Justin Bieber Facing 6 Months in Jail if Proven Assaulting Paparazzi

Justin-Bieber facing 6 months in jail unless legal team prove he didn’t assault paparazzi, reports Entertainmentwise.com

Justin was involved in a scuffle at the weekend during a trip to the cinema with girlfriend Selena Gomez, which resulted in the paparazzi ending up going to hospital and Justin wanted for questioning by the police. He left the scene before the authorities arrived.

According to TMZ police have decided to refer the case to prosecutors and Justin could face up to six months in jail.

Former New York prosecutor Raoul Fedler has told HollywoodLife that the only way Justin can avoid arrest is if his legal team can prove the incident never happened.

Raoul revealed:

Anytime the police say you need to come in for questioning they usually arrest you when you come in and then you get bailed out.

They want to hear your side of the story. But very frequently, they arrest you right on the spot.

He’ll show up with his lawyer when he’s back and they might arrest him. But it’s a misdemeanour, it’s not a felony. He is working with his legal team, publicist, personal manager and writing a lot of checks out right now.

Raoul claims the best move for Justin could be to plead guilty even though his team claim the assault didn’t happen.

He’ll most likely go before the judge and plead guilty because he doesn’t want a jury trial like a Lindsay Lohan situation. He’ll apologize and say he’s sorry and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. The judge will probably give him 30 days community service.

Currently Justin is in Norway for a scheduled performance and will most likely turn himself into authorities on his return.

Watch the video from ABCnews!
According to a legal expert Dana Cole, Justin could go to jail up to 1 year in a county jail.



  • Swedish Belieber

    i love you bieber

    • Former Jb fan

      Hope he gets put in jail, his behaviour is disgusting.

      • NeverGuessMex3

        im going to hurt you-.-

      • kayla

        I hope he doesn’t get put in jail, and plus if you were a Justin Bieber fan you wouldn’t say that.

      • Former fan

        Come on go hurt the person, seriously this entire fan base is filled with small little girls who I might add know nothing of:

        1) The LAW
        2) How famous people hide their true selfs
        3) The incident that occurred.

        Let me break it down kids.

        The paparazzi was in his right to be able to take pictures. Fact. Justin Bieber could of filed for a restraining order on that particular paparazzi as that is his right.

        But no.. Instead he assaulted the guy and fled the scene in shame. This site does not provide all the incriminating pictures that other news sites are displaying.

        This event happened and it is time for Justin to face the consequences. If you honestly think that hurting someone and causing them chest pains is okay you are sick.

        The guy most likely did not expect the attack, being jumped on by a young adult would of been quite an ordeal. This could of triggered a heart attack, thankfully he did not but the point still stands.

        Justin should face the law and either prison or community service. As a former fan his behaviour is reaching a stage where I cannot support him anymore.

      • JaylaBieber

        @Former fan
        I actually agree. I’d be sad if Justin had to go to jail, but it would be his own fault. Besides, he’s got enough special treatment by now. I’m pretty sure he’s gotten at least 2-3 tickets for speeding or parking, yet they let him off with warnings.

      • Ashley

        Why do you consider yourself a Belieber… Im sorry but you ain’t one if you be trade justin like that …. P.S. — IMA HURT YOU :) you got that clear!!!!

      • Justin Bieber Ninja

        @Former JB Fan
        That is so rude if you to say!You just need to watch what you say!Your behavior is much more than disgusting!What you just said was really disgusting!

      • Justin Bieber Ninja

        @Former Fan
        WHAT!Why can you not support Justin that much any more?Just for the reason that Justin harmed a pap (paparazzi) don`t mean that you don`t have to support Justin!Justin will probably get sort of mad at times!He may get sort of mad because he just can`t deal with all the paps!He may get sort of mad because he don`t feel like he is normal!Sometimes celebs will want to feel normal!He may want to go home to Canada!Sometimes celebs may feel homesick!Plus…Justin isn`t near his family most of the time!Most of the time he doesn`t see his two siblings!PLEASE!JUST SUPPORT JUSTIN!JUSTIN HAS HAD SOME HARD TIMES IN HIS LIFE AND THIS WILL BE A REALLY HARD TIME!JUSTIN MAY GO TO JAIL!PLEASE!SUPPORT JB!

