Justin Bieber Flipped Middle Finger at the Paparazzi in Calabasas!

Justin flipped middle finger at paparazzi just before the fight. 

Justin and Selena Gomez in the car yesterday, just before he was accused of battery assault by paparazzi!

      • Wow reely?
        If ur gonna keep tellin ppl all this crap go do it somewhere else
        Ur seriously just full of it with no life .
        Soo watt about u stfu u bastard
        U must not reely no what all these cuss words mean
        Bcz u keep saying the same words all over again
        Get a frrekin life u insensive jerk

      • @shutuP your the one who should shut up. I am not trying to be mean but seriously, Don’t be calling be a b* cuz your the real b* kay? Thats just messed up what u send to her, Good wash your mouth and then come back and talk to her.

    • dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi im david conway again i just have one question and one comment here , do you own the web site of hollywood life web site , are you the one is blog me not to make comments just on that web site,s , i love to say some ting nice how the heck can i move on just on the antother web sites when you pepole are so stupid by following me around on the internet , im only on google web site and not your web site , love david conway

      • page 2 / i do know that your own the web site of selena gomez zone fansite and you are the one is bloging me not to make comments there to , you own the web site of the 2 web sites called , hollywood life , if you can spy over me i will spy right back at you , love david conway

    • You’re talking!
      We’ve done nothing to you so what gives you the right to call us this trash?!?!?!?! SO IMMATURE.
      You don’t just come here and say this about us.Sh*t face!

  1. his behavior is intolerable he hangs with violent people like c.brown,lil wayne and tyson.violent black people he shouldn’t be hanging with them.

      • okay chill out with that “violent black people he shouldn’t be having with them” cause u know some black people that may be on this site might get offended by that.

    • Don’t be rasicist it’s not just black people it could be anyone who is violent. That’s like saying why is he dating a Mexican like selena it’s not nice so don’t be rasicist pricks. Anyone can be violent.

      • actually Trent, Selena is half mexican. So yes she has some Mexican in her.

        Anyone can be violent, be it Whites, Blacks, hispanics, Asians etc. Also Justin is known to have temper issues so don’t be blaming a certain race for Justin’s violent outbursts.

    • No, not only black people have bad tempers you ignorant child. Do not go around saying stuff like that when you clearly don’t have the facts to back it up. AND Justin doesn’t only hang with black people. He was raised by his white MAMA wasn’t he?, so don’t blame the people he is seen with for HIS actions.No one else is to blame but the guy in the picture sticking out his finger(Justin). I love Justin but he’s a man now and he can back himself up, and I know for damn sure he won’t blame the people he hangs with.Life isn’t about colors, it’s about actions. Get your facts straight.

      • Woah woah woah!!!
        I’m not a child !!!!!!!!!!
        First , I am frrekin black Soo shut up ho!!
        Second- im not being rasist Soo u can suck it -.-
        And I wasn’t talkin to u was I?
        That’s Wat I Thaught !!
        Oh and … Look who’s talkin ;O

    • justin can think for himself just because those r his friends doesnt mean anything.he is a grown man and his actions reflect him. there r people who arent black who do bad stuff to paparazzi dont blame it on one kind of people.

      • Well Justin isn’t a man technically for 18 u become a man if u serve our country it’s like u can be 18 to serve the army but u can’t drink til 21 or 22…. But a young man u can call him…. And not to b racist and all but he hangs with the wanted and some say they were goin to tak him to Mexico to drink so idk the details but I still love him and hope ppl stay by him through the toughest times…

    • I dont like that he hangs out with chris brown and floyd mayweather. both of them beat their girlfriends. that’s disgusting and inexcusable. justin shouldn’t be hanging out with the types that lay their hands on women.

      • Okay well people can change, and I don’t think you have the right to be saying who he shouldn’t hang out, he is going to get older and hang out with other people.

    • You sound kind of racist right now, and if you’re trying to say it’s mostly black people then I feel the need to hate you, because I hate racist people. It doesn’t matter what color you are… so please STFU.

    • I’m pretty htt but I got over it… And it’s not about race it’s about personality and family history tht makes a person character and influence by what ever race so I appreciate it if u not only point out African American…. And if u pay attention honey were not black we’re brown and have a nice day

    • wow i dont know why you would say such a thing. black people really that is so dis respecful why would you say that, you should be a shamed of your self.

