay justin everyone makes mistakes just remember alll your fans support you no matter what. We all love u!

      • IGnOrE tHe HaTeRs

        If they have broken up , which I don’t think is true, then I wonder if he dumped her or she dumped him , I don’t think she will ever dump him he’s perfect , it’s good if HE dumped HER . Not like I want them to brake up but if it has to happen , I would rather it this way , just to let Justin don’t have to go through a hearthbreak

  • Belieber101❤

    Wow!! It looks like they broke up. Aww that’s sad. I feel bad for them!! I love them so much!!!❤❤❤

  • JBFanforever

    I don’t think it’s true I just want Justin to be happy.

  • jbluver

    FAKE POSTING.. HE NEVER TWEETED THAT. I get his tweets sent to my phone. it would show up. DONT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE… Im pretty sure they are still together, both are just very busy now. and JB has been talking about how he is a good Boyfriend..

  • KylaNeverSayNever

    This is not true because I get mobile notifications from Justin’s twitter and he didn’t tweet at all today. And plus even if he would’ve tweeted it then deleted it I would have still gotten it. sorry…

  • Wyatt’s SEXy Barbie named Brenda

    If its true then thank god he left that piece of ugly shit!!! Tht selly bitch been getting on my fu*king nerves since she came out on barney! Tht slut can go find some other famous guy to ruin! Justin did the right thing :)

    • ???

      Shut up your just jealous and they are together so shut your mouth and Justin will probaly marry someone that isn’t a complete fan that acts stupid for him

      • HATERS BE HATIN’ ;)

        hey listen up brenda ur a freaking ass stalker of wyatt so ya seriously it pisses me off so stop

      • HATERS BE HATIN’ ;)

        and wyatts taken so GET OVER IT!

      • Wyatt’s SEXy Barbie named Brenda

        Bitch im not jealous im happy with Wyatt dip shit! Idgaf who justin will mary just as long as she not ugly or a famowhore like selena so stfu asshole!

      • Wyatt’s SEXy Barbie named Brenda

        @hatersbehating nigga u never seen Wyatt! Ur soooo fu*king stupid! My wyatt is taken by me u ugly ass stalking hoe! I dont stalk ppl u freaky stalker pedòphile! U bitches can go suck selenas d*ck!

      • Brenda’s FAVORITE Boyfriend Ever!(aka Wyatt)

        U haters dont take down my girlfriend so stfu and get over it! Brenda’s mine and im hers! U bitches need to accept that and get over it! Damn u ppl r annoying!

      • Harry Styles Girlfriend

        Yes! I knew this day would come,they will break up!!! Oh yea!!
        And by the way… brenda is perfectly happy with Wyatt and how do you know she stalks him if u have never met her before?! so stop hating! It’s people’s opinions on Selena!!!

      • Its a me Rosalina :P

        Horray ur bak! :)
        All u haters r prob jealous cuz wyatt and brenda r more real than ur immaginary gfs or bfs! Oh well if they broke up i olny care bout justins feelings

      • Wyatt’s SEXy Barbie named Brenda

        Yaaayyyy harys gf is bak! :D

      • Harry Styles Girlfriend

        Yeah! I am!!! i just wasnt always allowed to be talking to people online.Srry.

      • Melanie

        @Wyatt Are u Australian?

      • Natasha

        Brenda u evil lil bitch! If u wish for justin to be broken hearted then u fûckèd up! If u wish for jelena to break up then i wish for Bryatt (Brenda and Wyatt) to break up and Wyatt will leave ur stupid ass for lauren! Me and julisa saw u and Wyatt at the mall! U were hogging him up like a toddler wants candy and toys!!! Ur neighboor’s 14 yr old and 12 yr old kids and herself were at wyatt’s house celebrating his neice’s 9th birthday! U guys had ur uncle and wyatt’s grandpa doing the bbq u and wyatt were working on decorations and the pinata with ur sister, lil cousin, and wyatts aunt (abigall). Btw i liked the outfit u wore. U guys had a jumper, pool, hot tub, nice backyard, food, music, a bbq, alot of gifts,3 pinatas, the theme was tangled, cake, and ur friends came too! Rosemary, todd, chris, leo, megan, ashton, yolanda, danny, amanda, april, julia, carly, ronda, shane, and christan came! I knew cuz i was there. I was wyatt’s neighboors niece! After the party, i saw u and wyatt making out in the hot tub at 12 am! I didnt c u wearing a bikini top wen u and wyatt were havin sex in the hot tub!!! Whore!

      • Brenda’s FAVORITE Boyfriend Ever! (aka Wyatt)

        @melonie yes im australian.
        @natasha ur the fu*king bitch here! Brenda was wearing her bathing suit and ik who u r but brenda doesnt kno who u r! Ik ur blind and u hav glasses! U werent wearing ur glasses stupid! Brenda was in a neon pink zebra pattern top and bottom stupid bitch! Even i was wearing my shorts in the hot tub! Ur blind as a mofo! Btw ppl at legacy call mine and brenda’s realationship sweethearts not not Bryatt that sounds hella wierd! Brenda wasnt hogging up on me! We were just holding hands, joke around, talk, laugh, and play around! I saw u at hollister! U gav brenda dirty looks like shes ur enemy! I would rather wrestle a bear ina cage than go out with laurens ugly, bossy, rude, and bi ass! Brenda can dis selly if she wants bitch! Btw we r not planning on having sex till me and brenda are married and wen we r 22! Dont u notice that brenda wears a purity ring stupid?! Exactly cuz ur blind as a mofo and u never take ur damn glasses with u!