      • #1 Belieber

        @formerfan you need to get your facts straight!! Justin and Selena were trying to leave and the Paps were standing right in front of Justins car and Justin asked them very nicely to move and they didnt and the paps were saying rude comments to Selena so Justin was protecting her. I have read mutiple witness reports on twitter and they all said the same thing that Justin only Shoved the Pap. The Pap just wants money from Justin because he is Famous. Thats why he said his torso was hurting. Justin is not going to Jail because I am positive that The Bieber Team and Fans will all fight for Justin!! To all the Believer Fan we need to fight our hardest for Justin!! Love you Justin always and forever!! and Go Team Bieber!!

      • maddie bieber

        shut the firetruck uo former jb fan

      • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

        I will fr*cken kill u -.-

      • Just another fan

        Beliebers are one the most aggressive fans I’ve ever seen. First they wanna kill Bieber’s girlfriend and then they wanna kill everyone who is openly not a JB Fan or is insulting him and not to forget they even hate their own kinds, getting mad at fellow fans when they get the chance to meet him or being recognized by him (aka followed) on Twitter. I mean I thought of myself as a “Belieber“ but I don’t want to count to that folk anymore. You are embarrassing yourself. I support Justin Bieber, he inspires me, but why would I want to kill someone just because they have different opinions or because that girl (refering to Selena) is dating him? Seriously get your sh’t together.

      • none ya.

        this comment is disgusting. YOU are disgusting. how could you ever say that?

      • tybieber

        wow RUDE MUCH

      • tybieber

        wow RUDE MUCH!!!!

      • tybieber

        wow rude much!!

      • gina

        ur just sayin that because u hate him so just be nice and stop being a bicth and just cause ur life is misraeble dosent mean u make everyones else aswell xx

      • LenaJbBelieber

        @Formerfan , Look Yhuu don’t even know if he did assault him and Plus Yahh if yhu were a fan yhu wouldn’t say that . And again , Exactly Not all Jb Fans or Belieber’s Aree Pre-teens Soo get it Straight Cx

      • justin & selena 4 ever

        @ Former JB fan, are you seriously a fan of justin bieber? you would be if you said “hope he gets put in jail”. So, shutup! non fan

      • jelena

        @ Former JB fan,,, are you seriously a fan of justin bieber? seems to me that your not cause you talk crap about justin and say “i hope he gets put in jail” thats not what a real fan would say. Your not a fan your a hater actually!

      • A supporter

        I’m a supporter but not a huge fan. He’s just another guy who wanted to sing but the paparazzi are always after him. I get why he would want to attack him, but it is against the law. I’m not a hater I do support him and how he manages to fight against the hate but some people here are kind of blinded by their love of Justin, who they most likely have never met or if they have it probably wasn’t a nice long meeting where they really discovered who Justin really is. It’s almost creepy how obsessed some people are. So I’m just saying the law is the law no matter if he’s jb or not.

      • JustinBieberArmy

        If you hate justin bieber so much then why are you on his fansite? This site is for BELIEBERS, not people who hate him. So go get a life instead of writing “hope he gets put in jail”, sado!

      • Duong_Baby_95

        Đúng, nhưng cũng không nên nói xui xẻo quá zậy, cái đó hãy để tòa án quyết định?

      • Kassandra

        Shut ur mouth

      • BLAHBLAH

        i want that f**tard to go to jail so he can learn a lesson
        gooooooo 1d<3

      • Ilovemyself

        I found this site on a add. You can’t hurt someone online stupid girls, Justin broke the law because he got so much attention and thought that just because he is popular he can do what ever he wants. And hues what? He went to jail again :D. People are so annoying saying that they will hurt someone online. And you say “support Justin he’s having a hard time because he is far from his family” what does his family have to do with anything?! So what if his parents got devoriced, some people have no family, Justin is a good singer but he’s getting on my nerves. That’s why I will never support him, I’m just gonna support the Jonas brothers. They don’t go around getting arrested and pissing in buckets.