  2. I know it’s the paps job and all,but why can’t they just leave him and Selena alone?!?! JB & SG can’t have 1 second together cuz of these dopes!!!

      • haha , i love u justin , once in a while , showing the middle finger isnt bad , and cant u people just stop fighting on this fansite,, but dont do it too steady justin but i understand u , like i always do , paps can get u f!ckin pissed, i agree with u jb, justin should get a few more white friends , keep his black friends, just gain a few more, anyway it dosent have anything to do with his company, these thing just make me love u more justin , i love u sooooooooooo much jaybee.

  3. Shut uP

    You have some anger issues stop taking your anger on ppl !!
    Justin seems pissed off because paparatzi always bothering him.

  4. Wow the paps are always fu*king annoying!
    Look slutena! Tht bitch first post pics on instagram and knows she will get hate then she complains about the hate like a bitch!

    • ????? what does selena have to do with this situation? JUSTIN did something not selena . do u have to always bring her name up. u say u arent jealous and dont care but u keep saying SOMETHING bad about her.

      • Selena’s in the car with him, dumba**! It’s not like she just brought up her name for no reason.

      • Gabby u a blind bitch. Shes in the car with him u blind idot! Just cuz i dis the bitch it dont mean im jealous! Why do u bring up the same shit?! As if the jealous comebak isnt getting old! Bitch its getting old! Nd jayla biebers rite!
        U blind as a mofo!

    • why are you bring selena in to this “Wyatt’s SEXy Barbie named Brenda”. We are not talkng about that and selena is an amazing person so stop being a hater

      • yah selena is in the car but we are not talking about her are we now. i didnt think so we are talking about how Justin beiber (ONLY) and how he put the middle finger up so get it srtaight mother fuking as hole bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @madison,shut up! Harry is just as better as Justin! You Muck!!!

    • Ugh no
      there its over now stfu!

  5. I feel really bad for Justin because the paparazzi follow him wherever he goes since they camp outside his house. There should be a ban on paparazzi.

  6. the paps need to STOP BOTHERING JUSTIN celebs have feelings to and besides they keep following him and he couldnt take it anymore everyone gets mad but u dont see the paps taking pics of people who arent famous people think people as famous as justin dont have feelings thats what realy bothers me.

  7. It’s not justin’s fault….Paps are soo annoying!! if you were justin, wouldn’t you defend your self?? They deserve it! :D Good Justin!

    • It’s okay.I just like Harry more.Well I still like Justin,I just LOVE Harry.
      You don’t wanna see my reaction when Harry walks into my house or if I video chat with him.You don’t wanna see.If you do wanna see, you’ll need ear surgery. :)
      Just giving you a warning. :)

      • Okie doke then lol :) i mean i dont like one direction but i think harrys my favorite and hes ok :)

      • Nobody cares as you can see this is an JUSTIN BIEBER fan site nobody wants to hear about gay direction ! Nobody cares! So just get a life and leave! Everybody knows Justin is better and if you were smart you wouldn’t be on here because we Beliebers love Justin and we all think he’s better so you are just going to get hate! IDIOT!!

      • @olivia,wow.I’ve never met someone as immature and dissy than you!
        Gay direction?!!?! Gay Olivia!!!!!!!
        1D are 5459678789643765 times just as better as Justin Bieber! IDIOT.
        And before you come out dissing ppl,let me just tell you…. you dont!
        You don’t just come here and say this crap about someone you don’t know!!!
        MY GOD.And yes! I’ll talk about Harry all the time!! If you haven’t said that,i wouldn’t start.but now! I will talk about Harry nonstop! And we all know you’re stupid!! But what is Harry?
        Harry’s just as hot.more hot than Justin!!!
        YOU DON’T KNOW JUSTIN,SO HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT HIM!?!??!?! STUPID.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. why is your name harry styles girlfriend this is a page for justin i have nuffin agaist 1d i like them but this is for just so ….. just saying ……. and go justin poor you , they need to give you some space hun <3

  9. I think Him and selena just wanted to be alone!!
    They’re always surrounded by poparatzii so they don’t want to be surrounded or people will be asking!!

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