      • Brenda’s FAVORITE Boyfriend Ever! (aka Wyatt)

        Btw so wat if me and brenda made out in the hot tub!!!! Its wat all couples do!!! U prob never had a bf nd u dont understand!

      • Natasha

        Still brendas a whore! I never heard her say “I love you” to you! Shes toxic! I would never give dirty looks to people i dont know!

  • #BieberForever

    OMB! Idk! I don’t think he broke up, i mean, idk! I can’t prove if he broke up or not, but I hope he does what he thinks is right. My opinion, i don’t know if i want them to break up. But, if they do, i would be ok with it. But, if Selena breaks Justin’s heart, I will hurt her. But anyways, he should do what he wants to do. But, if he breaks up with Selena, than I can make my move! lol But, he should do what he wants. #BieberForever

    • Im a beliber and proud of it dont like it then dont freaking talk to me haterzz

      wyatt you are really rude which i dont think you care but one day you are going to be in hell feelling sorry for yourself cause you have to live that life i dont know and honestly dont want to know you “brenda” is just desperate and looking for somone to help her look good and popular PROBABLY you will regret alll your cussing and the way you treat people so you know what i hope your proud of yourself cause guess what youre gonna be in hell if you dont start opening your eyes and realizing wat you do to people and you aint gonna like it and you know what i hope you and breenda break up if you dont like them why the freak do you come on this website you waant justin to be sad i want you to be sad NO girl deserves someone as rude as you your probably gonna die alone i dont care how many friends or girlfriends you have im sorry but i needed to make that clear and ill be SURE to pray for you cuz u need jesus DESPRETLY SO QUIT TRYING TO ACT COOL AND OPEN YOUR EYES WYATT AND EVERYONE ELSE WHOACTS LIKE HIM

      • Im a beliber and proud of it dont like it then dont freaking talk to me haterzz


    • somebody

      Hi I would not call myself a belieber. But why are you guys so hurtful to selina, she too will suffer a heart break. Stop being a nutcase about justin guys its not like he would choose you over selina. He only thinks of you guys as friends . So stop living to hate and try to turn that hate into love. You will be more at peace with your self.

      • tyga=#1Hottie..idc if im 12

        Ikr I personally wouldn’t care about justin but I would about selena. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a hater but I’m not a belieber

    • somebody

      Hi I am from Guyana and we just caught a figure which is half bat and half man. It is right now getting treatment at our local hospital. Belive it or not it is actually half man and half bat. It used to eat sheep, cows, and people it used to feed only in the night but thank god we finally caught it.

  • david b conway

    dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i do feel sad to just about seeing them just to break up on the internet web site , and to say to here im so sorry just for my past post comment about justin bieber , and to say as well i know that justin bieber is not gay at all why word justin is in love selena gomez , just if was gay , im so sorry for saying that word to justin bieber im just having some problems that selena gomez left walt disney , and i did long off on the twitter as well , love david conway

    • #BieberForever

      STFU @David! No one wants to read YOUR comments! They make NO sense! Stalker, loser

      • david b conway

        just in that comment by me david conway , i said im so sorry for calling justin bieber gay just from the past post comment i made before just if that was me by saying that to justin bieber ,i do,nt remember i , and second question i said as well i just about tonight,s news about justin bieber and selena gomez , just got broke up , i do feel like it,s part of selena and justin publiciy act again , i did read on the web site of selena gomez , what,s justin bieber in her new movie , the getaway , love david conway

    • tybieber

      no offense but you sound like a huge stalker AND JUSTIN IS NOT GAY UNLESS YOU DID SOMETHING GAY WITH HIM YOU CANT PROVE YOUR STUPID ACCUSTION urggg people these days and i dont accept your sorry bye

      • david b conway


      • david b conway

        did you pepole here did any thing to google grome just to carsh , love david conway

  • JaylaBieber

    If they did break up, I would be jumping for joy because it’s about d@mn time. Selena is all over the motherfcking place. Like, sit your @ss down!

  • veyonce george

    i hope sooooooooooooomcause i love justin bieber

  • veyonce george

    i hope sooooooooooooooo cause i love justin bieber

    • david b conway

      i am no stalker why is my movement to kill selena gomez if i was a stalker , love david conway

  • Y.O.l.O

    wtf they didnt break up

  • malak

    noway justin and selena loooove4ever

  • Nicole

    selena deserves way better than immature justin

    • Im a beliber and proud of it dont like it then dont freaking talk to me haterzz


      • Allie

        Please leave.
        For one,it’s Belieber.Not ‘beliber’.You seem incredibly ignorant,trying to tell people off when you can’t even spell your own fanbase’s name accurately.
        Two,no one even pays attention to Jelena anymore.No one cares.People are just now coming to the realization that they should focus on Justin’s amazing music,not his personal life and relationships.
        Three,Selena is totally not the only person who makes Justin happy.Why focus on a girl,you know you aren’t going to be with forever,when you have supporting friends,family,and BELIEBERS standing by your side.
        Four,once again you spelled Belieber wrong.
        lol,bye.( Twitter: @IntimateBieber)

    • Allie

      You deserve to get your ass of this website then.

  • swaggie

    He could be talking about his time oversease, so he’s moving onto other countries or states. Man tadbloids sure like to stir shit

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    no way. guy its not true they didnt break up

    • david b conway

      you pepole are just hater,s on here , and you need help love david conway

      • iambieberpokemongirl1326

        dude u need help too. u dumb head just shut up. u r annoying 12 yrd old boy.

  • gia

    What JELENA is perfect i hope they didn’t break up

  • melissa

    i hope they dont breake up

  • lysa

    nonnnnn pliiiiiz no jelena
    we support you every belieber and selenator love you pliiiiz no