    • abc

      Did he hit the guy with his shoe? :D

      • nicole

        @formerfan not all of justins fans are pre-teens! and in order to get a restraining order you have to have some type of proof that the person is a threat or can in some way harm you. You cant just call up the cops and get a restraining order because a paparazzi is standing in front of your car! Second their should be a limit on how far a paparazzi can go just because you are famous doesnt give paps the right to follow/chase you around (not in this particular situation) justin and his team have had their cars ran off the road because of paps trying to take pictures they dont sign up for all of that, they want to live out there dream and do what they love not be harassed by complete strangers that want to sell a picture for money!

      • u will never gues my name xx

        if he gets put in jail i will cry for the next six months

      • Duong_Baby_95

        True, but should not also said Justin Bieber is not a ở tư, control that please to determine the discipline method?

      • Rubberduck

        I don’t. Think i would let anyone mow that little turd got the best of me and he aint above the law besides he could sing bubba to sleep at night cuddling

    • F U Swedish Belieber

      OMB better not mean “Oh My Bieber”…
      You’re ridiculous. Get a life

    • tayshuna

      u need to stop u have many fans who belive in you and you r setting bad exam for young kids i am 14 and i love him what he did was wrong but we need to forgivehim.

    • jarkayla

      I like siyus and I want to kiss him but chikayla like him to but she is going to be mad at siyus and me and not be my friend anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poppy ClaxtonJB

    yay 2nd ooh justin :( <3

  • kbeiber0031

    I’m sooooooooooooooo worried

  • Andrea(Belieber4eva)

    Im really worried i really hope justin doesnt go to jail

    • gedeona bieber


      • never say never

        I LOVE YOU

    • tybieber

      Me too

      • jbhater

        i do

      • jbhater

        go die jb

      • nick

        i hope you not go to jail because of selena

      • jelena

        @ jb hater .. you need to shut your damn mouth, this is a fansite .. not a haterz site .. gtfo!

  • justlena

    its funny how the guy presses charges after the lawyer said he cud get money out of this -__- i hope justin dnt go to jail :( ik he didnt do it

    • Louis

      You realize that without the paparazzi you would not get the photos of Justin Beiber you so sorely look for.
      By attacking the paparazzi Beiber caused a felony. If he does not go to prison what does that say about all those who aren’t famous that end up in jail for assault charges (the same as Beiber).

      • Lolhard

        @Louis Finally, someone with sense. If I’m honest with you, I hope Bieber lands himself more severe punishment than a warning. That way he’ll learn that he’s not more special than anyone else and has to think rationally… like everyone else.

        And yes, I am aware I will have dozens of attempts on my life after posting this comment.

      • mimi mira

        understand the story first !!! the paparazzi blocked JB’s car so why wouldn’t he push him to get away ?? he didn’t want to let him pass until he takes pics !!! what does he think he is ??? so i’m with Bieber 1000000% and i’m sure he’s not gonna go to jail !!! and before defending and argument u should learn how to spell his name right !!! u even don’t know him so how can u even give an argument !!! so ridiculous !!

      • mimi mira

        @Lolhard let me tell u something and all of u haterz !!! actually the justice took the right way and finally of course !! so it looks like that nothing has actually happened to Bieber , he’s actually out there making music for his Beliebers !! and the pap got what he deserves , he actually got arrested and may go to jail for like 1 year !! FINALLY JUSTICE !! so all of your stupid hate speech went for nothing and even a professional said it” Bieber goes to jail?? !! that’s not gonna happen in billion years ” so technically all your hopes went rapidly so now u gonna learn how to keep your mouth shut before saying any bullshit .

  • Justin Bieber Ninja

    OH MY GOSH!I DON`T WANT JUSTIN TO GO TO JAIL!I DON`T WANT MY INSPIRATION TO GO TO JAIL!I FEEL VERY SAD FOR MY INSPRIRATION!AND MY ANSWER TO THE POLL IS YES.I CAN JUST CLICK THE YES BUTTON ALL DAY LONG!I HOPE THAT JUSTIN WON`T BE IN PUT IN JAIL!I`LL JUST CRY IF JB IS PUT IN JAIL!Don`t ANY Of the paps know that at times JB May want to be normal?At times some famous people (Not just JB) may want to be normal!Famous have a hard life!Actors and Actresses have to learn all their lines and they have to deal with paps!Singers have to know most of their songs and deal with paps!Please paps,Just take a break for half a second atleast!I Know that we need you to see some pics of famous people!But just take a break for a second,paps!

    • gedeona bieber

      i totally agree with u i love jb and if he goes to jail for 6 months (wich hes NOT) i will not be able to see him in concert i love justin he is my inspiration GET IT STAIT PEOPLE HE IS NOT GOING TO JAIL

      • Lolhard

        Oh my god. I swear down the amount of poor spelling and absolutely no attempt at good grammar is extremely painful to witness. Seriously.

      • Rubberduck

        Justin needs to learn he’s. No better then anyone else and what if that camra man was a member of your family?

  • Nicki

    Calm down you guys… paparazzis are evil creatures, but justin has a strong legal team and a lot of money. Unfortunately everything is possible when you have money.

    • Belieber 4 LIFEEEE

      Thanks Nicki :) but i dnt think he’ll go 2 jail!! I WILL DIEEEE!!!! SOB SOB ;(

      • justin & selena 4 ever

        Belieber 4 life, Trust me, he’s not gunna end up in jail .. its been about a month since this and nothing seems to be going on about it.

  • love

    i dont want him to goo to jail.i feel so bad poor justin

    • lol taytay

      weel listen he should not have did it so god is going to give him a second chance


    no no he is not allowed into the prison :( :(

  • Megan

    If the pap would just move away from his car, Justin wouldn’t do that. Justin doesn’t deserve being in jail just for this. Besides, the pap could have done that just for attention and money AND he barely had a scratch on him. Hoping for the best for Justin right now<3

    • tybieber

      The pap wasn’t even going to press charges until a lawyer came up to him and said you canget momey from Justin Bieber out of the assult ughhh im worried but also still taking all of this in!!! :(

  • Swaggie

    even if the pap was wrong, the law is THE law. You break the law you’ll have to deal with the consquences. I am sure Justin will get away with it because he has the money to get out of it.

    • Lolhard

      Simple solution. Jail him, or give him community service, or fine him a very large chunk of his assets. Bieber should be hit just as hard as anyone else.

  • Hilary:D

    Stupid paparazzi

  • gia

    I dont want Justin to go to jail :(

  • swaggiebear

    omg if he goes to jail he’ll miss his tour! :( now if he goes to jail (i know he’ll pull thr) i might not see him!

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    i dont want justin 2 go 2 jali. i feel worry 4 justin

  • J-DASH

    do you know what that will do to his repudiation, and like @swaggiebear said he will miss his tour

    • Lolhard

      *Reputation. And yes, it will damage it, however, if Bieber was foolish enough to get himself into a confrontation involving violence, then he should have his reputation tarnished.

  • a belieber for life

    omb!! i am so worried.. i started crying when i read the news :'( <3 love justin

  • a belieber for life

    if he goes to jail he wont be able to tweet to his beliebers!!! :'( nooooo

  • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

    That’s just over the board! They’ve crossed the line now!!!
    It’s the paps fault!! They didn’t wanna move away from Justin’s car and he asked nicely!
    I don’t think they’d like it if Justin sewed them!
    Justin shouldn’t go to jail.The paparazzi didn’t follow Justin’s orders! :(

    • lena

      Directionator Alert!

      • 2crazy4bieber

        It’s Directioner… Directionators are not name of the fanbase

    • mimi mira

      don’t worry Beliebers , i’ve just read that the paps got what he deserves , he may face 1 year in jail and Bieber is out there making music for his fans !! FINALLY JUSTICE :D

  • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

    Now I get it!
    The man (Paparazzi), just sewed him and all cuz he wanted to get the fame &money.

    • idiot above me

      he sewed him? I didn’t realise he was a seamstress.

      • Someone123

        Ha, I like that :D

  • trent

    he’s not going to jail people calm down probably he’s ending up paying the guys medical bill or getting some community service or even anger management classes. but no jail. if theres a trial he should do like demi lovato and go to rehab for anger issues.

    • #1 Belieber

      Why does he need anger management classes? Justin doesn’t have anger issues!!

      • Lolfailhard

        Uh he assualted a man… anger much?

      • JustinBieberArmy

        Eh yeah the “man” was standing right in front of his car, insulting his girlfriend and threatening them both. I’m pretty sure you would do the same!

  • Georgia

    i think the pap should be arresfed..he was the one who came to him and started this shit

    • Lolhard

      … Idiot. The pap was within his rights to attempt to get a photo. And if Bieber was displeased with that pap’s actions, Bieber could just as easily… I dunno, called the police? But no, instead, he had to get physical.

  • Jessie

    I can’t belive Justin Bieber might have to go to jail for 6 monthes!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! :(

    • jessica

      omg me to i love justinbieber

  • JBLover :]

    OMB! I am worried about Justin because he mite be in jail for 6 months

    Love ya Justin!!!!! :]



  • jbsnumber1fan


    • gedeona bieber

      i agree 100 percent i will die if he goes to jail and when he gets out i will be alive all over again

  • belieberruffy

    im getting sick cos im worried. Prayer, prayer, prayer. This is the work of some haters. I just know. Whether he goes to jail, which im sure he wont or he doesn go to jail. I still love him. I love him more.

    • gedeona bieber

      OMB SOOOOOO TRUE i will always love jb

  • alyssa loves justin


    Justin was out with selena. He wanted to be with her and hang with her because they havent seen eachother for weeks. They happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and got swormed my paps. One pap decided to be a idiot and get in front of justin and selena while they were in the car, trying to drive off. the pap wouldnt move, so justin got out of the car. apparently he told the pap politely to move, but the pap was disrespectful and kept taking pictures. In the pics, justins hat and shoe came off. 1. Justins hat probably just flew off, and selena picked it up right after. But the shoe thing, justin probably took it off, and was ABOUT to throw it at the pap. but decided not too. And justin ran to his car, and they both left. Then, i think, the pap sat down, acted like he was hurt, since he realized nobody got that on film, just pics, so he calls the cops. and tells them a complete lie, just so he can get rich..


    But….If justin really did hit the pap. i say… THANKYOUU JUSTIN!! Because those paps need alittle b**** slapping. Because just because they gotta take pics of him and his girl and everything, doesnt mean they gotta get in front of his way and stuff. justin probably defended himself. HES ALOUD TO!!So all these dang cops need to stfu. Nobody cares. Justin shouldn’t be put in jail for 6 months. he has like, 100 million fans that will go after that little idiot PAP. so all you little cops need to let justin slide. it wasnt his fault that that pap was in his way. I WOULD HIT THE PAP TO IF IT WAS ME. So get it right!!! Us beliebers will go HAMMM on yinz lol (; byee ♥

    • Someone123

      Lol no its the law, and if he did hit him then he deserves the jail time, celebrity or not

  • tortortor

    hoenstly, im team justin on this. In fact, i wish justin would hit more paparazzi. Its cruel how the paparazzi can get in justin’s face while hes trying to have a day off with his girlfriend and assault him with rude comments and put a camera in his face. If it were me, i would have hit a papparazi a long time ago. I understand that that they’re trying to do their “job” and make a living, but there is no reason they cant do it in a nicer maner. Again, im with justin on this…

  • Harry Styles’s Girlfriend

    6 Months my butt!
    I don’t care !!!
    Justin is not going to go to prison.He can’t!!
    The pap should to to jail! He lies! :(

    • Kaylie

      No HARRY’s MINE! He’s my Husband, so Ha!